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2012 05 16 Marketing Efficiency Presentation Uk


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presentation of marketing efficiency consulting offer

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2012 05 16 Marketing Efficiency Presentation Uk

  1. 1. Marketing Efficiency May 2012 Cabinet conseil en optimisation des moyens marketing192, avenue Pierre Brossolette MALAKOFF •
  2. 2. Marketing & Communication : a new landscape COMPANIES ARE NOW “OPEN SOURCE”   Social networks, customer relations platforms, PR relations, these are new ways companies have to include to their interactions with potential clients.   Advertisers are now confronted to new challenges: answering consumers quickly while sticking to the Brand’s values, thus quickly adapting to new technologies and more flexible marcom organizations. MANAGING MARKETING AND COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES HAS NEVER BEEN SO COMPLEX   Within a fragmented, complex and constantly evolving media world, brand communication management aims at building ‘platforms’ made of a mix of actions including all types of media and off medias.   Commercial, marketing, communication; boundaries have become hazy. MEDIA FRAGMENTATION, INCREASE OF MARCOM SPENDING??   The organizational issues in the MARCOM departments often go with an increased pressure on economical/financial performance   Companies are increasingly looking for greater productivity from investments in marketing Marketing Efficiency – Présentation commerciale
  3. 3. Our advertisers’ offers in a nutshell TYPOLOGY DELIVERABLE   Defining clear strategies for communications, defining objectives, organizing resources,Offer 1 MarCom strategic organization forecasting budgets, formalizing communication Consulting plan, developing practical KPIs   Dealing with the « make or buy » decision : Re- evaluate what is required from investments in marketing and how to work more effectivelyOffer 2 Setting up the Marcom organization internally and with a roster of agencies.   Implementing operational solutions   Deciding which external companies to hire and giving them a clear scope of work, how toOffer 3 properly incentivize them and how to keep them Communication agencies facilitation focused on delivering effectively against those KPIs, to account for greater value from investments in marketing. Marketing Efficiency – Présentation commerciale
  4. 4. MarCom strategic organization Consulting Methodology (1/2)Offer 1 STEP ADDED VALUE DELIVERABLE   Mission objectives and KPI’s definition   Understanding client’s needs   Planning to deliveryAudit and analysis   Formalization   Requirements : organizational charts,   Organizational audit emails, phones, contracts   Role and responsibilities of each stakeholder (client, teams, agencies, Marketing Efficiency)   Information to project’s participants:Project Management   Key milestones meetings for project starting date and objectives, expectations management Marketing Efficiency – Présentation commerciale
  5. 5. MarCom strategic organization Consulting Methodology (1/2)Offer 1 STEP ADDED VALUE DELIVERABLE   Documentary study: Project, studies, Contracts   Meeting with process key actors   Analysis summarizationDiagnostic phase   Face to face or online interviews via   Sharing with client Evaluating*   Attending meetings   Benefit from a third party expert   Organizational optionsRecommandation writing   Implementation roadmap   Benefit from our benchmarksRecommandation   Set up follow up   Mission resultsimplementation Marketing Efficiency – Présentation commerciale
  6. 6. Setting up the Marcom organizationOffer 2 SCOPE OF WORK ROADMAPS Defining Scope of Work & Objectives and KPIs Setting up objectives and milestones for yearly for : projects - MarcCom Dept’s - Collaborators PROCESSES   ANNUAL COMMUNICATION PLAN Setting up working processes, internally and Defining strategic communication objectives with the agencies Involving top management and procurement departemnts Budget management and yearly action plan Marketing Efficiency – Présentation commerciale
