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Media power point

  1. 1. Lauren Roxanne JohnsonAylesbury College A2 Media Coursework PowerPoint Presentation
  2. 2. Time managementBack to contents Complete Incomplete Task Date(s) for Completed? commitment Case study 09/09-16/09 Teaser trailers analysis 06/09-13/09 Magazine front covers analysis 15/09 Posters analysis 15/09 Identifying target audience (demographics) 20/09 Primary and secondary research 22/09 Planning: storyboard/location/cast/props/costume 27/09-29/09 Risk assessment 29/09 Filming for teaser 18/10-20/10 Magazine front cover draft/complete version 04/10-31/10 Film poster draft/complete version 04/10-31/10 Photographs taken 18/10-20/10 Company logo 01/11 Edit trailer 11/11 Gain audience feedback 15/11 Make changes in response to audience feedback 17/11-22/11
  3. 3. Task Date(s) for Completed? commitmentEvaluation question one 08/11-06/12Evaluation question two 08/11-08/12Evaluation question three 08/11-13/12Evaluation question four 08/11-15/12Upload finished teaser trailerLink trailer onto PowerPoint
  4. 4. Teaser Vs. Trailer
  5. 5. What is a Teaser Trailer?A teaser trailer is a trailer that features exciting clips from an upcoming blockbuster film. The purpose of a teaser trailer is to draw the audience in and make them want to know more about the film. They differ from „normal‟ trailers as they are usually shorter in length (30 seconds to 1 minute 20 seconds) and tend to not give much of the narrative away by only showing snippets of the film.A teaser trailer is usually released between 6-12 months before the release of the film and quite often made before any footage is shot for the film.Conventions of a teaser trailer would be that they usually only feature the action and excitement of the film along with intense music and special effects. I have analyzed three thriller teaser trailers to help with my own production.
  6. 6. Teaser trailer analysis: The Dark Knight Rises Shows clips from a previous Batman Features writing related to thefilm. This could be because that havent film without actually giving filmed any of the new film yet. This is anything away. This is aanother convention of a teaser trailer as convention of a teaser trailer.many trailers are released before scenes from the new film are shot
  7. 7. Teaser Trailer analysis: Taken The trailer features clips of action The production company is featuredshots. Very fast paced so it looks like at the start of the trailer. This is sothere is a lot of action in the film. This there is recognition as to who made builds up an exciting aura about the the film. This is also a convention in film which draws the audience in. teaser trailers.
  8. 8. Teaser Trailer analysis: The Bourne Supremacy trailer shows the convention of action Again, there is a clip of theshots in a teaser trailer. The intense music production company logo in the teaser and range of action clips from the film trailer, proving that it is a commonleaves the audience wanting to know more feature in these trailers. about the narrative if the film.
  9. 9. What I found from analysing the teaser trailersI found similarities in the teaser trailers I analysed:• Production company logo is shown• Features exciting parts of the film• Tag lines are shown• Main actors are shownAll of these aspects are important in teaser trailers as they attract the audience andmarket the film effectively by featuring these conventions.I will take into consideration the conventions of teaser trailers when producing myteaser trailer to ensure that it reaches out to the target audience successfully. Back to contents
  10. 10. Case study: The Black Swan marketing campaign
  11. 11. The Black Swan (2010) Directed by: Darren Afronofsky Stars: Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassel The Black Swan is about a young woman who has a passion for dance. She is part of a dance company who are putting on a production of the Ballet „Swan Lake‟. She lands the major part of the swan playing both the princess and the dark swan. While she is perfect at portraying the Princess Swan she struggles with the evil side. Soon she becomes obsessed with trying to be the perfect evil swan and she starts hallucinating and having anxiety attacks. It is a dark thriller but the film has the ability to grip the audience.„‟An extraordinary, intoxicating movie. Its hard, twisted edges may turn off some,but there‟s no faulting either Aronofsky‟s technical mastery or Portman‟sflawless performance.‟‟ Dan Joli
  12. 12. The Theatrical Trailer When conducting my research I found that there was not a teaser trailer for this film. I found that this could be because the director is not generally associated with blockbusters and teasers trailers are conventionally released for blockbuster films.The trailer features awards that the film is nominated for with the intention that people will want to go and watch the film. It also shows other films that the director has worked on., another feature with the intention that people will want to watch the film.
  13. 13. The Website website features quotes from magazines saying positive things aboutthe film, using words such as „beautiful‟ and „masterpiece‟. This draws the audience in making the want to see them film.
