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Case study notes

  1. 1. Case Study Notes Top Of The Pops and We Love Pop
  2. 2. Type/Focus of Magazine The type and focus of the Top of the Pops magazine is:• The latest chart information• Celebrity gossip• Fashion and beauty advice• Quizzes• Song lyrics• Posters. The magazine has originated from the TV show Top of the Pops.
  3. 3. Magazine Facts• Published by BBC Magazines.• The current Editors name is Peter Hart.• The magazine was first launched in February 1995.• It’s published monthly• The price of the magazine is £2.99• The magazine is distributed in WHS, newsagents and supermarkets.
  4. 4. Analysis of Front CoverThe front cover of the There are 4 main coloursmagazine has a large on the front cover. Theybold masthead placed are red, pink, black andat the top of the page white.which catches the eyeof the reader. The cover model makes eye contactThe left third with the audience.contains the most The camera shotimportant with the cover modelinformation about is a medium shot.what will be in themagazine. The font and the font colour appeal theThe cover model is target audience.Justin Bieber whois popular amongst There are manythe target audience. cover lines which The issue number, reflect the stories price, date and bar inside. code.
  5. 5. Analysis of Contents PageThere are many largeand small images The colour scheme isthese reflect on what based on the targetstories are inside audience. Top of the pops are aiming their magazine at young girls and that’sWhite background why they use bright pink Page numbers tell theContents pages are reader where to findorganised into the articlesections to help thereader find thesection they are Magazine title appearsmost interested in at the top of the contents pagePictures also have apage numbers on Contents pages arethem laid out in columns
  6. 6. Analysis of Double Page Spread There is sometimesLarge title lets the something extrareader know what added onto thethe article is about page this could be ideas for the next weeks main article or some famous quotes. This is a really good featureSmall font allows to have as itthe article to be advertises otherlonger parts of the magazine. Several smaller The interview is with Big graphics that takes images of celebrities celebrities that the up ¼ of the page attracts that readers may target audience may the eye of the reader recognise be interested in making them intrigued to read the article
  7. 7. Type/Focus of Magazine The type and focus of the We Love Pop magazine is:• The latest chart information• Celebrity gossip• Fashion and beauty advice• Quizzes• Song lyrics• Posters.
  8. 8. Magazine Facts• Published by Egmont UK Ltd.• The current Editors name is.• The magazine was first launched in• It’s published• The price of the magazine is• Available in all newsagents, supermarkets, WH Smiths, Boots, Superdrug.
  9. 9. Analysis of Front CoverThe front cover of The camera shotthe magazine has with the covera large bold model is amasthead placed medium the top of thepage which The font and thecatches the eye of font colourthe reader. appeal the target audience.The cover modelis Tulisa who is The left thirdpopular amongst contains the mostthe target importantaudience and is information abouton X Factor. what will be in the magazine.The cover modelmakes eye contact There are many coverwith the audience. lines which reflect the stories inside. The issue number, price, date and bar code.
  10. 10. Analysis of Contents PageContents pages There are many largeare laid out in and small imagescolumns these reflect on what Pictures also stories are inside have a page Contents pages are numbers on organised into sections them to help the reader find the section they areThe colour most interested inscheme is basedon the target White backgroundaudience. Top ofthe pops are Magazine title appearsaiming their at the top of themagazine at contents pageyoung girls andthat’s why they Page numbersuse bright pink tell the reader where to find the article
  11. 11. Analysis of Double Page SpreadThere issometimes Small fontsomething allows theextra added article to beonto the page longerthis could beideas for thenext weeks Large title letsmain article or the readersome famous know what thequotes. This is article is abouta really goodfeature to haveas it advertisesother parts ofthe magazine. Big graphics that takes The interview is Several smaller up ¼ of the page with celebrities that images of attracts the eye of the the target audience celebrities that reader making them may be interested readers may intrigued to read the in recognise article
  12. 12. Conclusion• The common magazine conventions of the front cover I am going to use are the large bold masthead that will be eye catching to audience making my magazine appeal to them. I will also use a large image on the front cover with the cover model making eye contact with the camera and I will put most of the text on the left hand third of the magazine front cover and that will reveal some of the stories inside the magazine. However on the front covers I think they are slightly childish and have too many pictures which I am going to avoid doing when creating my own magazine front cover.• The features of a contents page I am going to use are the column and the page numbers that will tell the reader of the magazine where to find the story they want to read. I will also include a large photo of a cover model that might intrigue the reader to buy the magazine. A feature I won’t use of the contents page are irrelevant to the magazine. I will also not use bright pinks colours I will use unisex colours so it will appeal to both genders.• Common features of a double page spread that I plan to use in my magazine are a large bold title and large pictures that will be eye catching for the reader. However I won’t use as many small images and will use more text.