Managing your twin space


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Managing your twin space

  1. 1. Managing your TwinSpace• Engage your colleagues• Empower your pupils• Clearly signpost activities• Label your school’s work• Communicate with your partners• Be realistic
  2. 2. Engage your colleagues….
  3. 3. Creating a small school team of staff at your school willmake your projectwork more sustainable.You could invite a couple of colleagues from yourdepartment/year group into your TwinSpace andencourage them to look at the work you’ve already done.Inviting them to contribute one small thing will allow themto see the impact it has in their classroom.
  4. 4. To invite your colleagues: Ask them to join eTwinning.Add them as a contact. Then go to ‘Projects’ and ‘Addnew partner(s)
  5. 5. Empower your pupils!(Please make sure you consider your school’seSafety policy before giving Pupils passwords)
  6. 6. Everything you’ve done in this TwinSpace, a Pupil could do!You may find it helpful to have a committee of students whotake responsibility for uploading work and checking once aweek to see if your partners have uploaded anything.To add pupils, go to ‘home’ and ‘Invite pupils’To give your pupils the ability to add workand new activities make sure you also‘Manage members’ and change their role to‘Pupil Administrators’
  7. 7. What a Pupil Administrator can’t do….Change the roles or passwords of other membersMake anything publicSee inside the ‘Teachers’ Area
  8. 8. Clearly signpost your activities!
  9. 9. Clearly label all your activities withinstructions and clear deadlines
  10. 10. Label your school’s work
  11. 11. There’s nothing more frustrating for teachersthan having lots of great work and not knowingwhere it came from.It’s also really important that your work islabelled if you want to apply for a Quality Label
  12. 12. If you’re the only UK school than use UK everywhere, if not youcould use the name of your school or the name of your classYou may want to consider including UK or the school in name inthe titles of….Activities ….‘Autumn Activity UK’ or ‘Autumn Activity XX school’Folders ‘Christmas powerpoints from the UK’, ‘Christmaspowerpoints from XX school’‘Christmas ppt UK’ or ‘Christmas ppt XX school’Picture of XX School, Logo design UK entryJoe UK or Joe XXschool
  13. 13. Communicate with your partners
  14. 14. There are a number of places you and yourcolleagues can share information: In theactivities, In the Blog, In the ‘Teachers’area or via email.So you need to be clear with your partnerso that you don’t miss anything!
  15. 15. As a teacher you will receive emails to your personal emailaccount when someone emails you on the TwinSpace (Pupilsdon’t).On the home page you can also see the latest actions:But it’s also a good idea to discuss with your partner what yourmain form of communication will be and whether you will emaileach other when work has been uploaded. That way you won’tmiss anything.
  16. 16. Be realistic (and don’t make extrawork for yourself)….
  17. 17. The aim of an eTwinning project is to motivate yourpupils. This doesn’t mean that every piece of work has tobe uploaded and shared.Making activities competitive can work quite effectivelyand will allow you to just upload the one or few ‘best’ ofeverything. Your class could all take part in an activityand then vote for the best piece of work to go onto theTwinSpace….