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#FlipMyFunnel Austin - Jesse Ariss - When it Comes to ABM: Blow. Don’t Suck.


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Jesse Ariss, Product Marketing Manager at Vidyard, recently presented “When it Comes to ABM: Blow. Don’t Suck.” at the #FlipMyFunnel Austin.

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#FlipMyFunnel Austin - Jesse Ariss - When it Comes to ABM: Blow. Don’t Suck.

  1. 1. When it Comes to ABM: Blow. Don’t Suck. Jesse Ariss Product Marketing Manager Brian Maschler Chief Creative Officer
  2. 2. Connect Engage Track Act
  3. 3. Connect Engage Track Act
  4. 4. MISSION POSSIBLE: OPENING THE DOOR TO THE C-SUITE A bold account-based marketing initiative
  6. 6. Bottomline Announces Cyber Fraud and Risk Management Solutions Company acquires market-leading fraud protection and prevention capabilities to deliver critical next line of defense against cyber attacks and cyber fraud
  7. 7. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES • Pique interest with prospective clients – inform how traditional security approaches may be falling short as threats continue to rise and fraud tactics evolve. • Create a sense of urgency that recipients need to adapt in order to stay ahead of technology and can’t afford not to take action. • Establish Bottomline as a premier provider of cyber fraud and risk management solutions in key verticals. • Need audience to feel like an elite group that have been selected for this conversation. Bottomline should be seen as your partner to learn from. • Convey a sense of partnership – be viewed as someone who can deliver valuable education that ultimately makes our customers more competitive.
  8. 8. GOALS FOR THE CAMPAIGN • Engage C-suite decision makers (Chief Technology Officer, Chief Security Officer, etc.) within a targeted list of companies. • 40 total recipients for the pilot Goal: 14 C-Suite meetings.
  9. 9. IDEAS THAT GOT THIS STARTED • Drop cam– a great metaphor for Bottomline’s CFRM solution offering visibility, real-time alerts and the ability to investigate/resolve. • Send to target audience with a letter explaining the metaphor and request a meeting (with some really nice packaging!).
  11. 11. THE FINAL CONCEPT There’s nothing more elite than a secret security agency. For executives who’ve built a career in data security, this is the perfect setting to carry our message.
  12. 12. THE FINAL CONCEPT You’ve got a mission. 01. Mailer Pre-loaded, internet-enabled tablets arrive on your desk. 02. Video A spy video is queued up to tell you about your secret mission. 03. Accept Meeting Real-time lead alert sent to sales exec for scheduling. 04. Follow Up Not ready to talk? Here’s more info. This campaign sends a target list of C-Suite security professionals a tablet with a personalized, interactive video. An international security agency needs your help. Next step: meet with Bottomline. Do you accept this mission? 01. 02. 04. 03.
  15. 15. DEVELOPING A CUSTOM APP 01. Personalization Each device was personalized with the recipient’s name. Depending on their business sector, they would receive a targeted video for that industry. 02. Tracking & Reporting Capabilities Recipients were asked to take a meeting with a Bottomline representative. Their answers were immediately captured within the app and sent to Salesforce for a rep to follow up. 03. Interactivity Depending on the user’s activity, the experience would adapt to offer additional CTAs and content. In order to play an interactive video with tracking capabilities through a tablet, we built a custom app to deliver a personalized and measurable experience.
  16. 16. RESULTS