  14. 14. Posters/BillboardsI found various posters for the film and they all have similarities: They all feature the mainactors names and they all have the main actress on the cover. They each show the colour black which is an anchor to the word „Black‟ in the title. The far right poster features a quote from a magazine and also a tagline. Back to contents
  15. 15. Magazine Features In most of the magazine articles on the film, the main actress is the focus. This could be to show that she is becoming more popular and her performance in the film was well received.
  16. 16. Radio/TV This is an interview with the director of The Black Swan, Darren Afronofsky. In this interview he discusses why the camera was used in certain ways and how the actress went through strenuoustraining for the role; mentioning these things is a worthy thingas it lets the audience know how much effort went into the film, therefore, making them want to see it. This is an interview with the main actress of The Black Swan, Natalie Portman. In this interview she goes into great depth about the narrative of the film, this shows that she truly got into her character and the audience are likely to respect her for this and want to see her performance in the movie.
  17. 17. Viral campaignsA „Like” page on the social network site Facebook.The more people that like it, the more it becomes popular and the more other people may want to see it.
  18. 18. Magazine Front Covers Film Magazines promote upcoming films and usually contain reviews on films to tell the audience if the film is worth going to see. They contain entertainment for the reader such as interviews with directors, actors and producers. Film magazine front covers are a fundamental element of themagazine as it is what sells it. The front cover must contain all the exciting and relevant factors about what an issue of a magazine has to offer. It is also important for blockbusters to feature on the front cover as this is an important way of a film being marketed. I have analysed two magazine front covers from differentmagazines to help me with my own production of a magazine front cover.
  19. 19. Capitalisation helps product stand out The blue sea and sky could suggest that it is summer and positive feelings are The masthead. The name of the associated with summer. magazine (Empire) could suggest that the magazine „rules‟ the part The red for the title attracts potential of the film industry that writes buyers. As red is associated with about films, and that every other „stop‟, the title has used this as a magazine is following their persuasive technique to tell potential leadership. buyers to stop and buy the magazine.The main photographic image of thetext is used as a unique selling point The magazines layout makes sure that as it is the main character of a well there is always something to read noknown movie. This suggest that the matter where you look on the cover. It is film features significantly in the cluttered but not so that there is too magazine. He is wearing the much on the page. costume that he wears in the movie, and this is a persuasive technique The word „starring‟ is a word used so the magazine relates to the used in film to present who is in target audience which are the film. This is used to grabpresumably people who know about the reader attention as to what and watch films. else is in the magazine, this is also known as a cover line. The yellow writing helps the text to stand out and connotes happiness which gives the Barcode magazine a positive appearance. Comparing two actors in terms of their roles in films. A change in the usual type of film that they may feature in.
  20. 20. The tagline is summing up The masthead is shattered what the magazine is about.which anchors the genre of the The word modern suggest main movie on the front cover that the target audience as it is an action movie. This is could be teenagers that are evident by the gun in the interested in film.womans hands. The shattered title also tie in with the words „shaken and stirred‟ This cover line is a unique This cover line is targeting the selling point as it is young audience and suggests suggesting that the that the magazine is gender audience have an insight specific to males because it to the set of various mentions comic book heroes movies. This attracts which are generally associated potential buyers as the with males. magazine emphasises this aspect with the bold, black background and white The title of the movie stands writing. out making the magazine a unique selling point, this is because the font is large with The orange and black suggest that the movie will be a colour scheme suggests large success. that is it sunset which will make the movie seem This tagline may be targeting mysterious. males as it mentions bikinis and a well-known female. The colloquialism „coolest‟ targets theWell known names featured on audience as it is a wordthe front cover as cover lines used by youngwhich attracts the audience to more of what is inside themagazine.
  21. 21. Critical evaluationThe magazine front covers both work well as they each show a different theme.The Empire front cover shows a bright and positive theme , whilst Total Film adark violent one. Both themes work well as they each have a colour scheme that work well and match the themes. Consistency makes a successful magazine cover as it makes it recognisable. Theme and colour scheme also make a successful cover as the colours should match the main pictures on the cover as it shows in both magazine front covers analysed in the PowerPoint. Each of the magazine covers are aimed at different audiences. Empire are aiming their cover at young adults and this shows through the bright colours used and the character shown on the front. Total Film are aiming their front cover at mainly men as it shows a photograph which resembles a computer generated image and men are usually associated with these due to video games.I think that the Total film front cover is more successful as it is more specific to its audience and the producers have been more creative with the fonts and themes used so the cover stand out more. Back to contents
  22. 22. Film Posters A film poster is way of marketing a film as it promotes awareness and creates a hype for the film. There can sometimes be more than one version of a film poster this may be because they are designed for different countries. An image is important on a poster as it can attract theaudience by showing the main actor, the genre and it can hint what the film is about. A release date usually features on a poster as it is relevant to let the audience know when the film is going to be out. The title and tagline are also important as it shows what the film is about and it targets the audience.I have analysed two posters for different films to help me with my production of a film poster.
