• Highly trained in all aspects of
• Continually attends franchise
training and education
• Knowledgeable abou...
Contact FranBrandz and get matched with a
consultant that fits your specific needs at
2014 Franchis...
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FranBrandz Client Brochure


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FranBrandz Client Brochure

  1. 1. • Highly trained in all aspects of franchising • Continually attends franchise training and education • Knowledgeable about current and successful franchise systems • Can provide you with one hour of free legal council from a top franchise attorney • Demographic information about the area you are considering to franchise • Viability of a particular franchise in a particular area • Provide resources which can help you better deal in your franchise negotiations • Access to funding options and solutions OUR FRANBRANDZ BROKERS ARE HIGHLY TRAINED EXPERTS Achieve Your Dreams of Busi- ness Ownership Today! Call us for a free consultation. (440) 339-6001 www.FranBrandz.com There is no doubt that a good franchise system can reduce risk, speed up success, and help franchisees avoid the mistakes of others. But not all franchises are created equal. These questions are designed to better prepare you for making one of the biggest decisions of your life. • What is the viability of the franchise’s business model? • Has this Franchise been tested in an area similar to where I am considering? • Will this franchise fit with my lifestyle? • Are there any lawsuits against this franchise? • How many of their stores have closed? Why? • What do you see as the company’s greatest competitive advantages and disadvantages? • What experience does their management team have? • What are the long term goals of the franchise and how does that affect me? • To what level is the franchisor involved in the operations of the business? Benefits of a FranBrandz Franchise Broker: Æ Æ Things to Consider Contact@FranBrandz.com
  2. 2. Contact FranBrandz and get matched with a consultant that fits your specific needs at Contact@FranBrandz.com 2014 Franchise Business Economic Outlook What advantages does a FranBrandz Franchise Broker Have? FranBrandz Franchise Brokers are highly educated individuals who attend regular training and are exposed to current franchisors, data, tools, legal advice and trends that are impacting the business world today. What will a Broker do for me? Utilizing expert knowledge of a FranBrandz Franchise Broker will help maneuver through a vast amount of franchise concepts in the market today. Not all franchise concepts are good business decisions and a FranBrandz Franchise Broker is trained to identify and select options that are right for your personality, background, financial capability and long-term goals. What is the cost of a consultant? There is never any cost to you for the services provided by a franchise Broker. You will always pay the same published price for a franchise even if you do all the work yourself. What type of franchises does FranBrandz represent? We represent hundreds of top franchises in dozens of categories ranging from small to large investment, nationally known to start-ups as well as businesses that can be run passively or part time in any type of industry. Consumer retail, B2B, mobile services, computer & internet, work at home, etc. Who should work with a FranBrandz Broker? Anyone interested in owning their own business or who wishes to expand their business portfolio. Often, brokers assist those who have left corporate America or retired to find an opportunity for additional income. Æ Step 1 Contact Us Æ Step 2 Consultation FranBrandz will contact you over the phone to discuss your goals for starting you new business. This process typically takes 30 minutes and will help the FranBrandz in their research to select concepts that would be best suited for you. Æ Step 3 Research Æ Step 4 Recommendations Æ Step 5 Introduction to Franchisor Æ Step 6 Discovery Day Æ Step 7 Own A Successful Business FranBrandz will use the information provided by you to search through hundreds of franchise concepts. Through this research a select few are picked that fit your criteria and are known to be profitable and reliable franchisors. The selected franchise concept are presented to you along with data and reasons whey they would be viable choice. This will either take you to step 5 or back to step 3 where additional choices may be recommended to you. FranBrandz will put you in contact with exactly the right person with each concept you are interested who will walk you through their business and provide you with an FDD. You will be provided with all the research tools and support to fully investigate the franchise all the way to Discovery Day and beyond. Including FDD review, funding options, franchise owner research and analysis, operations, training and more. Experience the security of being a successful franchise owner. Benefits of Choosing a Franchised Business Opportunity • Nationwide Branding & Recognition • Expected Quality of Your Business • Marketing Materials and Professional Advertising Campaigns • Proven & Successful Business Model • Uniform System of Operation and Quality • Mass Purchasing Power for Lower Costs • Customer Loyalty • Specific Training on Concept & Operation • Focus on Solid Economic Niche • 76% of franchisors expect business to be better in 2014. • 56% of franchisors plan to hire in 2014 compared to 48% a year ago. 2014 Growth Forecasts