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Best flip cameras


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Best flip cameras

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Best flip cameras

  1. 1. CHOOSING A FLIP CAMERA BEST FOR YOU The Internet has revolutionized the way people view and share video. Back in the old days, memories were recorded on a bulky video camera and watched on a TV using a VCR. Now technology allows videos to appear minutes after they were recorded. If you want to show your videos on YouTube and Facebook, or store them digitally, a Flip camera might be right for you.   There are many Flip cameras which you could choose from and here’s a comparison chart of the 3 most popular Flip cameras to help you make a better choice.
  2. 2. FLIP CAMERAS COMPARISON CHART   Flip UltraHD Video Camera Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera Coby 2.4-Inch LCD SNAPP Swivel Camcorder/Camera General Features Designable * X X Battery Type Lithium-ion Battery Pack Li-Ion battery 3 x "AAA" Battery Dimensions 4.16” x 2.11“ x 0.88” 4.45"x 2.44" x 0.87" 3.81" x 2.45" x 1.38" LCD Screen       Size 2.0" (diagonal) 2.5" 2.4" Quality and Performance Resolution 1280 x 720, 60 fps 1920 × 1080, 30 fps 1280 × 720, 60 fps 1280 × 720, 30 fps 848 × 480, 30 fps VGA (640 x 480) @ 30fps Video Format H.264 video compression, AAC audio compression, MP4 files format H.264 (MOV), AAC LC AVI file (Motion JPEG codec) Optics Zoom Smooth multi-step 2x digital 4X digital 4X digital Battery Life Up to 1.5 hrs of use Approximately 90 minutes Up to 2 hrs Additional Specifications  PC Connection Built-in flip-out USB arm Flip out USB connector USB 2.0 Hi-speed Microphone * * X  
  3. 3. Flip Cameras Review
  4. 4. Flip UltraHD Video Camera The camcorder is one of the most affordable choices available for videographers who are looking for a camcorder that is easy to use. It comes with 8 GB worth of built in memory, allowing you to record up to 120 minutes of video. The videos are compatible with Windows Media Player, QuickTime and ITunes. The Flip UltraHD Video Camera is a sleek and light-weight pocket camcorder which weighs just 0.28 pounds making it portable for anyone to capture videos anytime. This simple camcorder allows users to easily shoot and share HD quality videos in HD 720p with 60 fps, just by pressing the record button to start capturing with its easy record function.
  5. 5. Flip UltraHD Video Camera One feature worth noticing about the Flip UltraHD Video Camera is the built-in image stabilization feature which enables the recording process to be steady and the videos created to be in better HD video quality. The sound quality of your videos is high with the Premier AAC Audio recording. Other features include the built-in USB arm that allows you to charge your camcorder and the preloaded FlipShare software. The software makes it easy for you to edit, organize and share your videos via Email and on video sharing sites like Facebook and Youtube. You can also enjoy your videos on your HDTV with a HDMI Output that is inclusive. The Flip UltraHD Video Camera package comes with camcorder, a rechargeable battery pack and a user guide, so you can carry and shoot for hours. Without a doubt, users can expect a lot from their small camcorder that is powered to create high quality videos on the go, with the small investment made.
  6. 6. Coby 2.4-Inch LCD SNAPP Swivel Camcorder/Camera The COBY SNAPP CAM4000 is a tiny, handheld Digital camera and camcorder that uses no tapes or discs. Its easy enough for a small child to use. Shoot it, share it, SNAPP it! With a flexible swivel screen and one-handed controls, The COBY SNAPP CAM4000 makes a reliable pocket sized companion on your travels. It features a 2.4" LCD Screen, 4x Digital Zoom and LED Sensor for low light condition. Powered by AAA batteries which provide 1.5hours of shooting time, you don't have to worry about when the next charge as AAA batteries is easily available anywhere! The COBY SNAPP CAM4000 comes with a built-in 32MB memory which can be used straight out of the box. What's best is that it even have a SD card slot which allows expandable memory for more than 2 hours of Recording time! Transferring material is easily done via USB Cord. Plus having a Video Resolution of 640 x 480, images produced will be crystal clear.
  7. 7. Coby 2.4-Inch LCD SNAPP Swivel Camcorder/Camera The basic features of the COBY SNAPP CAM4000 is the result for the ease of use and is recommended for anyone who loves to capture their everyday life and editing of videos until they comes out prefect! Together with its very affordable price, the sleek, pocket-sized COBY SNAPP CAM4000 camcorder allows you to start creating professional looking family archives in just one-touch!
  8. 8. Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera The Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera is a pocket camcorder that allows you to take Full HD 1080p HD videos on the go, letting you capture important moments of your life when it happens. The camcorder comes in three attractive colours – aqua, black and raspberry and weighs around 0.3 pounds, making it a compact companion on vacations, parties and other special occasions. Equipped with a crystal-clear 2.5” LCD display and a sleek design, the pocket camcorder allows you to view your videos straight from it. It also comes with a KLIC-7004 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery which you can charge using the built-in USB connected directly to your computer. Additional items included in the package are the HDMI and AV cables, allowing you to view the videos via your HDTV or computer monitor.
  9. 9. Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera In addition, the Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera comes with in-built image stabilization for you to enjoy sharper video. It also comes with smart face tracking technology that captures faces in your video in their best light. One additional feature is the external microphone jack which allows you to record in stereo. The visible disadvantage of the camcorder is the limited internal memory of 128 MB but you can purchase an SD card to work around this. When it comes to uploading and editing your videos, you will be happy to know that the camcorder is preloaded with the ArcSoft Media Impression Software for Kodak, which allows you to sync your video camera with your computer instantly.   The Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera is value for money with the good video quality it provides. Its portable and sleek design makes it a great choice for recording moments, allowing you to view them on your HDTV or to share them with friends and family via video sharing sites. It is definitely a value buy if you are on a tight budget .