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  1. 1. Profilesheet: Haider AbdulMy Name is Haider. Im a half Hungarian and half Iraqian boy, but I live in Germany. I havea sister who is 21 years old. She works as a dentists assistant. My parents have got apizzeria.I go to school in Letter where I visit the eleventh class of the Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium.Seelze is the part of town I come from and I really like it here because its a nice littleneighbourhood.More about me...I was born on fifth november 1993 in Cluj, Romania. My mother is Hungarian and my fatheris from Iraq. They met in the college time of my father. A few years later my sister wasborn and after her it was my turn.I spent my first three years in Cluj and came to Germany after that. My kindergarden timewas in Seelze where I met some of my friends who I still know. Three years later me and myfamily went back to Romania where I started school. My primary school time was one of themost exciting part of my life because I grew up in a city neighbourhood with a few verygood friends. At the age of ten years I came back to Germany where I was excited aboutmy new school and all the other aspects you could worry about as a kid.Again, six years later here I am as a sixteen year old boy living in peaceful circumstancesand trying to get a good school degree in two years to go to university.Hobbies:My hobbies are listening and making music on the one hand, because I think its relaxing andexciting at the same time and music makes some things seem much easier sometimes. On theother hand I am very interested in cars and motorbikes because knowing as much as I canknow about driving,drifting, riding and everything that has to do with it is incrediblyfascinating. That„s the reason why I want to get my driver„s licence as soon as I can.Everything with an engine in it is interesting to me.My other hobbies are playing basketball, boxing, meeting friends and going on vacation.Future wishes:After I leave school I would like to study English and sports or English and religion forbeing a teacher at a good school.I chose this kind of future wish because I think that working with pupils can change theirperspective and opinion about school. School gives us the possibility to achieve somethingand even if I cant reach what I want to reach I think that every big trip begins with thefirst step.
  2. 2. Name: CzaplaFirst Name: TommyAdress: Hanover,SeelzeE-Mail: tommyczapla@gmx.deAge: I am sixteen years old I was born on 8th March 1994I live in a house in a small city near Hanover inGermany. Regarding my age I am small and stocky.I have got brown hair and blue-green eyes.LEISURE ACTIVITIESMy leisure activities are doing Karate, playing several intruments,reading books and meeting friends.I think I do not exaggerate by sayingthat I am a very cultural person. Furthermore I am interested inhumanity arts subjects such as history and philosophy and especiallyliterature.FAMILYI have got two, sometimes annoying, little brothers.Their names are Henry and Mario. Henryis ten years old and Mario is twelve years old and of course they are pupils. My mother is amanager of a transport company inGarbsen, which is near Hanover, as well. My father works as a caretaker.By saying that I have a strong sense of animals it is almost obviousthat we have got another family member named Paula. She is a dog anda little bit over two years old now.MY CHARACTERI would say I am very open-minded towards new things because I lovemaking new experiences e.g. meeting new people. My sense of humour issometimes a little strange and I like the English black humour.Unfortunately sometimes my friends do not understand this kind ofhumour. I am a pupil at the Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium to absolve the Abitur and I haveambitions to work with language after finishing school.