  23. 23. Black suggests a dark sinister theme which reflects the storyline. The main character is placed at the front of the poster. This character is also a well known actor so this could be a unique The women do not selling point of the poster. have weapons so this could suggest that they are in the film as sexual objects. This is also shown by the way they are posing; in a provocative way. The Guns suggest that there is fact that women are action and violence in the film featured in the poster and also a gangster theme. suggests that the target audience is men. Old-style „comic strip‟ font used suggesting that the film is of that theme. The red suggests violence , or it could also suggest some romance in the film. The red also lightens up the dark theme of this posterA man walking in a capebelow the other characterssuggests that he is inferior to The poster displays whothe other characters that are directed the film with thereplaced above him in the names in bold to draw theposter. This gives the audience in.audience a feel of a „thegood guys always win‟scenario. And alsoemphasising that the movie Billing block The date of when the movie is out is shown.contains action, This is a persuasive technique used.
  24. 24. Red is associated with danger and blood so this Mentions awards which is a could suggest that the film unique selling point. contains violence. The title is in yellow which The style of the poser makes it stand out, resembles that of a front cover of a magazine. This could suggest that the film is based a Shows who directed the film comic strip theme. This then which is a unique selling point grabs the attention of the as it is a well known director audience as it is something who had directed successful different . As the poster films in the past.suggest that the movie is that of a comic strip theme, the movie Of all the actors listed on the could be aimed at males as it is poster, only one is usually males who read comics photographed on the poster. This could be so that that film is directed at the target The names of actors are audience being men. She is shown to draw attention to pictured in a provocative way; the all star cast. At the laying on a bed, wearing heels bottom Bruce Willis is and having a noticeable unnecessarily separate to amount of make up on. As the the other names, this could woman is shown with a suggests that he is a main cigarette and a gun this shows character. a masculine side and suggesting that the film is not all about a woman. These objects also suggest a Billing block gangster theme.
  25. 25. Critical EvaluationThe posters I have evaluated both work well to target the intended audience. TheSin City poster makes the genre of the film clear and it also shows the main actors which is important in marketing the movie. The colours and images work well as it indicates that the movie contain s violence, this is again targeting the indented audience.Pulp fiction is a vibrant poster with its colour scheme which makes it stand out. It is more of a unique poster as it has the style of a magazine front cover which also helps it stand out.Even though of the films featured on the posters are of the same genre, they both contain different elements.I prefer the Pulp Fiction poster as is seems as though the producers of the poster have thought more „outside of the box‟ and created a different, yet successful poster.
  26. 26. BBFC (British Board of Film Classification)The BBFC is an independent body which classifies cinema films since 1912 and DVD/videos since passing the Video recordings act in 1984. It is an organization that is not for profit and its fees are adjusted to cover costs. The BBFC maintains its independence by never receiving subsidies from thegovernment of film industry. Its income simply comes from the fees it charges for the services, calculated by the running time of DVDs.
  27. 27. The different CertificatesAll ages admitted. Nothing unsuitable for over 4‟s.All ages. Certain scenes may be unsuitable for under 8‟s.Cinema only. Introduced in 2002. Children under 12 must has an adult with them. Generally notrecommended for children under 12.Home only. Not suitable for children under 12.Only over 15s are admitted.Only over 18‟s admitted.Only be shown at licensed cinemas for over 18‟s only. More violent.
  28. 28. BBFC continued Main issues: Discrimination, drugs, horror, imitable behavior, language, nudity, sex, theme, violence, title and photo sensitivity. Where possible, the BBFC deals with any issues raised in a submitted work through classification at the appropriate category. In some cases, however, assurances, cuts or other changes (for example, the addition of warning captions) will be required as a condition of classification, or as a condition of classification at a particular category. In some circumstances a work may be rejected, i.e. refused a classification at any category.In 2010 the BBFC cut five films including the remake of 1978 film „I spit on your grave‟ which was cut to receive an .
  29. 29. Certificate for my film The certificate I am aiming for, for my film is a 15. This is because it is a action/thriller and I think these appeal more to age15 and over and I do not want to restrict my audience too much.The restrictions I face with this certificate is that my film must not endorse discriminating behavior or language, dangerous behavior mustn‟t dwell on detail, no aggressive bad language, no theme that is unsuitable for under 15‟s and violence should not dwell on the infliction of pain/injury. As trailers are also certified, I have to think carefully about what I am going to include in my teaser trailer. I am planning to include some violence and action in my teaser so I will consider the extent of the violence as I can not make it too extreme.
