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A2 coursework

  1. 1. A2 Coursework James Busby
  2. 2. What’s the definition of a Teaser trailer?• After watching some trailers I can now define what the difference between a teaser trailer and a trailer is.• A teaser trailer is a short clip used to advertise an upcoming film, TV program or video game. The teaser trailer is shown usually in advance of the film being released. It is made to tell the audience about the upcoming film, rather than showing the actual footage. This creates hype and entices people into seeing the film. Teaser trailers are usually up to thirty seconds or a minute. Teaser trailers are universally used by big budget films such as ‘Lord of the Rings- Return of the King’.
  3. 3. Two examples of Teaser Trailers • Taken • I am using ‘Taken’ as a teaser trailer to analyse as it relates to what I am doing for my coursework, which is an action thriller. I feel it is suitable due to the conventions used.The trailer starts Anwith the company establishing A low angle shot is The scenes are all The trailer endslogo which is that shot is used used to allow the quite dark which with the title ofof 20th century Fox to show trailer not to give relates to the the film, thisthis shows who where the away to much about genre which is an gives it more ofpublished the film. film is set. the film, it also gives action thriller, this an impact. The the audience a sense tells the audience background is of mystery. that it may be black, again quite a dark film hinting that the in terms of the film has a dark story. side.
  4. 4. Two examples of Teaser Trailers • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy I have chosen to also analyse ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ as I want to show how I can make my trailer suspicious in terms of its genre, it uses conventions that I will use in my trailer, for example it is very dark and it doesn’t give that much away in what is shown.The trailer starts with There is an over the There is a two shot The trailer then Titles come up through which shows athe production logo shoulder shot, which out the film asking the ends with the titlewhich is ‘Working shows who is in the very dark of the film, it is audience questions e.g. atmospheric place,Title’ this instantly film, they are dressed ‘How do you find an written in white totell the audience that in black suit which this relates to the make it bold enemy’, this instantly characters that arethis is a British film. tells us that there is no tell us the genre as it to against the variation and that shown as they all background. is an action thriller, this wear very dark there maybe also links to the music something bad about clothing. The as it uses very sudden setting also these characters. violin notes which plays reinforces this idea through out the trailer. of suspicion.
  5. 5. Marketing Campaign• FilmCloverfieldTeaserhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2zG4ClnL9cWebsitehttp://www.cloverfieldmovie.com/Posters/billboards
  6. 6. Marketing Campaign• Magazine features• http://www.empireonline.com/reviews/reviewcomplete.asp?FID=135091Radio/TV appearanceshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MAZWQN0aDcThis is a radio interview done with the cast and the actors of the movie, they talk briefly about the story line and what it was like to film in this point of view.Viral CampaignsThe film ‘Cloverfield’ used web 2.0 to advertise there film, user based websites such as YouTube and Face book were a main marketing point for this film. Characters from the film were given there own Facebook accounts to which the audience could click onto them and find more about there character and story. YouTube allowed viewers to access trailers and videos of the film. The movie even launched an official website as featured above and another website called
  7. 7. Marketing Campaign• This research is very important to my production of my own marketing materials, I learnt that I could build hype for my movie by launching a teaser trailer that could use web 2.0, this means that user generated content such as YouTube could be used freely to advertise my movie. I have also learnt that posters and billboards can be also used in a visual way, to market a film. These are both very effective ways in which the film ‘Cloverfield’ marketed and advertised its movie before release date, as a result it was more widely known and already had an audience, this perhaps allowed the film to gross a large audience as well as money made from the tickets bought. I shall consider these techniques when creating my own teaser trailer and poster.