  3. 3. Profile SheetFacts:Name: Mathias FeuchtenhoferBirth date: 10.02.1994E-Mail address: matrial@gmx.deHey there, I‟m a sixteen year old boy from Germany.Born in Hanover, Lower Saxony, but right now I‟m living in Seelze. My heightis approximately 5‟ 6‟‟ or 1,70m. As you can see in the picture, I have brownhair and eyes.I have an older brother; he is twelve years older than me.Hobbies:One of my hobbies is typical: Meeting friends, hanging out, you probablyknow about it. I just began some weeks ago with volleyball; it‟s kind of funplaying it with friends. But I also like to play badminton, which I quit playingbecause I didn‟t have time for it anymore. If I am at home I like to playcomputer games or read books, mostly fantasy. My favorite movie I can‟t tellyou, I don‟t know it, but the genre I most like in films is action-comedy.Other information:I work part-time in a discounter, which is fun, and you earn money.I can be serious, but I can laugh about almost everything.Probably I‟m that guy, who goes with the flow, but if I disagree you won‟tmind if I tell you, do you? ;)My music taste is kind of awkward; I like rock, metal and trance.Hopefully this is enough to introduce me!Yours Mathias
  4. 4. Christina Freise (19.03.1994)christina_94@gmx.netHello!My name is Christina Freise and I‟m 16 years old. I live in a small village nearHanover in Germany and go to theGeorg-Büchner-Gymnasium. There I am in grade 11 and willfinish school after grade 12. Among other things I learnedEnglish and French there. We also had to choose somesubjects as our examination subjects this year and I chosemy favourite ones, History, English and Politics.FamilyI live together with my parents Birgitt and Ernst-Friedrichwho are working in a job centre and as a forester.I have a younger brother as well. His name is Lennart andhe is 13 years old. He goes to the same school as I. I reallylike him … most of the time.We also have a dog whose name is Tell. It‟s a German breed, very tall and brownwith some white blotches.HobbiesI started to play the flute when I was eight and began to play tennis a few yearslater. But the most important thing for me are my friends.I love to meet them, do some shopping, go out or just relax with them. I spend asmuch time as possible with them.And my friends are not only in Germany but for example in Great Britain, where Ispent a month, too. That is why I always annoy my parents to go on holidays againand visit some of them.I also want to live in another country for about one year after I finish school.Why I chose Comenius:I love travelling, living and working with other counties. Especially the EuropeanUnion is interesting for me, so this project includes everything I like.When we meet each other we will talk about those things, but mainly I think it willbe a great experience and we will have an awesome time.So I am looking forward to see you, wether at my place or somewhere else inEurope. Bis bald (see you soon) Chrissi
  5. 5. First Name: TillName: JankowskiDate of Birth: 24.01.1994Email: till.jankow@web.deHello, my name is Till Jankowski. I am from Germany. I am 16 and in the 11thgrade of a Gymnasium near Hannover. My favorite subject is maths.About me: My hobbies are football, billard, and other sports to keep me fit.When I have free time I„m sitting at the computer playing games or chattingwith friends. Two weeks ago I began with my drivers licence. My friendswould discribe me as nice, helpful, athletic and I am everytime ready to dofunny things or go away in the evening, like to a disco.My Family: I have an older sister Dana who is 19, she has finished withschool and she wants to study German language and literature in Jena. Myyounger brother Julius is 14; he is very good at billard and has someimportant titles in Germany. Also I have a dog and two rabbits. We live inhouse in a small city called Letter.Reasons for the participation in the Comenius Project:I am very interested in the project, because I havent done something likethis before and I find it really important in our era to exchange our politicalexperiences with other countries, because today there are many problems inEurope and we can find some solutions together.
  6. 6. First name : JuliaName : KirchhoffDate of birth : 18.2.1994Adress:Am Silberberg 3030926 SeelzeE-Mail : Jule.kirchhoff@gmx.deGeneral :Hey, my name is Julia and I am 16 years old. I am one of the Germanstudents of the Georg–Büchner Gymnasium in Letter. After school I wouldlike to study biology.I have one sister called Katharina.Hobbies/interests :I really like to try out new kinds of sport. E.g. doing athletics, swimming,dancing and now I play tennis. I also started to play an instrument: theguitar. Music is very important to me. I listen to different music genres,especially indie/rock and electro/house/minimal. One of my interests is art.If I have the time I always try to do something creative.Likes/Dislikes :I don‟t like stress and boredom, intolerance and disrespect.I like the summer, especially the warm evenings which I often spend with myfriends. One of my softness is chocolate, I ♥ chocolate.Favorite quote :One sees clearly only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  7. 7. Name: KlassenFirst Name: AlexE-mail: ais1@gmx.netAge: I„m sixteen years old and I was born on 22th February 1994My identity: I live with my parents and my little brother in Germany, in alittle city in the west of Hannover. It is called Seelze, where I go to school, too.When I was seven years old I came to Germany, with my parents, from Russia. Soits nine or ten years ago that I came to Germany. If you want more informationabout my physical appearence you can look at my photograph but I can add only thatIm 1,88 metres tall.What I like: In my free time I meet friends or do many sports. For exampleI play ice hockey in my club “SC Langenhagen Jets“ also known as “HannoverScorpions“. Very often, I play basketball in the park and I like to play handball, too.In the holidays I love to skimboard :). I also like parties and good music. At schoolmy favorite subject is of course sports education but I dislike maths and French.My family: I have a little brother, his name is Nik, he is five years old andgoes to preschool. I love him :). He plays ice hockey in the same club as I play andhe is very good for his age. My mother and my father are both from Russia, too.We came to Germany, because we have a better life here as we would have it there.My mother is now working in a laundry and my father in the industry.More about me: First of all, I like travelling. I have already been on theCanary Islands Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, in the Czech Republic, in Bulgaria,Austria and of course in Russia. Now Im at secondary school but later I think I willgo to the army to become a pilot because Im very interested in this.
