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Mobile development for startups


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tips, tricks and tools for mobile development, thinking on startups.

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Mobile development for startups

  1. 1. Mobile Development for Startups Jorge Juan Barroso Carmona @flipper83 +JorgeJBarroso Android expert
  2. 2. We embark on every project with a commitment to create something elegant, enduring and effective. That is our heartbeat. Our approach is uniquely simple and honest, we are a small dedicated software studio, delivering outstanding work. Karumi is the Rock Solid code software development studio.
  3. 3. Most software is created by teams. Teams are most effective when the team members collaborate professionally. It is unprofessional to be a loner or a recluse on a team. Uncle Bob
  4. 4. Prototype Product vs
  5. 5. Everybody must understand the product
  6. 6. The message must be concise and clear
  7. 7. MVP
  8. 8. UX Mokingbird Mockflow FluidUI
  9. 9. Working together Master Release Al market branch3 branch2 branch1 Everybody use VCS Branch per feature Pull Request Code Reviews Gemba SourceTree
  10. 10. Feedback Take decision based on numbers Fabric Google Analytics App Tentative
  11. 11. Automatize your time Jenkins Travis Automatic Builds Autoupload betas & releases ClinkerHQ
  12. 12. Hybrid or native? scala,ktolin,go,swift? Look at your team Mobile first? Listen your devs Review phone patterns
  13. 13. Backend? Parse Dropbox App engine Ruby on rails? django? go? scala? Don’t follow styles
  14. 14. Beauty Code
  15. 15. SOLID STUPID From To
  16. 16. Bibliography They’re the cracks! LocoRoco Postmortem:Making Happiness into Gameplay. Tsutomu Kouno. 2007 One-Page Designs. Stone Librande GDC. 2010 Clean Code. Uncle Bob. 2008 The Clean Coder. Uncle Bob. 2011 The One Minute Manager. Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer
  17. 17. Find meI am very social! @flipper83 +JorgeJBarroso Questions?