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#FlipMyFunnel Atlanta 2016 - Aya Fawzy & Kim Hajec - ABM isn't New: How To Align Your Martech Tools to Fuel Growth


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Aya Fawzy and Kim Hajec presented "ABM isn't New: How To Align Your Martech Tools to Fuel Growth " at the #FlipMyFunnel Atlanta 2016 conference

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#FlipMyFunnel Atlanta 2016 - Aya Fawzy & Kim Hajec - ABM isn't New: How To Align Your Martech Tools to Fuel Growth

  1. 1. #FlipMyFunnel Atlanta: ABM Isn't New- How To Align Your Martech Tools to Fuel Growth Kim Hajec Head of Global Marketing Tungsten Network
  2. 2. #FlipMyFunnel #ABM@Kimhajec Technology has caught up Consumer buying behavior has changed Marketers have access to new data and insight Sales more reliant on Marketing than ever before Times Have Changed
  3. 3. #FlipMyFunnel #ABM Roles of Marketing & Sales - Yesterday @Kimhajec Yesterday: Collect Leads Throw Over The Wall Tradeshows Email Campaigns Direct Mail Telemarketing
  4. 4. #FlipMyFunnel #ABM Roles of Marketing & Sales - Today @Kimhajec Today: Collect, educate, nurture, sell and prep for RFP/Close SEM/SEO Webinars Social Media (LinkedIn) Content downloads Video Views Events
  5. 5. #FlipMyFunnel #ABM How To Get Off The Ground @Kimhajec Challenges:  Changing the mindset of sales executives – who have found success in the past  Marketing is an ally not an enemy  Not all sales reps embrace technology  What happens when the prospect is more educated then the sales rep  Convincing management to invest in the tools for success.  Aligning with IT for implementation and ongoing support
  6. 6. #FlipMyFunnel #ABM@Kimhajec
  7. 7. #FlipMyFunnel #ABM@Kimhajec
  8. 8. #FlipMyFunnel #ABM Refine What Is Familiar Website CRM/MA Content SEO/SEMSEO and SEM have been around forever, but few really get it. Tap into an expert and clean up your search. This area should continue to improve and get stronger month over month SEO/SEM CRM and Marketing Automation tools are key to being able to collect, distribute and analyze prospects/leads/sales for marketing decisions CRM/MA Create content that is meaningful to your target audience(s). Content creation never ends – but each piece should have an anticipated shelf life Content Focus on Website a key piece of technology that enables all other. Good CMS, architecture, tagging, Website @Kimhajec
  9. 9. #FlipMyFunnel #ABM@Kimhajec All of the Parts Were Broke or Missing No CRM being actively used Pardot being used as email delivery system only IP Addresses have been abused Website redesign project taking longer and more costly than had planned No SEO/SEM Sales has little marketing support other than tradeshows and sales collateral Sales focused on relationship selling to fortune 1000
  10. 10. #FlipMyFunnel #ABM@Kimhajec 10 Months Later The Engine is Sound
  11. 11. #FlipMyFunnel #ABM Try Something New Content creation, refinement and targeting based on long tail search. Delivering the correct message to the correct target at the time its searched! @Kimhajec
  12. 12. #FlipMyFunnel #ABM Try Something New @Kimhajec
  13. 13. #FlipMyFunnel #ABM Try Something New @Kimhajec
  14. 14. #FlipMyFunnel #ABM Technology focused ABM Where do they want to find you. Each industry, each country and each level is different. Is your data being segmented by how your audience wants to engage with you. Where When is the right time to serve up the right content. Is it after a website visit, after a download of a whitepaper, or maybe its before a webinar. Understand what works and repeat. When Who is searching for you, what are they looking for and are you delivering the right message/content Who How do your prospects/clients like to be talked to. Video, email, blogs, reports, research, infographics. Is it a combination based on where they are in each stage of their buying cycle. How @Kimhajec
  15. 15. #FlipMyFunnel #ABM Origami of Tactics & Content One to One communications Identify your targets Speak their language Topics and headlines that are meaningful Email Industry related ads Show experience in space Understanding of challenges Paid Search & Social Short/Entertaining/Relevant Video Think quality rather than quantity Events There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered.Email Video @Kimhajec
  16. 16. #FlipMyFunnel #ABM The Journey & Insight May2016 June2016 July2016 Aug 2016 Sept2016 Oct 2016 • Receives & opens webinar invite • Receives newsletter email & visits content hub • Downloads e-book • Downloads STP eBook • Re-opens newsletter email and visits content hub • Receives & opens nurture email • Receives, opens & clicks in 2 nurture emails • Visits multiple pages on website around product offerings • Visits Tungsten Network website • Opens & clicks in nurture emails • Receives & opens email • Visits Tungsten Network website +5 +1 +9 +5 +5+72 @Kimhajec
  17. 17. #FlipMyFunnel #ABM Be Flexible & Nimble Try Something New Some things will fail TRACK TRACK TRACK Continue to invest in Martech Partner with sales Be patient with sales TRACK TRACK TRACK If it doesn’t work – move on @Kimhajec
  18. 18. #FlipMyFunnel #ABM Thank You! Questions? @Kimhajec