  7. 7. Communication agencies facilitationOffer 3 BRIEFING TO AGENCIES AGENCY PITCH MANAGEMENT Because some briefs are more complex than others due Dealing with an agency pitch process requires a lot of to their technicality (social networks, web…), or time and has a strong political impact. We coach clients because some issues require that you spend a lot of to help them focus on the strategic point of the time working on an internal consensus, we will help you competition with a strong methodological approach. through the formalization & approval processes. DEFINITION OF THE AGENCY’S SCOPE OF WORK REMUNERATION AND PAYMENT BY RESULT Our service consists in defining, with the agreement of We analyze all parameters with the help of the both parties, the clients’ expectations and workload at a advertiser and its agency to define the adequate yearly level, as well as the agencies KPI’s remuneration model for both parties: Project based remuneration / Fees / Payment by results DEFINING THE RIGHT REMUNERATION LEVEL RELATIONSHIP EVALUATION The value of some projects is sometimes difficult to An efficient client/agency relationship translates into evaluate for advertisers: mobile marketing, social marketing results. We have created an evaluation network projects, web projects… Our experience, our process which more effectively monitors and evaluates benchmarks allow us to provide “reasonable” agency performance in both qualitative and quantitative quotations. . metrics. 7 Marketing Efficiency – Présentation commerciale
  8. 8. Our added value STRATEGIC METHODOLOGICAL MANAGERIAL MULTI-DIMENSIONAL    Defining and formalizing   Defining, formalizing or   Agency management   Our expertise in advertisers’ modifying MarCom (annual brief, contract, communication ranges communication missions and working remuneration, KPI’s, from advertising to the orientations, and processes, setting up service quality evaluation), web, but also resources designing adapted MARCOM budgets agency roster strategies, CRM, PR organizations to meet the management Relationships, packaging objectives. or editorial content production.   Case study: BNP, TOTAL,   Case study: BANQUES   Case study: PAGES Case study: AGEFIPH, CASINO, HERO, JOHNSON  POPULAIRES, YVES JAUNES, NESTLE, STUDIALIS, GO SPORT AUCHAN, FUTUROSCOPE, & JOHNSON ROCHER, LACTALIS MATERNE, AXA, GSK MISSION Marketing Efficiency – Présentation commerciale
  9. 9. Experience Three key words EXPERTISE MULTIPLE-SECTORS INTERNATIONAL  Our consultants have over fifteen years of experience as advertisers in Global   Our track record has led us to master a   All our consultants are either bilingual companies. rather large number of sectors, and a or trilingual and have professional deep understanding of the following experience abroad, as well as in  Careers were completed by several sectors: distribution, banking, managing international projects from years in consulting, which offers a 360° consumers credit, beauty, convenience France vision of the communication world goods, automotive, and lastly, the private education sector  Our partnership with one of the French cost controlling market leaders COST   Recent experiences have led us to LIMITED provides us with solid skills in work in the public sector production of communication assets. Marketing Efficiency – Présentation commerciale
  10. 10. Tools EVALUATING •  Production costs (TRINITY3) : •  Agency remuneration Online assessment tool •  Advertisers’ organisations Up to date Agency Databases assessment software International Training Network Sessions •  Advertising Production Management•  Bi annual international summits • Agency Management (NYC, Shanghai…) • Building a communication plan •  Member of the network Marketing First Forum • Who’s doing what in MarCom ? • Etc. Marketing Efficiency – Présentation commerciale
  11. 11. The team •  With over 20 years •  With 10+ experience •  With a background in experience, Florence on the marketer’s Economics and has developed strong side, Guillaume Marketing (Sorbonne skills in the field of started his career at 2004), Nicolas has International Renault. spent two years in the marketing, advertising, US in the field of agency/client Musical marketing. management, digital •  After building andFlorence Garnier communication, media Guillaume Halphen implementing Nicolas Crequat in both BtoB and BtoC. network (local) and •  Starting his central collaboration at VT communication Scan in 2007, he then •  Starting her career on strategies in the joined the marketer’s side in automotive world, he MarketingEfficiency in the financial services moved on to VT Scan 2009, adding value in industry, Florence focusing on agency/ the agency/client moved on to the client performance relationship automotive at Renault optimization. management. in the early 2000’s. •  He joined •  Data analysis, report •  She’s now Founder/ MarketingEfficiency writing, market Senior Consultant at in 2011 where he monitoring, white MarketingEfficiency, brings his strong papers, summarization focusing on skills in building and building organizations and organizations, presentations are his marketing cost implementing strong suits. efficiency to help process to help advertisers achieve marketers meet their results in a fast moving strategic communication communication environment. objectives. Marketing Efficiency – Présentation commerciale
  13. 13. Marketing Efficiency – Présentation commerciale
  14. 14. Last but not least… 6 08 22 35 14 Marketing Efficiency – Présentation commerciale