  8. 8. Masthead• The masthead (also referred to as an imprint) is a list, published in a newspaper or magazine, of its staff. In some publications it names only the most senior individuals; in others, it may name many or all. Some mastheads also include information such as the publications founding date, slogan, logo and contact information.• In newspapers the masthead typically appears on the editorial page; in magazines it is frequently found elsewhere, often in the first few pages of the publication.• In the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, the word is used to refer to the nameplate of a publication, its designed title as it appears on its front page.• Sourced from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masthead_(publishing)
  9. 9. Strapline• A strapline is a British term used as a secondary sentence attached to a brand name. Its purpose is to emphasize a phrase that the company wishes to be remembered by, particularly for marketing a specific corporate image or connection to a product or consumer base.• Some slogans are created just for specific campaigns for a limited time; some are intended as corporate slogans, to be used for an extended period; some slogans start out as the former, and find themselves converted to the latter because they take hold with the public, and some are memorable many years after their use is discontinued.• Examples are that of the drinks company Coke Cola which slogan is ‘It’s the real thing’• Sourced from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strapline#Effective_slogans
  10. 10. Cover Lines• Cover lines are catchy headlines or slogans that are used to advertise and sell the magazine, it is done by publishers to entice an audience into wanting to buy the magazine and to read the article. In this case they can be put on posters, such as movie posters to try and get the audience interested into going to see there movie.• Here are some examples of cover lines
  11. 11. Screamers• A screamer is a headline that entices people into wanting to read the article below the headline, they are on the front cover of the magazine and usually are eye catching, so they are much bolder and may even be underlined to make them stand out.
  12. 12. Analysis of Film Magazine front coversThe main colour The main figure is thatscheme used in this The messages of a man dressed all inmagazine front cover, are primarily black holding ais red and grey. The red both visual and machine gun,connotes that of death verbal as there is everything is centeredthe grey writing gives a lot of actors around this characterthe cover a gritty dark names and a few and this puts the focusside. dates to when the on him. He is hence an magazine was important main published. character and is Images of holding a gun which upcoming films makes him look are shown (right authoritive and strong. hand side). The main message of this front cover being that you should watch this film.
  13. 13. Analysis of film magazine front covers The main character is pictured inThe front cover the centre ofhas a screamer thewhich is bold publication,and all in this showscapitals, its font that he is ofcolour is red importance,which makes it he is seen tostand out and There is a be wearingentices people cover line a black suitinto wanting to under the title suggestingread it. of the film, he is strong this is done by and the producers powerful. to try and get people to buy the magazine and read the article inside.
  14. 14. Analysing film postersThe main figure is The maincentred in the primary coloursmiddle of the are black, whiteposter, its almost as and red. Theif it’s a silhouette, black connoteshe is wearing a that of a darkblack suit which shady character,shows that he is a while the red canmain character and connote that ofis of great fear, romance,importance to the and danger thesemovie. The image could be some ofis portrayed the themes in thephotographically. movie. The poster is both visual The poster uses famous and informative as it tells actors as its selling point the audience key (USP) as this will appeal information e.g. that its to an audience who like based on a bestselling the actors. novel, and who the film was directed by
  15. 15. Analysing film posters The film uses a The target audience is USP as Tom cruise for those who like the is shown to be in war genre. the centre with a red arrow pointing The poster uses the mainly down upon his black, red and white character, this colours. The black makes shows that this the characters bold and films selling point stand out against the white is that of famous background, it also gives actors. them a militant look, this refines this idea that thisThe poster is mainly movie is about WWII. Thevisual but also tells red connotes this idea ofthe audience key Nazi Germany and theinformation, for danger that is within theexample its is based characters positions. Theon a true story and white and the grey are usedtells the audience to show what appears to bewhen it comes out. a map of a military base, this tells the audience that this film depicts a historical story about project Valkyrie.
  16. 16. BBFC• What is BBFC?• The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), originally British Board of Film Censors, is a non-governmental organisation, funded by the film industry and responsible for the national classification of films within the United Kingdom. It has a statutory requirement to classify videos, DVDs and some video games under the Video Recordings Act 2010Sourced from:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Board_of_Film_Classification
  17. 17. What are the different certifications?What are the main issues they are concerned with?The BBFC are in charge of issuing certificates they stop any films from being released in the UK if they have to much violence, sex, drugs, discrimination.What possible ways could the BBFC intervene?They can potentially ban any material they rate as to bad for viewers to watch. They can reclassify any film they feel has not been given the right certification.How many films were cut last year?There were nine films cut last year.