  30. 30. Target audience for my film LOCATION GENDER AGEThe certificate I am hoping myfilm will be is a 15 so the age of As my film will bemy target audience will be 15 I am aiming my film at males and females. My British I am generallyand over. I would not like to put main actress is female and this may appeal to aiming it at a Britisha restriction on the maximum females because it can be relatable. The audience. Although ,age my audience will be as it genre will appeal to males as it is a thriller and thrillers are mostdepends on preference as to they may be able to handle it more e than popular in America sowho will enjoy my film. females as thrillers include terror. Males also I will be aiming my film may find it appealing because a woman is the at an American main actress. audience too.I am not aiming my film at any particular ethnicity, sexuality, class, education, income or martialstatus as I feel that there are a variety of individuals which this film will appeal too. Being notselective enough can be a problem when marketing my film as it may not be clear who my actualaudience is, but I feel that I have the outlines as to who my target audience is which I believe isenough to market the film successfully.
  31. 31. Primary and Secondary Research The collection and collation of original data via direct contact with The use of information that has already beenpotential or existing customers. Also collected and is available for use by others. called field research. Also called desk Examples of Primary research Examples of Secondary research 1. Questionnaires 1.Published texts 2. Interviews 2.Media (T.V, Radio etc.) 3. Surveys (by phone, online 3. Published Statistics or post)
  32. 32. Secondary Research My secondary research is on previous slides such as my case study, analysis of teasers, analysis of film posters and magazine covers. Case StudyTeaser Trailer analysis one two threeMagazine front cover analysis one twoFilm poster analysis one twoBBFC
  33. 33. Primary Research A‟s and D‟s Advantages of Primary Disadvantages of Primary Research Research1. You can address issues based on your 1. Can be expensive.situation. 2. It can be time consuming.2. More control on how the information iscollected.3. Personal to you as you do not have toshare it with others.
  34. 34. Secondary Research A‟s and D‟sAdvantages of Secondary Disadvantages of Research Secondary Research
  35. 35. Primary Research QuestionnaireI handed out a questionnaire to 10 people of my target audience asking them anumber of questions about my genre to see if it would appeal to them as I intend it to.Here are the results: Number of thrillers seen? What age do you think most thrillers are aimed at? 100% None- 0% said 15 + Under 5- 30% Over 5- 60% Don‟t know- 10% “I have seen quite a few thrillers and I find them What gender do you think interesting to watch. I think they are aimed at a young thrillers are aimed at? 60%Do you enjoy watching thrillers? said both male and female. audience, around 16 to 20+ 70% said yes years old. As a female I find 20% said Male. 20% said them quite jumpy so they female. 10% said no might be more suited for males. I enjoy watching them 20% said sometimes though” Sophia, 18
  36. 36. Primary Research Questionnaire 2 I handed out a questionnaire to 10 people of my target audience asking them a few questions about film magazine front covers and film posters. Here are the results: In your opinion, what is the What colours would you most important aspect of a expect to see on a poster for film poster? a thriller film? The title of the film- 40% Red- 10%The date the film is released- 20% Blue- 10% The picture- 40% Black- 50% Grey- 20% Looking at a magazine front “I don‟t usually buy film cover, what is the aspect that Brown- 10% magazines but I think they would be important when stands out to you? promoting a film. I would expect to see a theme that matches The main image- 60% the film genre they are promoting and the main actor The cover-lines- 30% the central attraction” Antonia, 19 The title- 10%
  37. 37. Primary Research Questionnaire 3 I handed out a questionnaire to 10 people of my target audience asking them a few questions about a thriller teaser trailer. Here are the results: Out of these things, what Teaser trailers are usually What music do would you expects to see in a fast paced and redundant. you expect to thriller teaser trailer? Does this make you more hear in a thriller curious about the film? teaser trailer?Fighting- 10% Slow music- 40%A scared character-50% Yes- 80% Fast paced- 20%An unusual character- 40% No- 10% Tense music- 40% Don‟t know- 10%
  38. 38. Evaluation of Questionnaire results Based on the questionnaire results I feel that I am aiming my products at the right audience. Most of the audience had seen over five thriller movies, this shows that it is a popular genre that is enjoyed. I am aiming my products at the correct age as all of the people asked said that they think thrillers are aimed at 15 years and over. I feel that not aiming my target audience at a specific gender is the right thing to do; 60% of the audience said that thrillers are aimed at both genders. When asked about what they think is the main feature on a poster, equal amounts said the image and title of the film, I aim to make these both central elements of my film poster. The audience also said that the image is the main focus on a magazine cover so I plan to use the main actor in the image on my magazine front cover. Most of the audience said that black and grey are the colours they‟d expect to see on a thriller films poster and magazine cover, I plan to use dull and bland colours such as black, brown, grey and a cold blue colour. On the questionnaire about thriller teaser trailers the audience said that they expect to see a scared character and an unusual character, this has set me up for a number of ideas on the kinds of characters I want to feature in my teaser trailer. I will also consider that 40% of people asked said they expects to hear tense music in the trailer.
