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#BuenConocer Summit
Designing public policies for a commons oriented society	
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Press release Buen Conocer Summit


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Press release Buen Conocer Summit

  1. 1.       #BuenConocer Summit Designing public policies for a commons oriented society       Quito,  Ecuador  will  host  the  “Buen  Conocer”  Summit  from  May  27th  to  the  30th,   2014.   This   event   is   the   result   of   a   process   of   El   Buen   Conocer   /   FLOK   Society   project.  Based  on  the  National  Plan  for  Good  Living  (Buen  Vivir),  the  project  is  the   cornerstone   of   the   Ecuadorian   productive   matrix’s   change   that   aims   to   find   an   alternative  model  to  capitalism.  A  team  of  international  experts  performs,  since   late  2013,  an  open  research  to  build  public  policies  proposals,  which  will  sustain   this  transition.  The  research  has  had  the  participation  of  well-­‐known  experts,  civil   society,  academics  and  national  and  international  researchers,  among  others.  At   this  Summit,  through  collaborative  work,  all  the  participants  will  elaborate  a  set   of   strategic   public   policies.   The   intention   is   to   reach   an   agreement   over   those   policies   that   will   build   a   Social   Knowledge   Economy   in   Ecuador,   based   on   the   commons  and  free  technology.       The   Buen   Conocer   /   FLOK   Society   project   has   prepared   an   international   event   that  contemplates  two  spaces;  one  of  them  is  open  to  the  public,  with  conferences   and  plenary  sessions  where  all  citizens  are  invited  to  participate;  and  the  other   one   is   reserved   for   working   groups   where   the   participants   will   discuss   and   contribute  to  the  strengthening  of  the  public  policies  documents.  These  working   groups   will   be   formed   by   10   -­‐   12   persons.   The   list   of   participants   combines   Ecuadorian   communitarian   leaders   (as   Fander   Falconí),   local   researchers   and   personalities  (as  Rafael  Bonifaz  /  Free  Software  Association  of  Ecuador,  Carlos   Correa  /  Creative  Commons  Ecuador)  and  global  specialists  (as  Brazilian  Marcelo   Branco,   American   Langdon   Winner,   Italian   Massimo   Menichilleni   or   Colombian   Carolina  Botero,  among  others).  After  the  Summit,  Buen  Conocer  /  FLOK  Society   team  will  incorporate  the  participants´  contributions  to  the  original  documents  in   order  to  come  up  with  the  final  policy  papers  that  will  be  deliver  to  Government´s   officials.   Once   this   is   done,   several   pilot   projects   will   be   activated   throughout   Ecuador  to  test  the  commons  oriented,  free  and  open  prototypes  suggested  by   Buen  Conocer  /  FLOK  Society.       The  opening  of  the  Buen  Conocer  Summit  will  be  held  on  Tuesday  May  27th  2014   at  18:00  at  the  Eugenio  Espejo  Convention  Center.       Ecuador  is  the  first  country  in  the  world  that  is  building  public  policy  betting  on   free   knowledge.   For   this   reason,   we   would   like   to   spread   this   Ecuadorian   initiative  through  interviews  with  our  spokespeople.    
  2. 2.     More  information:  ,­‐  (to  see  and  coment  in  our  open  research)    and   Press  Contact:  Nathalia  Sánchez  comunicació  (593)  986116312