  18. 18. What is my certification for my film• My teaser trailer is going to be a fifteen due to some of the scenes which include moderate violence, it also would allow me to add in some content that would be suitable for this genre. Because my film is a thriller I will have to certify that it is a fifteen due to some scenes being scary and not suitable for a younger audience.
  19. 19. Target Audience• My target audience is going to be a mainly teenage male audience who like action/thrillers, they also like cars and guns. This is what this film will include, they are of a middle class who are of the age of 15 to 20 years old. I could get this information using demographics, I could see how many teenagers like action/thrillers via social networking sites using web 2.0. I could also ask friends of the same age range and get information on what films genres they like.
  20. 20. What is the difference between primary and secondary research?• Primary ResearchFor my primary research I carried out a questionnaire to see what type ofaudience would watch my film. This told me about there age what class andsocial categories they come from. I handed out twenty of these questionnairesto increase the validity of my information I get, from this I could then makemy teaser trailer with what the audience associates with the thriller genre. Hereis my questionnaire.
  21. 21. Questionnaire
  22. 22. Secondary Research• I have carried out secondary research to find out who would watch my film and what audience of people I should be aiming my trailer at, I used the UKFC to find out what are the most popular genre of film and I found that action was the leading film that was published in 2009. from this I gathered that my film would appeal to this market or area as it is a action/thriller, however I found that the genre thriller had fewer releases in 2009 with just 28 films being released in the UK compared to the action genre releasing 50 films.
  23. 23. Secondary ResearchI also used the UKFC website to search for whatpercentage of men and women of a certain age likewatching action/thrillers, I found that the mostpopular films were shown in the table.
  24. 24. My storyboard for the teaser trailer This is my storyboard for my teaser trailer, I have sketched in a sequence of shots to which I will follow or change when filming.
  25. 25. Planning location• The location I shall be using for my teaser trailer is the wood in Waddesdon due to its easy access as I live there. It also has the right settings I need one being a vast area of woods to which my teaser is entirely set in, I can easily film here without any disturbance due to it being quite, I can also get my cast in and out as they live nearby, this also makes it a reliable location for me to film my teaser trailer in.
  26. 26. Risk Assessments• There are a few risks that I need to consider when carrying out my filming. Due to it being quite a heavily wooded area I need to make sure when shooting scenes that contain running that my cast has a safe route to run through as to ensure they do not trip on any broken tree trunks or branches.• There is also a scene where one of my cast members must perform a dive to make it look he has fallen over, I shall avoid any injury by making sure that the area that he falls on will be clear of any sharp objects.
  27. 27. Cast• My cast will include three friends from the surrounding area this will enable me to have a reliable cast as they are nearby and should be able to get to the location easily. I have two characters all of which are males, I will only show this many people due to it being a teaser trailer as I don’t want to give to much detail about the film itself.
  28. 28. Props and Costume• The props I will being using are that of a tree branch that will act as a weapon which will be used to strike one of the main characters, the costumes will be mainly dark clothing which relates to the genre of the film which is action thriller it also shows that there is a sense of mystery about the characters and the setting.
  29. 29. My film poster draft This is my film poster draft, I have made my title of the film bold to make it stand out. The text will be in white as the background will be black this will emphasise that this film is an action/thriller.
  30. 30. My magazine front cover draft This is my draft of my magazine front cover, I have divided my page into separate boxes, as this follows the conventions due to it having headings like straplines and screamers with the main topic in the middle of the page.
  31. 31. My magazine front coverThis is the I have used a cover line inMasthead my magazine as a slogan,for my which is designed to trymagazine and make the reader by thefront magazine.cover, itsbold andstandsout, this Screamers have also beenshows used as titles, to try andwho the persuade the audience intomagazine wanting to buy theis made magazine, and read theby. rest of the articles. I have got pictures of my actors in my teaser trailer, which is the main selling point of my magazine and film.
