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A presentation on how eTwinning can support Comenius Projects as delivered via the eTwinning online training session.

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  • CHRIS – I am going to show you how to use some of the webinar tools
  • CHRIS We’ll give you a moment to type something in… I
  • CHRIS You can see above participant list you have a row of icons. Look for the one on the right
  • CHRIS Give you all a minute to vote. Publish results
  • CHRIS - any questions before we move on to the next part? Chris hand over to Val
  • VAL (NB - Picture from one of our South East schools celebrating 5 years of eTwinning in 2010)
  • What is eTwinning? - eTwinning enables European schools to engage in collaborative projects using the internet and ICT It is a strand of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme - eTwinning began in 2005 and became part of the Comenius in 2007. It is a Community for Schools: - A Community for European schools/teachers to work together/learn from each other/work collaboratively.
  • 32 European Countries: All EU countries can participate As well as Norway, Iceland, Turkey, Switzerland & Croatia. There is now an option called ‘eTwinning Puls’ which allows you to connect to Armenia, Azerbajian, Georgia, Moldova, tunisia and Ukraine (this is optional) 25 Languages eTwinning website available in 25 languages to make it easier for all teachers across Europe to use eTwinning, not just those who are fluent in English. You can change the display language of the website on the home page at There is a support team (called National Support Service) for every European country. In the UK, this is the British Council Teachers Teacher numbers are constantly changing but you can see the most up to date figures on the home page For example, how many teachers are registered and who joined most recently. Projects eTwinning project numbers are constantly changing as teachers join eTwinning & start/finish collaborative projects at any time
  • The slide shows how there are 3 levels to eTwinning: Public pages – project ideas etc Desktop – for registered teachers only. You need to have a login to access this bit TwinSpace – A “virtual classroom” for when you have a partnership. Private to you and your partner schools only (nut you can choose to make this public)
  • ICT in the classroom : - eTwinning is an online programme but you don’t have to be an ICT expert to use it - eTwinning can allow you to use collaboratve ICT tools and perhaps even develop new skills to support a project - ICT always been a strong focus of etwinning since it started in 2005 - A key aim is to encourage the use of ICT throughout the curriculum, not just in during a formal ICT class Motivational real audience A pupil might not want to impress you with his or her work but if they know it’s going to be read by peers overseas then they may think differently! Participating in an eTwinning project could give you the opportunity to work collaboratively with pupils; for example using an ICT programme or tool in a new manner in the classroom Safe Safe because only teachers can register and all new registrations are monitored eTwinning gives you access to various ICT - you as the teacher have control over setting pupil access including how much access they have to upload and delete work, they are completely separate from the teachers area and you can issue or withdraw their passwords at will. Share Store everything between partners in one place. For example, keep a project diary or use the eTwinning twinspace area to share/store/record your eTwinning project activities. Collaboration between teachers: eTwinning allows teachers to collaborate but individual teachers decide how they would like to do this For example, you might share resources in the resource section; create a collaborative project with partner teachers; take part in an online ICT training event; participate in a teacher room or etwinning group to share pedagogical ideas.
  • Register here Comenius Assistants can also register
  • The Desktop – this is where you go to once you have registered Search tools and profiles to find a partner Where teachers get in touch, communicate and share and register an eTwinning project
  • Once you have registered, you can log in
  • Click ‘Go to Desktop’
  • Your profile
  • Not got a partner? Search for one here…maybe Comenius assistants home town? Future partners for Comenius projects The forums are the best place to find new partners
  • Once you find a potential contact. Message them or click the green ‘Add’ symbol to add them as a contact
  • They will receive a notification and will need to accept you as a contact
  • Go to ‘Projects’ to start a project and click ‘Create New Project’
  • The first screen you will come to is your list of contacts. Scroll up and down and select the one partner that you want to set up the project with. This must be a non UK contact. NOTE – Any eTwinning project that is being registered needs to have at least one partner. You may have more than one partner school you are working with. If so, you can add more partners to your project later on.
  • Once you have done this you will come to the next step called “Project Description” In this screen you are going to give your project a title and a description. This is why it’s a good idea to have had this conversation already if possible. It makes registering the project easier. You partner will then need to accept. Projects are then approved by the National Support Service of each country. We check that everything is OK. If it is, we approve it and you get access to the TwinSpace
  • You can see the project listed and you have a TwinSpace.