  39. 39. Planning1.A young woman, 20, Plotbarmaid, single, lives Charactersindependently, family live 30miles away.2.Male, identityunknown, masked, tall. Storyline Thinking of a plot is still important even though only The woman is being snippets of the film stalked/followed by an are going to be unknown male. shown in the teaser trailer.He follows her to her home mostnights, at first she doesn‟t realise,then she starts to notice as time goes I thought that this ploton. would be a good idea for a thriller as it The woman ends up in a involves terror, fear, psychiatric hospital where adrenaline, a darkWhen she confronts the unknown male still notion and a stalker.friends/family they dismiss manages to terrorise her.her and think that she ismentally ill.
  40. 40. Planning Casting Name: Isha Burke Age: 18 Having a GCSE in drama, Isha is a reliable actor to use in my teaser trailer. With experience in acting, she understands the effort that goes into making a trailer and her patience will be useful in the process. Isha will be playing the part of the young woman being stalked. Isha is ideal as she is young and fits the part. She says, “I am excited about being part of Laurens coursework, she has a great idea and I can‟t wait to see the final product”. Name: Corrina Callum Age: 20 Corrina has loves to watch films and watching plays. She is reliable as she knows what is expected in the process of filming. She will be playing the stalker in the trailer. Corrina is ideal for this part as she is tall and has the confidence to take on this character. Corrina says, “this is going a lot of fun, it is exciting to be part of this, I am glad Lauren asked me. I am confident I can pull off this character. Even though it‟s going to be a short trailer, it is still important that the audience get a notion of the characters”,
  41. 41. Planning Location: when thinking of my location I have to consider my genre; thriller movies tend to be dark and dangerous so my location is key. Most thrillers take place in towns, cities or the suburbs and usually have a main scene in the home of the maincharacter. I have decided that my location will be in the main characters home and their street, it will be a quiet area where neighbours keep themselves to themselves.
  42. 42. Planning P R O P S & C O S T U M ENot many props are needed for my The costume design of my characters is teaser trailer. Most of the props important as you get a notion as to what theare already in place at the setting. characters role is in the film. I wanted to keep These include: a bedroom with a things simple but effective.double bed, a hallway, stairs and a front door with an eye-hole. Young woman StalkerPICTURES HERE The woman‟s clothes are fairly simple. The stalker will be wearing all In one scene she will be in pyjama dark clothes which reflect his bottoms with a vest top to show that state of mind. He will have a she is an ordinary woman just relaxing white mask which will cover his at home. The jeans and jacket are her face so that he is not work clothes (barmaid) this shows a recognisable. The black more feminine side which my female clothes create mystery and audience can relate to and the male suspense which is how I want audience can be attracted to. the feeling to be in the trailer.
  43. 43. Production Company Logo I decided to create a fun production company logo. I wanted to go for the green star because I feel that stars represent part of the media and this could be appealing and memorable. My writing is silver which I feel connotes stardom andsuccess, this is why I chose to use silver coloured writing. Overall, I am pleased with my logo as it is not too fancy and I believe that it represents what the company is about.