  8. 8. That´s meHello, my name is Joshua Klein. I come from Hannover, Germany. I live withmy family in a house in a village called Harenberg. My school is the Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium in Letter-Seelze. At school I´minterested in politics and history. I spend most of my free time with myfriends - we play soccer or hang around and chill.I like to go into the gym to keep my body healthy and meet some friends.Playing some computer games is also a hobbie of me. My favorite musicartists are Böhse Onkelz, some unknown rap artists, and sometimes technoor house music. I do not like it when people are not on time or behavechildishly.All in all I´m a friendly person who stands to his opinion.
  9. 9. Hello,my name is Kristin Köhne. I‟m 16years old and my birthday is 2nd December. I live in a little citynear Hannover in Germany.I‟m at the Georg-Büchner-Gymnasiumin the 11th class.FamilyMy parents are Sabine and Bernd and I‟ve abrother named Marcel who is 22 years old and a sisternamed Melanie, she is 25 and has a husband and a daughter. Johanna is 4years old. I‟ve also got a dog, Filou, a cat Kimba and two budgies, Snoopy andPeppa. I‟ve got fish, too.SchoolAt school I prefer the subjects German, biology, politics and sports. Thesubjects that I do not really like are French, chemistry and physics.HobbiesIn my free time I play handball and I dance. Also, I like to meet friends andwe laugh a lot, because my friends and I are a little bit crazy. I sing a loteven though I„m not sure if I‟m good but it makes me happy. I look after fora little boy, he is 2 years old.The projectI applied for the Comenius project because I‟m interested in othercountries. I‟m interested in politics, too, and the project combines these twothings. Also I was curious which themes are connected with Comenius.My e-mail address is:
  10. 10. Profile SheetName: Kevin KrejaBirthdate: 19.07.1993Adress: Königsbergerstr.18 30926 SeelzeTel: 05137/124888E-Mail: kevinkreja@gmx.deSituation…My name is Kevin; I‟m 17 years old and live in Seelze, a city in Germany with apopulation of 10,000 people. When I heard the first time about the Comeniusproject I decided to join in because I like it to speak English with other people,especially people from different countries. So I hope it will be a great time whenthe meetings start.Family...My family isn`t very big. There are my parents and my brother. My father is 53years old and works as a courier. My mother is 45 years old. Both are from Polandbut they met in Germany. My brother is 15 and is in year nine.School...I‟m now in year 11. I want to get the "Abitur", the graduation from high school.About me...I was born in Hannover, a big city near Seelze. The first 3 years I lived mostly inPoland with my grandma and grandpa. Then when I got 4 years old, I went toKindergarten in Germany. When I got six years old I went to prime school. With 10I went to high school. And there began the best years of my life. There I`ve metthe best friends in the world. We were like one and we are best friends until today.More About me...I am interested in sports like basketball, football, swimming and riding bikes. Butthe most time I spend with my friends and we do things like going to the city andjust hanging around. But the most things I`m interested in are cars and motorbikes.Both fascinate me like nothing else. I want to know everything about cars and bikes.I like tuned cars, especially the import tuners and the most I like the Toyota Supra.In motorbikes, I`m also interested but not in tuning them. My dream bike is theYamaha R 6. I like just riding motorcycles. Here is the point. I don‟t have a driver‟slicense and this is a very hard torture for me. But I will start doing it in February.So I`m looking forward to it.Hopes for the future...I just want to get my "Abitur". I hope I can go study then and work as a manager ina big company. My dream is to buy a Toyota Supra in the future.
  11. 11. Profile SheetAbout me:Name: Adrian RosenfeldBirth date/place: 30.09.1993 in WolfsburgWhere I live: Hanover, GermanyE-mail: adrianrosenfeld@web.deHello, my name is Adrian Rosenfeld. I live in Hanover and visit theGeorg-Büchner- Gymnasium. Currently I am 16 years old and visit the 11thclass, moreover I am interested in politics and history. I have a strong senseof humor and I laugh often. Besides that, I am very curious so I wantdiscover more and more things, which Im interested in.Hobbies:I like to meet my friends, to play football and to laugh with them. Mostlywe have fun watching a film in the cinema or just relaxing. However, I alsolike to go to places with my family, such as journeys and excursions toseveral places. In addition to that, I spend my time with my dog and my cat,too. But basically with my family and my friends.Comenius project:I decided to participate the Comenius project because I want to improve mypolitics and language knowledge; in addition, I„m very interested in othercountries and I want to see, which role politics plays in other countries.Apart from that, I get the chance to see new places and maybe new positiveopinions.