  • Notifications
  • You can separate the work into different ‘Activities’. You choose what to title these and what work to include.
  • Your Comenius Assistant or pupils could take responsibility for managing the work
  • There is a private Teachers Room that Pupils can not see
  • There is a Pupils room but teachers involved can also see this
  • There is a chat facility that pupils could use
  • You can make the TwinSpace public if you would like
  • There are lots of great ideas and Project Kits in the public pages. You do not have to be registered to access them.
  • Click on the Collaborate pages to find project kits
  • You can look at project kits suitable for your subject area.
  • eTwinning for comenius projects 2013

    1. 1. eTwinning for Comenius projects Today’s session will begin at 16:30 Please check that you will be able to hear us by clicking ‘Audio’ > ‘Speaker/Microphone Audio Test’ This is located on the menu at the top of your screenWhilst you are waiting for the session to begin you may find ituseful to log on/register (so that you can practise our top tips whilst we’re online)
    2. 2. Nice to meetyou Florence Anderson eTwinning National British Council, London.Support Service Languages, travel, eating
    3. 3. Nice to meetyou Sandra Underwood UK eTwinning School Linking Coordinator and MFL Teacher, Ambassador LSA Technology and Performing Arts College Lancashire North West, England International linking projects, travelling and running!
    4. 4. Today’s Webinar1) Webinar basics2) What is eTwinning?3) How do I get started?4) How can a TwinSpace make my project easier to manage?5) Where do I get more project ideas?
    5. 5. eTwinning as a Resource to Support your Comenius ProjectSuitable for partnerships which are:•pending•ongoing (if partnership has been approved)•post Comenius funding•declined Comenius funding•Or for schools hosting Comenius Assistants
    6. 6. Part 1 - Webinar basics
    7. 7. Chat Facility
    8. 8. Practice Use the Chat function toTask 1 introduce yourself…
    9. 9. Pointer Tool
    10. 10. Use the pointer tool to tell usPractice which option refers to you…Task 2 What Comenius programme are you involved in? A)Comenius Assistant B)Comenius Host School C)Comenius Regio Partnership D)Comenius Bilateral/Multilateral partnership
    11. 11. Typing tool
    12. 12. Practice Use the Text tool to writeTask 3 one sentence about your Comenius project…
    13. 13. Microphone Tool
    14. 14. Any Questions….?
    15. 15. Part 2 – What is eTwinning?
    16. 16. Website to connect schools across Europe Part of Comenius
    17. 17. 32 European Countries (‘eTwinning Plus’ option to add 6 EasternPartnership countries) 25 languages 200,000+ teachers 27, 000 projects
    18. 18. Public Pages: project ideas and resources Desktop: personal profile, partner-finding tool, project registration Twinspace: Your project’s own virtual classroom with communication tools and a place to share your work for your project
    19. 19. Why use eTwinning? Gives your curriculum more context Real audience is motivating ICT in the classroom Safe virtual learning environment Share and Showcase your work
    20. 20. Any Questions?
    21. 21. Part 3 – How do I get started?
    22. 22. Have you registered on eTwinning? A) Yes B) No C) I have, but can’t log in!
    23. 23. I’m registered – now what?
    24. 24. Where do you accept aContact request? A) My profile B) Inbox C) Notifications D) Home
    25. 25. Any Questions?
    26. 26. Part 4 How can a TwinSpace make myComenius project easier to manage?
    27. 27. Help deliver aspects of your project plan
    28. 28. Provide a space to store and shareyour work
    29. 29. Give your Comenius Assistant some ownershipover the project Don’t have a Comenius Assistant? Ask your students to manage the space..
    30. 30. Provide a planning tool for your project
    31. 31. Get the most out of your partnership
    32. 32. Function as a tool to disseminate your work: within your school; within your partnership; to the local community and wider
    33. 33. Carry on your project after it finishes and the funding stops
    34. 34. Part 5- Where do I get more ideas about projects and activities?
    35. 35. Any Questions?
    36. 36. UK
    37. 37. Evaluation Thank you!
    38. 38. Spare 5 minutes?Register/Log-on to and addFlorence Anderson and Sandra Underwood asyour contacts!