  44. 44. Storyboard photos/72147842@N otos/72147842@N08/6 08/6510300919/in/p 510300991/in/photostr hotostream eam When producing the storyboard I had to consider the film genre and the conventions of a teaser trailer. I wanted to include minimal shots but the shots I did include to be important aspects of the film without giving too much away. I also had to include the length of each shot in my teaser trailer, I found this simple as conventionally a teaser trailer is 30 seconds to 1 minute 20 seconds so I had to make sure that overall my teaser trailer was between these lengths. I want to include taglines in my teaser trailer so it was important to include these in my storyboard, along with the length of the shot. Overall, I feel that my storyboard is detailed and provides me with a clear over view on what I want to include in my teaser trailer.Back to contents
  45. 45. Risk Assessment Location Hazard Avoidance Staircase in apartment People walking down/up, Always be aware of building stairs themselves people walking up/down the stairs. If they pass by, stop filming until they are clear of the shot. Be cautious of the stairs as they are stone and could cause an injury if not careful Bedroom in an apartment Obstructions (bed, Ensure that there are no wardrobe etc.) obstructions as this may cause injury or equipment to be damaged Hallway in an apartment Obstructions Be sure that there are no obstructions as this may cause injury or camera equipment to be damagedBack to contents
  46. 46. To create my draft of my poster I had to think Poster Draft I wanted the image for my poster to be central so that it was a main factor . A film poster is important for the carefully about the marketing of a film and I think conventions. that the image is an important The title would be one of contribution to the selling of a the major focuses of my film. One of the conventions poster so I decided to help it of a thriller image is a blurred stand out by having it effect and I thought that this CAPITALISED , bold and would be worthy to put on my a „haunted‟ font. To decide image for the poster. It is also the colour of my writing I important to feature the main looked back at my actors as this can be a unique questionnaire results and selling point for the film. saw the main colours that people would expect to see are grey and black. I decided to go against this on my draft and go for blue writing The billing block is a because I felt that this would fundamental aspect of a film stand out more. poster. It features the main actors, producers, director, writes etc. The font for a billing block on all film posters tends to be the same, I have toI wanted the background to be consider this when producingwhite as I wanted a feel of my billing block , making sureuncertainty and emptiness. that I find the right font.The colour white connotethese feelings and I thought itwould be important to featurethis colour in the poster.
  47. 47. Film Poster Final Draft To view a larger version click the link below
  48. 48. I feel that the final draft of my film poster is a success and I am pleased at the result.I faced challenges with the image as I did not know how to use the software on Adobe Photoshop, I looked at a fewtutorials on the programme but I was not successful in using the tools. Instead, it was recommended that I use an onlinephoto editing programme called This was a more simple, photo editing programme which I found rathereasy to use. I used this programme to achieve the blurred effect that I wanted on my photograph. I did not want to blurthe main character as I feel she should be seen clearly on the poster as this would appeal to the audience. Blurring thecharacter in the background gives the audience a sense of what the genre of the film is.The background of my poster is not what I had originally planned to have but I feel by using the background in which theimage was taken was a lot more effective as it gives a slight sense of the location and the colours of the backgroundworked well with the genre. The background creates a mysterious feel as it does not give too much away and it connotegloom as it is a plain, bland colour.I chose to feature the two actors names as this is a convention of a film poster and it also sells a film if the audience knowwho is in it as they can create judgements on whether they would like to see the film and the audience can make relationsto other films that the actors may have featured in.The title is conventionally a main feature of a film poster so I wanted it to stand out; I managed this by making the fontlarge and making it a different colour to the background. I chose a grey colour because I feel that it relates to my genreand connotes darkness. I also put a shadow effect on the title text as it contrasts with the films storyline; a woman beingstalked. The shadow effect produces the idea of a shadow, this could give a little of the storyline away to the audience,making them want to go and see it.The billing block took a while to produce as I had to find the correct font so that it looked realistic. The font I used formy poster I feel, looks realistic and I am pleased with the result of the billing block.Another convention that I featured on the film poster are the date the film is released; this is an important aspect as ittells the audience when the film with be available to watch at cinemas, this gives them awareness and an excited feeling ifthey are to want to watch the film.The production company logo is also featured on the film poster. I included this because it gives the audience awarenessas to who was involved in the production of the film, so if they have seen a film by the production company and like it, theyare more likely going to want to see another film produced by them. This then sells the film more effectively.Overall, I am satisfied with the final draft of my film poster as I feel that I worked to my best ability and the outcome issuccessful. If I were to do anything differently, having had more time, I would have taken more time and accuracy on thefilms image and background.
  49. 49. Magazine Front Cover DraftWhen producing the draft of my From analysing another magazinemagazine front cover, I had to cover an aspect really stood out forthink about the conventions. me and I wanted to use it for my film poster. The word „starring‟. WhenThe title of the magazine is an producing my draft I was not sureimportant feature as it is an what would be linked to this wordaspect then stays the same on a but I knew that I wanted to includedmagazine so that it is it as I thought it was a great play onrecognizable. I decided to go for wordsa bold font and I wanted tomatch the colour of the title withthe colour of the theme. I alsowanted to capitalize the title asthis will help it stand out more, itis also a convention of magazine I wanted my image to be of the mainfront covers. character of my film. Featuring a main character is a convention inI wanted to include quite a few magazine front covers, I also think ittaglines on my magazine is important to do so as essentiallyposter but I was not sure what it could be what sells the put on my draft. I thought On my draft I knew that I wanted tothat the tag lines would come include a blurred effect in theto me naturally as I was background.producing the actual frontcover. This was my decisionto make when constructing mydraft and I was willing to takethe consequences if my finalversion did not go to plan.
