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  1. 1. Hi!My name is Ania Gora. I’m seventeen years old. I’m in 2nd class in high school. I live inMietne – a village near Garwolin. My family is quite big. I have two older brothers and twoyounger sisters.I like music. I love singing, I was in a school choir. I play guitar and that’s my hobby. AndI listen to music of course.I like sports. My favourite ones are basketball and volleyball. Maybe I’m not very good at it,but it’s cool to play them. I’m crazy about mountains! I love skiing in winter, trekking andclimbing in summer and seeing all beautiful mountain views!My another hobby are films, I’ve seen a lot of them. My favourite are comedies, action films,historical films and comedy series, like “Friends”.The best subjects at school for me are Maths and Physics. In my opinion logical thinking isvery important. But I like languages too. I speak English well, a little Russian and German
  2. 2. Hi!I’m Ania Michalik and I’m seventeen. I live in Garwolin with my parents and my brother.I have also a second brother and a sister but they already moved out.I really like playing basketball. I’ve been practicing this sport for about 7 years and my teamtrains hard to win. Moreover, I’ve started to learn rollerblading but it seems so hard to mebecause when I ride too fast, I can’t stop and I sometimes fall down :)Music is my second passion. I play the clarinet in the orchestra in my city and it gives mea huge satisfaction. I love rock music and my favourite bands are Muse, Bon Jovi and alwayson the top – Queen. However, I like listening Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Maroon 5, as well.Watching TV isn’t my favourite hobby but TV series like Friends and Dr House give me a lotof fun. And when they show a film with Johnny Depp I just can’t resist watching it.What’s more about my hobbies? I’m crazy about music theatre Studio Buffo. I love goingthere with my friend always when we have some free time. They play our favourite musicalslike Metro and Romeo and Juliet and sing greatest hits during English, French or Latinonights. I wish I could sing as well as they do…I can’t wait to meet you on our exchange. I hope we will have a fantastic time together :)
  3. 3. Hello,my name is Emilia Kurach and Im 17 years old. I live in Garwolin and I attend high school.I have dark hair and brown eyes. I dont have any brothers or sisters. I like animals and Ihavea dog called Lucy. Its breed is German shepard. I love dance, so I belong to dance group inmy school. At our classes we practise national polish dances with folk music. I like travellingand meeting new people from all over the world. I think Im friendly and outgoing. In my freetime I meet with my friends. We often go to the pizzeria or restaurant. At weekendsI sometimes go to a party in local pub. In spare time I also like reading books, newspapersand, of course-surfing the net. I spend many hours in front of my computer, chatting withfriends on facebook. My second hobby ( beside dancing) is playing keyboard. Im not verygood at it, but Im still learning. My favourite types of music are pop and club pieces. In thefuture I want to be a translator, because this job seems being interesting to me. MoreoverI like learning foreign languages.
  4. 4. My name is Karolina and I am 17 years old. I am from Poland. I live with my parents. I havea sister but she lives in a different city. I am a student in a high school, so I have to learnevery day. But my life is not just about learning. I am ordinary teenager, so it is obvious that Ispend some time on relaxing. I like reading a books, especially diaries. I also love chattingwith my friends and going out with them. I think that I am a bit addicted to my mobile phone.I always keep it close to me, because it is the best way to be in touch with people all the time.I am absolutely keen on animals. I have two dogs, a cat and a guinea pig but it is not enoughfor me. When I see a pet in the street I always try to stop myself from coming up to it, but it isreally hard. As my friends say I am funny, talkative and a bit crazy. I always have a lot ofideas how to make a day more exciting. A very important part of my life is music. I fall asleeplistening to the music and wake up in the same way. My favourite singer is Jordin Sparks, butI also like Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce and many others. A serial that I like best is Grey’sAnatomy. I can watch it all day long and I don’t get bored.
  5. 5. Hi! :)My name is Magdalena Rekawek and I want to tell you something about myself. Im 17 yearsold and Im from Poland, Garwolin. I live with my parents and my twin brothers. I go to HighSchool.When I was a little girl I wanted to be a hairdresser or princess. But now I have differentideas, plans. I love biology and chemistry. I hope my profession in the future will beconnected with these disciplines. I think about medicine or dentistry. Im aware of difficultiesduring my studies. Im ready for hard work.But its not the end of my great ideas. Im ready for new experience and Im going to createa new edition of my favourite TV program : kitchen revolutions. Im sure I will be better thanMagda Gessler. By the way shes got a great name.:) But I cook better, especially powderedsoup.What do I like doing?Well, I m out-going person, so I like meeting people. Ive got a lot of friends and I lovespending time with them. We often go to parties, watch films and go shopping. To be honest Ilove eating and I think this my defect. :(.My friends told me that I had a sense of humor and Im cheerful and considerate. I preferswimming, ridding a bike and listening to music. Also, I love travelling and seeing differentplaces. Ive got my favourite series, Gossip Girl and 90210.
  6. 6. Hello!My name is Olga Poswiata but friends call me Ola. I’m seventeen years old. I’m in secondclass in high school. The main subjects in my class are maths and physics but I have of courseall the other important subjects such as Polish and English language, biology, history,chemistry, geography, PE, etc.I live in a little village Leonów which is situated 24 kilometers from Garwolin. I live with myparents, grandparents and sister Agata. Agata is my only sister but my family is quite bigbecause my mum has got 7 siblings and my dad has 3.I have belonged to the school choir. I love singing but I think my voice is not good enough.Listening to music is my cup of tea too. My favourite bands are Muse, Red Hot ChilliPeppers, Foo Fighters, Linkin Park and some Polish bands like Hey, Myslovitz or Happysad.My next interest is sport. I like play games especially team games like volleyball, basketballand handball. Im in the schools volleyball and handball teams and I train quite hard.I’m crazy about watching films. ‘Inception’ is a movie that I like the most. I think the plot isvery intriguing and interesting. I recommend to watch it but I sure many of you have alreadyseen it.I have a lot of friends. Some of them are going with me on this international exchange andI’m very pleased because of that. My best friends are Ania, Jutsyna and Ania.