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Types of services of wooden flooring


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Wooden flooring is gaining popularity in U.K. If you are looking for a company that provides the wood floor restoration in Sunderland, Morpeth or any other areas of the U.K,

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Types of services of wooden flooring

  1. 1. TypesofServicesofWoodenFlooring There is a wide range of options available in market today for flooring with different prices and styles. United Kingdom -- -- Jun 18, 2014 -- There is a wide range of options available in market today for flooring with different prices and styles. Out of all those types, wooden is becoming more popular these days as it gives a fashionable and classy look to your house. Another reason is that it is environmental friendly and bears minimum maintenance costs. There are many different styles and enhances beauty to the house. It requires less time in cleaning and there is less wear and tear as compared to the carpet. The services related to wooden flooring in Newcastle, Sunderland and Morpeth are very popular these days. Let us discuss about few services. • Staining If you need your wooden floor to be of a specific colour, it needs a staining. You need to be very particular and attentive about choosing a stain colour as it cannot be darkened or lightened once it is applied. Normally, it needs three days time to dry. • Sanding A sanding service is a process where the top surface of the wood is removed so that it can be sanded with other materials. The process needs a lot of preparation before sanding and once the sanding is done, it needs to be coated with a protective sealant. • Sealing There are number of polishes available in the market for the process of sealing. You have to choose the one the best suits your needs. The options range from oil based polyurethanes and water based seals to hard wax oils and acrylic based lacquers. • Installation It is not easy to install a wooden floor so once you decide you want it in your house, you need to contact a professional for that. An experienced person in the field will be able to install it easily as well as quickly. If you are looking for any such services, then visit Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. Northumberland Floor Sanding is one of the most popular flooring companies in U.K. They provide services like sanding, staining and sealing. They guarantee customer satisfaction irrespective of the wood being old or new; soft or hard. In short, they provide perfect finishing for the wooden floors. Contact Information: Name: Kevin Elliott Company: Northumberland Floor Sanding Telephone: 01665 655012 Powered by TCPDF ( Page 2 of 2