  50. 50. Magazine Front Cover Final Draft To view a larger version please click the link below
  51. 51. My magazine front cover was fun to produce. I included many of the conventions and I feel that it looks realistic.My title stands out, which it should as this attracts the audience to the magazine. I related the magazines title colour tothe magazines theme of thriller films. This gives the audience an idea of what is in the magazine and it shows that themagazine is versatile in terms of themes, this is important when you want it to sell.The small details such as the issue number, date, and barcode pull the magazine together and make it realistic. Withoutthese small conventional aspects, the magazine would fail in terms of realism.I have included a tagline so that the magazine is recognisable in the future and the audience remember it. It made it standout by capitalising it and making it bold, the white colour goes well against the background and help the tagline to benoticed. My image and background was a struggle to produce in the beginning, because, as mentioned in my posteranalysis, Adobe Photoshop was difficult to use. Instead I used www.Picnik.comm an online photo editing programmewhich was more simple to use and allowed me to used the effects I wanted to include on the image. I blurred some of thebackground so that the actor was in focus and stood out. It was important that the actress stood out as it is one of themain conventions that sell a film magazine, as shown in my analysis of two film magazine covers.For some of my text on the magazine I used red. I feel that red is a stand out colour and I used it to highlight the maincover lines on the front cover, this will help the magazine sell as it grabs the audience‟s attention.As featured in Total Film‟s magazine front cover, the name of the main film featured in the magazine stands out. I decidedto include this on my magazine front cover as I think it will help the film sell, as well as the magazine. I chose to go for thesame colour that my title is in as I want it to stand out and match the theme. However, I made the font slightly smaller as Ido not want it to out-shine my title too much, which I think has been done successfully.I chose to feature a competition, even though it is not shown in my analysis of magazine front covers. I decided on this as Ifeel it is something that will grab the audience‟s attention. It is something different and by featuring this I am givingsomething back to the buyers, which will hopefully make them want to buy the magazine again.On the Empire magazine front cover they used the word „starring‟; I thought that this was a inventive play of words thatmatch the purpose of the magazine being for films. I decided to use this on my front cover as I think that it would grip theaudience into wanting to buy and read the magazine. I also used the cover-line of „interviews‟ as this is something that theaudience would be interested in as it allows them to have an insight of who the interview is with.Overall I feel that I have matched the convention of a film magazine front cover and also gone beyond the conventions byfeaturing something that is not commonly featured but I think is important. I am greatly satisfied with the final product andit would appeal to my target audience. If I could improve the magazine front cover, having had more time, I would playaround with the background and the image as I feel this could be improved a little.
  52. 52. Audience Feedback #1 Questionnaire for THE CREEPERAre you male or female?Do you think my teaser trailer follows the standard conventions of ateaser trailer? I handed out a questionnaire toWhat genre do you think it is? my classmates to gain feedback on my teaser trailer. These areDo you think the titles follow the theme of the trailer? the questions that I felt appropriate to ask to get asWere the clips of footage appropriate? much feedback as possible so that I can improve the teaserWhat age do you think it is aimed at? trailer.What do you think of the effects used?How do you think it can be improved?Rate the trailer out of 10
  53. 53. Changes to be made in response to audience feedback Link to first draft need to work on the genre of my film. I want it to appear as athriller more than a horror so I was disappointed when the majority of my audience thought that it was a horror. This is something I intend to work on and improve. The audience feedback about the titles was positive. However, I personally feel that I should improve the titles by playing around with the words more and not using predictable phrases. This will make the audience more intrigued about the film.
  54. 54. I would like to insert the production company logo here so that it is recognised. In this shot I would like to include the film website so that the film is marketed more. Isaw this on someone else‟s teaser trailer and it is a convention of other teaser‟s so I thought it‟d be relevant to include it in my trailer. When I make my changes I am going to exclude this shot from the trailer. This is because I receivedfeedback from an audience member saying that it takesaway the fear. Watching the teaser back I saw this and decided to take on board the person‟s comments andchange this shot. I have to take into consideration that this will make the teaser trailer will be shorter. If I am unhappy with the length I will consider replacing the shot with another.
  55. 55. I posted my first draft of the video on to my Facebook page. I received good feedback from the audience; 6 likes and a couple of comments. I thought that this was positive feedback seen as it was my first draft of the teaser trailer. I didn‟t receive any constructive criticism about any changes I could make but at least I know peoplelike my teaser trailer and it could only be improved
  56. 56. Final Teaser TrailerLink here:
  57. 57. Evaluation…..
