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EBCOMM is dedicated to the development of
Innovative Web and Mobile Software Solutions

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  • 20090707 V11 Presentacion Ebcomm

    1. 1. EBCOMMEBCOMM Company Presentation 29/01/15 1
    2. 2. Who are we?Who are we? 29/01/15 2 EBCOMM is dedicated to the development of Innovative Web and Mobile Software Solutions
    3. 3. Who are we?Who are we? 29/01/15 3 • Our mission is to help our clients create and optimize Information Systems that will align their business processes with their organizational objectives and needs. • We do that by enabling our clients implement state of the art online and mobile technologies in order to effectively create and share value added business information with their employees, partners and suppliers.
    4. 4. Management Team & ShareholdersManagement Team & Shareholders 29/01/15 4 Dionisio Vázquez CEO Lawyer specializing in Business (Faculty of Law, Nuevo León) Fernando López CIO Electronic and Communication Engineer, ITESM José Antonio Becerra IT Mobile Solution Manager Systems Engineer with Management Master Degree, ITESM David López Integrated Project Manager Computer Systems Engineer with Information Technology Management Master Degree, ITESM
    5. 5. • Companies who share our vision and help us increase the value of our solutions. • JackBe • Itera • Banamex • Telcel • BlackBerry • CMMI3 • ITIL Alliances & CertificationsAlliances & Certifications 29/01/15 5
    6. 6. Examples of Current CustomersExamples of Current Customers 29/01/15 6 Financial Healthcare Government Chemical Services & Retail
    7. 7. What do we do for our Clients?What do we do for our Clients? 29/01/15 7 • Financial Institutions Too often, they cannot put the right information in the hands of the right people quickly enough to follow the market. - Solution: A personalized and highly configurable portal that can be used to take better decisions using up to date (real time) stock information.
    8. 8. What do we do for our Clients?What do we do for our Clients? 29/01/15 8 • Healthcare Institutions Most institutions have data integration problems of clinical information from their patients, such as supplied drugs, scheduled appointments and their treatments status. Solution: An application that accesses small pieces of data from large public portals and combines it with a local database of research results.
    9. 9. What do we do for our Clients?What do we do for our Clients? 29/01/15 9 • Insurance institutions Their executives are always in motion and need to generate quotes for their services, get their customer data 24*7 and provide updated information to their customers. Solution: An enterprise application that allows sales executives to generate quotes and capture client information from their mobile device.
    10. 10. What do we do for our Clients?What do we do for our Clients? 29/01/15 10 • Services and Retail Institutions Businesses have to increase sales opportunities, reduce operational costs and need to integrate secure and easy- to-use E-commerce applications. Solution: An E-commerce application that includes public web services like PayPal, Weather Channel and Google Maps.
    11. 11. What do we do for our Clients?What do we do for our Clients? 29/01/15 11 • Public Institutions Consume many resources to integrate information in a public network to a large number of users (civilian, military or intelligence-oriented) Solution: A web application that allows to identify how safe an area is by zipcode. The application displays the lastest crimes and statistics by zipcode.
    12. 12. How do we do it?How do we do it? 29/01/15 12 Solution Description Benefits Supported by EBCOMM Custom Software Solutions Custom software solutions for those companies with large volumes of data and who want to reduce their operative cost, increase productivity and increase sales using the internet. This includes Enterprise Widgets • Low Cost solutions • Easy and dynamic • High Service Support Levels • High security levels • Business Intelligence with no extra cost • Unique interfaces • Reduce up to 80% the bandwidth use • Reduce up to 85% the server response time • JackBe Presto Enterprise Mashup Platform • .Net • J2EE • Struts • Spring • AJAX • Java • RUP • ITIL • CMMI Methodology EBCOMM Mobile Applications Solutions for those companies that want to access company information in real time with mobile devices. Solutions for those companies with the need to send information remotely • Access to company information in real time • Increase productivity with mobile office tools • Report company viewer • Blackberry MDS • Java • FlashLite • .Net • RIM Solution Provider Plus
    13. 13. • Is a flexible platform that provides users and developers a tool to integrate and share data from internal and external services, from different applications, and from various databases with secure and consolidated access. Technology (JackBe Presto)Technology (JackBe Presto) 29/01/15 14
    14. 14. Technology (JackBe Presto)Technology (JackBe Presto) 29/01/15 15 • Presto uses web services, wikis, blogs, social networks, and other applications to replicate the positive aspects of Web 2.0 (Social network platforms) in the enterprise. • It allows enterprises to align IT with the needs of the business by enabling true partnerships between the business units and IT.
    15. 15. BlackBerry Enterprise ServerBlackBerry Enterprise Server 29/01/15 16 • Is a powerful wireless platform that allows companies to extend the benefits of their corporate environment to their mobile teams.
    16. 16. BlackBerry Enterprise ServerBlackBerry Enterprise Server 29/01/15 17 • Offers push access to e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes. • Instant messaging and business applications through the handheld device BlackBerry®, • Wireless access to email, phone and other corporate information (a must-have). • Collaboration environment
    17. 17. Why EBCOMM?Why EBCOMM? 29/01/15 18 • To add value to solutions using top technologies • To Improve companies performance and reduce their operative costs • For its excellence in human resources • For its use of international norms and standards
    18. 18. Partnership ModelPartnership Model 29/01/15 19 • Custom software application development • Mobile software application development • JackBe Presto Mashup Server installation and support (Licensing or Sell) • BlackBerry Enterprise Server installation and support • E-commerce solutions development
    19. 19. Next StepsNext Steps 29/01/15 20 • Sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) • Define a work schema & share opportunities • Schedule a meeting with the development team • Define service levels • Define an internal Champion that believes in the project • Send links for more information and on-line Demos • Get company products and service information
    20. 20. 29/01/15 21 Thank You Fernando López EBCOMM Solutions Inc. 550, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Bureau 200 Montreal, Quebec H3A 1B9 flopez@e-bcomm.com.mx http://www.e-bcomm.com Dionisio Vázquez EBCOMM Soluciones SA de CV Ave Gonzalitos Sur 460 L-17 Col San Jerónimo Monterrey, NL 64640 dvazquez@e-bcomm.com.mx http://www.e-bcomm.com.mx