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The Benefits of Pick up LinesWomen have been hearing Flirt lines for centuries. Some are justridiculous and should never b...
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The benefits-of-pick-up-lines


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Flirt lines, funny lines

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The benefits-of-pick-up-lines

  1. 1. The Benefits of Pick up LinesWomen have been hearing Flirt lines for centuries. Some are justridiculous and should never be said while others are sweet and show that the guywho is saying them is cute and adorable. Women love to receive complements butsome of the funny pick up lines guys use are not complements but rather appear tobe a lame attempt to get into the girls pants.Ones to AvoidThere are some funny pick up lines that are crude and should never be said.Anything referring to the different parts of a woman’s body that is covered by abikini should not be used. Believe it or not hearing vulgar comments about heranatomy or what a guy would like to do to her does not turn a woman on. Sayingcheesy pick up lines is still the best way to get a girl to take interest. If nothing elseshe will think that the guy does not have game and is not a player. In today’s day andage it is hard to find a guy who is not interested in only one thing and willing to doanything to get it.Cute Ones That Will WorkSome cheesy, Best pick up lines to say are; “Did it hurt?― and when she says; “What?― youcan say; “Falling from Heaven.― That will normally at least work to get a girl to cracka smile. And once she is smiling it is much easier to get her to talk to you. It’s theicebreaker that is so difficult about a first encounter and funny pick up lines are oneway to get past that. Everyone likes to laugh even if it’s just at a cheesy knock knockjoke, so finding funny lines to say is a great way to talk to someone. And if you findout that you do not have anything in common at least you were able to share a goodlaugh together. It’s much better than making a joke that is in bad taste and gettingslapped or a drink thrown on you. So when you are picking out funny pick up linesbe sure to run them by a girl you know to make sure that they are actually funny andnot offensive. You have to remember guys and girls do not always have the samesense of humor. Once you find Funny pick up lines you are sure to find a girl thatwill be interested in having drinks with you.