  12. 12. Profile SheetName: Alexander RößelingDate of birth: 02.09.1991E-Mail: Navu@hotmail.deSchool: Georg-Büchner Gymnasium(since 2009)Where I live/family:I live in Hanover the capital city ofNiedersachsen, it‟s in the northof Germany. I love Germany and I‟mvery proud to be German. I have onebrother at the age of 27 and our pet isa 2-year-old Spanish dog from aSpanish animal shelter.Hobbies:When I‟m home after school I do my homework and sit at my PC/desk, afterthis I play computer games like “World of Warcraft” (MMORPG) or goskateboarding, hear music or watch TV. Sometime I drive with one of thecars of my parents through the country road and enjoy the good weather.On Fridays I go to Hanover city and meet my friends and go to clubs.Music:Music is one of the important things in my life, I‟m like a reptile who needsthe sunto live, eat and hunt – I need my music to do something. My favoritebands are Asking Alexandria, Bring me the Horizon, Eyes Set to Kill and ADay to Remember these are some DeathCore, MetalCore and Post-HardCorebands. I Love the fast and hard guitar riffs and the screams and growlsfrom the Vocals.
  13. 13. First Name: MarcelName: SarstedtDate of birth: 19. August 1993Adress:Osnabrücker Landstraße 17c30926 Seelze-GümmerE-Mail: marcelsarstedt1993@web.deGeneral:My name is Marcel and I am 17 years old. Currently I am visiting theGeorg-Büchner-Gymnasium in Letter. After school I would like studyjurisprudence or business mathematics .I live with my parents and my sister in a beautiful place called Gümmer.Hobbies/interests:Since Im 7, I have played table tennis, even relatively successfully.At summer, I like to go swimming with friends or have great summer nights.I love my friends, because they are only the best. I have experienced withthem the best moments of my life.If I have time, I like to read good novels, like Der Schwarm by FrankSchätzing. When Im alone, I mostly listen to music, mostly electro.I dont like intolerance, disrespect and meanness.
  14. 14. Profile sheet Name: Amrei Surname: Sender Date of birth: 29.09.1994 School: Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium E-mail: About me:I was born in 1994 in Letter, a small village near Hanover. I‟m still living hereand I went to primary school and afterwards to grammar school. Both schools areonly about 5 minutes far from my home. My parents have been married for almost26 years. And I have 1 sister and 3 brothers. They are all older than me apartfrom my little brother. My family means a lot to me, because I can trust them. Avery important part of my life is my cat, called ”Scotty“. I got him when I was 7, soI grew up with him. I am just fond of animals and the race is of no importance. Mybest friend‟s name is Lina, at this moment she is in Canada as an exchange student.She will stay there for 1 year.My Hobbies and interests:I love playing my drum set and make some music and people say, that it‟s untypicalof a girl. I am interested in cooking an baking and almost everybody likes eating mycakes. I am good at playing basketball even though I am not so tall. I like this game,because you play it in a team. And I would describe myself as really team-minded.Additionally, I have those typical ”girls-hobbies“, like going shopping, dancing andmuch more. Moreover I enjoy listening to music, if you turn the music on, all thethoughts spin around my head, “turn off“. Furthermore I love little children,because I spend a lot of time with them while baby sitting. I am just impressed bytheir cuteness and their affection they give. To sum up, you can say that I am reallyenterprising, helpful and appreciative.My future:Since I was about 8 years old, I knew that I will work in judicial ambit. Formerly Iwanted to study law at Leibniz University in Hanover to become a lawyer. But in2009 I made an internship in a chancellery and so I changed my idea just a littlebit. Still I want to study law, but now to become a successful judge. Later, I wouldlike to have a house in a small town or village just like my parents. If I havefinished with school, I will found a family, but I am not really sure how manychildren I would like to have. I think about 1 to 3. Surely I will have some pets, Ican imagine having one big dog and one cute little cat.