  32. 32. My film poster’s I have created two film posters and they both use a black background which creates an atmospheric look. The fonts of my title are in white and are in a bold to make them stand out, the font also represent the idea of this sense of mystery that my film has.I have made a billing block in I have sourced these imagespublisher, with all my actors and from Google Images as I I have got images of woods as this is the mainproduction name . This follows could not get the shots I setting of my film, its also links to the titlethe conventions of film posters. needed due to them not ‘Suspicion’ , they are both in the centre of the looking as professional as poster to show that they are of importance in the the ones shown film.
  33. 33. My production company logo I have named my production logo Frontier Productions, I have made my logo using Microsoft word, and I will put this into my teaser trailer so that the audience know who it was produced by this will follow the conventions of teaser trailers.
  34. 34. Audience feedback• I have given out a questionnaire to gain some audience feedback and see what people think about my teaser trailer. This has been very important as I can emend any thing that my class feels needs working on here is my questionnaire.
  35. 35. Audience Feedback• I have now got some feedback and have found that there are a few things that I am going to change with my teaser trailer in response to the feedback I have been given. These are the following.• I am going to edit the hand held camera shots as certain parts of it were too shaky.• Add more audio sound effects to my trailer.• And add more titles to give more information about my film, this will avoid any ambiguity about the trailer.
  36. 36. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? This is my hyperlink to my final teaser trailer.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqk8PJem65o&list=UUGnUHVGJAQG2XG5TPFMOv4g&feature=plcp
  37. 37. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts I have used a lot of I have also used the same continuity through out my font in all of my shots for coursework, I have used example title of the film, the same production logo actors, the date when its in both my magazine and coming to cinema’s and posters this has also been certain information are all used in my teaser trailer in the same font to How effective is the here is an example. maintain continuity. combination of your media product and your ancillary textsI have used an image of themain actor on my magazinefront cover as a selling pointfor my film, this same image •My media products are similaris in my teaser trailer. to that of my case study as I have used magazines, posters and a teaser trailer to advertise my film.
  38. 38. What have you learned from you audience feedback?I have managed to changethe music I used aspreviously as I had a lot ofheartbeat sound effectswhich overpowered thepiece, so I used a lot more I have learned a lot fromvariation in my sound my audience feedback,effects which were sourced it has helped mefrom a copy right free What have you improve my teaserwebsite. trailer, I sent out a learned from your questionnaire with audience feedback? questions that could help me find out what could be improved upon in my teaser trailer. I have also made the fonts the same to maintain continuity. The feedback has shown me that my main audience is that of a teenage audience and that it is a fairly popular genre amongst this type of audience.
  39. 39. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research and evaluation stages? I used Publisher to make my magazine I have used programs front cover, as it ranging from editing allows you to software such as Imovie choose from designs How did you use and publisher. I used and you can change media technologies Imovie to create my the fonts and use in the construction teaser trailer for my film word art to create and research and and edited the scenes into your magazine title. evaluation stages? the right sequences, the software allowed me to add effects such as sound and transitions such as Imovie allowed me fade to black, which Publisher also allowed me to cut out certain allowed my piece to to use images and put shots that were too maintain continuity. these on my front cover, shaky or did not fit and a text box that I could in with the rest of write about what my my trailer. magazine contained. The software Publisher allowed me to do this.
  40. 40. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research and evaluation stages? I also made another questionnaire to gain audience feedback this enabled me to edit I have also used my teaser trailer Microsoft Word to where the audience do documentations thought things could for my primary How did you use be improved, due to research, this was media technologies this I have managed my questionnaire in the construction to change the sound which I carried out and research and effects and add in to find out what evaluation stages? more inter-titles. type of film genres people like and what my audience would be for my genre of film. I used demographics to find out certain information about my intended audience for example there age and gender which showed me who would enjoy my film and trailer.
  41. 41. Evidence of time management This is my checklist I used to make sure I handed work in on time.