  58. 58. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products For my products I has to use most conventions of real media products so that mine wererealistic. However, I found that I challenged the conventions of a thriller teaser trailer the most. This is how: ACTION SUBTLE featured in I find this more real teaser effective to trailers create a scared feeling from audience I developed the convention of including action by including exciting scenes in the trailer but they are not fast paced which I found in my analysis.
  59. 59. TAGLINES I included a few taglines in my teaser trailer, I didn‟t find this a convention so I am challenging this by including them in my trailer. LOGO convention of featuring the logo is used. An important aspect.
  60. 60. I have used some conventions of a magazine front cover such as the bold title, including a tagline andcover-lines, having a main actor on the front, including a barcode, and having the issue number and date onthere.I feel that I have challenged some conventions such as featuring a competition which neither of the real front covershave, I also feel that I have related the colours to my genre more effectively than the real media products. More on this in my evaluation of my final magazine front cover
  61. 61. Conventions used from a film poster would be the billing block, main actors image featured, colours inrelation to genre and date the film is released.I have challenged and developed some conventions as I sell the film based on the actors and directorwhich I do not think the real media film posters do. I also feel that the woman in my picture is not„sexually sold‟, she has less makeup and does not look sensual like the women in the real film posters do. More in my analysis of final film poster
  62. 62. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?These are examples of the font used on my magazine front cover, poster and teaser trailer. The magazine front cover font used is the same as the poster, I wanted to use the font that is in my teaser trailer on the ancillary products but the software used to produce them was different and did not have the font of my teaser trailer. I did however find asimilar font which I think works well and still fits in with the theme also, there is consistency with my theme and all threeproducts link together which is important when promoting a film as it will be recognizable and have that consistency as seen in my case study of the film Black Swan. I have used the main actor central in my ancillary tasks and I have also featured her in the teaser trailer. This isimportant as when producing the case study I found that the main actor was used in all of the marketing productions of the movie. I also found that when analysing the teaser trailers, posters, and magazine covers the main actor(s) were featured as a main focus. This is a successful way to promote the film as it is a unique selling point.
  63. 63. The date the film is released is an important aspect to include when promoting a new film. On the case study, two of the three film posters featured the month the film was released, I think this was done to leave some mystery andexcitement for the audience. I wanted to put the whole date as this will create excitement and the potential audience can make plans to go an d see the film. I featured the date on my poster and teaser trailer. This again, links the products together and shows consistency. I found that in my case study and analysis of film posters, teaser trailers and magazine covers, the directors name was apparent. I felt that this would be an effective use of a convention to feature on my products. To be consistent with this and feature the name on all of my products I felt was important as the audience can the recognise the name and then recognise the film.
  64. 64. What have you learned from your audience feedback? 4 likes on my Facebook page is a positive reaction from people. It would have been better if I had more likes so I should have posted the video more than once. I am also on social networking site Twitter so I could have posted my video on there too and asked for comments/feedback on both Facebook and Twitter
  65. 65. Questions I asked my 10 of my target audience…“Do you think that by including the production “Based on the magazine front cover, poster andcompany logo , the teaser trailer has improved?” the teaser trailer, would you pay money to see this movie?”“Do you think that the new font used matches the “Full price for a cinema ticket for an adultgenre better?” is £9.30, based on the products created, how much would you pay to see the film?”
  66. 66. “If you said less than full price, why?” Looking at the magazine front cover, would you buy it based on the look of it? “If I had the choice, I wouldn’t pay full price for any film, its far too expensive” “I am not a big fan of thrillers and the trailer What catches your eye the most on the seem quite scary” poster? “The image, the blurred effect isDo you think that the products are realistic cool, I like that”in comparison to real products? “I like the film title, it fits the genre and stands out”
  67. 67. Do you think that the products are Finally, did you enjoy watching the teaserconsistent in terms of fonts, colours, and trailer and looking at the poster/magazinetheme? cover? “I found the products great to watch and look at, its great what you can do when you put hard work in” “All the products are good, of course there could be some improvements but I am impressed with what I saw. The teaser trailer is the best” I have learnt many things from this final piece of feedback I got from the audience. I asked more in depth questions about my products and I am pleased with the results of the questionnaire. I have learnt that it is important to have a target audience and to relate your products to them, otherwise the reception you get back will not be how you wanted it to be. I feel that I achieved the media products to almost my best ability but I could improve on some things such as editing and theme. Other than that I am pleased.
  68. 68. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages?Video Link: DOEgsToPDskJW_3t9KLYdbRkNpg4NmXb0
  69. 69. Sources