  15. 15. IDENTITYHello my name is Annika Steinbeck andI´m 16 years old my birthday is 2nd March.I come from Germany, from the federalstate of Lower Saxony.I live in Seelze, that is near Hanover and I go to theGeorg – Büchner - Gymnasium in Letter.In school I´m in the 11th grade.A short time ago we had to choose our major subjectsand I have chosen English, German and Politics.HOBBIESI play handball since I was about seven years old in the same club.And I also like to meet my friends and laugh a lot with them, we sing ormake photos or something like that, just hang around together inour free time. I meet them as often as possible.FAMILYI live with my mother, my father and my brother in a flat.My brother is 20 years old and works.We have no animals, but I like them.COMENIUS PROJECTI like to meet new people and learn something about different cultures.I‟m also interested in knowing more about other countries. That is thereasonwhy I´m in the Comenius project.My e-mail adress is:
  16. 16. Name WitteFirst name LukasAddress Am Wehrberg 22aE – mail haskker@arcor.deAge seventeen years oldGeneral stuff about me:As I already mentioned Im seventeen years old; I was born in 1993 on the 26th ofJune. Ive got one brother, his name is Patrick and hes 12. Ive been living inHanover since I was born. When I was 15 years old I went to New Zealand for 6months and lived there in a host family. To spend half a year in a different culturewas an awesome experience and I would like to visit New Zealand again.My hobbies:In my spare time I love to meet my friends or burn off some excess energy whilefighting in my judo club in Lohnde. Besides judo I also love to play basketball andbadminton. Furthermore I like to play computer games. If the weather is fine andthere is enough wind me and my family sometimes drive to the Steinhuder Meer forsurfing.My tastes:In my opinion reading isnt as boring as some might say. I prefer books like “TheLord of the Rings” (Im reading it right now in English) or “The dwarfs”. Maybe youalready reckoned that I like fantasy books and its the same with the movies. I likeaction and vampire movies save twilight.
  17. 17. Presenting MyselfMy Name is Cem Halil Yada, I am 17 years old and living in Letter, a small villagenear the great town of Hannover in the Northwest of Germany. There are still twoyears left until the Abitur, which you need to study in the German educationsystem. Unfourtanetly I am not really sure what I want to do after school, that‟sthe reason why I am trying at the moment to learn as much as possible aboutdifferent professions. In general one could say, that my marks in school are goodand the only great problem is mathematics, but I have never been a friend of thissubject.I have a great family living in 5 nations on three continents. Here in Letter, I amliving with my mother, who is working as a teacher and my littler sister who visitsthe same school as me. My father is only living at our house at the weekend,because as an architect he works for an important company and has to go on manybusiness trips. For me as well as my family integration and migration is more thanjust a word- it is a natural part of our existence. Origanally my family comes from acity in the centre of Anatolia, called Nidge. Since the end of the fifties, al lot offamily members migrated to different nations, for example my grandfather cameto work in Germany.But as well as to Germany other members went to Maine in the United States or tothe United Kingdom in search of building up a new existence. Just three years agoone of my uncles migrated from Hamburg to Toulouse in Southern France. You see,I have a very international kind of family. I would say that this is a greatadvantage, because you get to know different cultures and nations, but the biggestproblem is that I can not see my family members very often. For example myrelatives living in the United States, I have not seen them for all my life. I onlyknow them by writing e-mails or by chatting on Facebook.My godfather and his family are Spanish, a lot of my father‟s friends are Italian orRussian. That is also the reason for me to say that I am an international character,because my character was forged by different influences and nations, which isdefinitely a great advantage from my point of view in the 21st century.
  18. 18. Patrick ZaldaAbout me: Im Patrick Zalda, 17 years old and born in Germany. I live in Hannover and go to the Georg-Büchener-Gymnasium in Letter, Seelze, since 2009. My favourite subjects are history and politics.My family: Both my parents are from Poland, including my sister. They were all born there and speak perfect Polish. I cant speak, but understand most of it. My mother (45) came with my father (47) to Germany because of the bad situation in Poland. My sister is 25 years old and named Justine.Hobbies: I like to go out with my friends having fun with them. Friends are the most important for me, besides my family. I also like to listen to music, watch movies or do sports. For example playing football or jogging. Im interested in German history a lot. Especially the time of the Second World War and the time after the war. Its quite emotional to see documentaries, pictures or stories from witnesses.Reason for my participation: I want to broaden my horizon in many areas. It may be useful in my carreer and my general experiences. I could become a part of the concerted work with the European Union. It shows the ambition to become one unit, one Europe. To anticipate racism, discrimination and advance young people to work together.