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E twinning presentation


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eTwinning Presentation

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E twinning presentation

  1. 1.
  2. 2. What is eTwinning?eTwinning is a free, flexible, easy to useresource for enhancing the use of ICT across allareas of the curriculum.
  3. 3. Public Pages: project ideas and resources Desktop: personal profile, partner-finding tool, project registration Twinspace: Your project’s own virtual classroom with communication tools and a place to share your work for your project
  4. 4. Resources: Hundreds of categorised project ideas publically available for workingwith students aged 3-18 across various subject areas e.g. ‘Statistics and You’,Maths and Sciences, Age group 3-13Safe environment: Online community of over 160, 000 teachers from 32countriesPartner-finding tool: Once registered you can search online for partner schoolsand create joint projectsProject space: Once you’ve registered a project your project will be given it’s ownvirtual classroom where you can upload files, photos, videos, blogs, and wikis etcand use the live chat facilitySupport: There is a complete package of free online resources available tosupport partnershipsAwards: Schools can apply for a Quality Label for their project and can use thiswork as part of their application for the International Schools AwardProfessional Development opportunities As well as online networking withother teachers online, there are online learning opportunities and webinars
  5. 5. 32 EuropeanCountries 25 languages 182,000teachers 25000+ projects
  6. 6. Aims of eTwinningFacilitate collaboration between teachersin different countries in EuropeAllow teachers and pupils to worktogether online using various toolsProvide a multilingual platform for onlinework in 23 languagesMake it easy to use ICT in education
  7. 7. Reasons to use eTwinning:It is a free resourceSafe online environmentNo application form or lengthy adminprocessCould be your 1st step or could enhancean existing linkReal context for learning
  8. 8. eTwinning in the UKOver 15,000 teachers in the UKApprox. 100 eTwinning ambassadorsacross the UK
  9. 9. The ingredients to a successfuleTwinning project The existing curriculum New ICT skills Cross Curricular skills Student initiative Teacher collaboration A finished product (Collaboration)
  10. 10. What eTwinning can do for You CPD opportunities: – Local ICT based workshops – Webinars – European Professional Development Workshops Part of a community of peers Exciting and interesting way to work Develop your ICT skills
  11. 11. Further eTwinning training Online training: events.htm
  12. 12. Support etwinning@britishcouncil.orgOn the web: - UK site – eTwinnning UK Wikispace www.etwinninguk.typepad – eTwinning UK Blog
  13. 13. Comenius In-service Training Comenius Assistants Comenius Bilateral Partnerships Comenius Multilateral Partnerships Comenius Regio Fullbright UK/US Programme Schools Online International Schools Award British Council Schools Programme
  14. 14.