Social Media: Beyond Status Updates


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You’ve created a social media strategy, you’ve determined how to measure your success, and you’ve written your first tweet. Now what? Libby Hall of Flint Interactive gives examples of interactive content that enchants your customers, contests and promotions to grow your fan base, and using listening and measurement tools to build on what works and modify what doesn’t. Question? Conact @FlintGroup

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Social Media: Beyond Status Updates

  1. 1. Beyond status updatesLibby Hall, WestmorelandFlint
  2. 2. Strategic Planning1.  What type of program is this?2.  What is the current relationship with the audience?3.  How does your audience use social media?4.  What’s your one thing?5.  How will you be human?6.  How are you going to use social media?7.  What does success look like?8.  Who is responsible for what?
  3. 3. Strategic Planning1.  Where is the home base?2.  What outposts will support the home base?3.  What types of content will be Tactical added regularly?4.  How is the audience going to be Planning activated and not just collected?5.  What ways can we make members the star?6.  How will we make fans aware of the home base?
  4. 4. Strategic Planning Tactical Planning Execution
  5. 5. Strategic Planning TacticalMeasure Planning Execution
  6. 6. Strategic Planning TacticalMeasure Planning Execution
  7. 7. Content
  8. 8. You

  9. 9. Contests and promotions
  10. 10. Tips for contests•  Make participation easy•  Have a prize to match the effort
  11. 11. Facebook Promotion Guidelines •  Promotions on Facebook must be administered within Apps on, either on a Canvas Page or an app on a Page Tab. •  You must not use Facebook features or functionality as a promotion’s registration or entry mechanism.  For example, the act of liking a Page or checking in to a Place cannot automatically register or enter a promotion participant.  •  You must not condition registration or entry upon the user taking any action using any Facebook features or functionality other than liking a Page, checking in to a Place, or connecting to your app.  For example, you must not condition registration or entry upon the user liking a Wall post, or commenting or uploading a photo on a Wall.
  12. 12. Facebook Promotion Guidelines •  You CAN… –  Give things away on your blog, Twitter, or your website and promote on Facebook –  Invite fans to interact and reward them for doing so
  13. 13. Measurement & Listening
  14. 14. Metrics to ConsiderReputation Management Acquisition NetworkingNumber of positive mentions Number of new contacts Number of connectionsNumber of negative mentions Value place on a contact Interaction with connectionsNumber of overall mentions Incoming ReferralsCustomer Service Customer Loyalty Crisis MitigationNumber of questions answered Participation Number of Negative MentionsDecrease in call center questions Size of community Number of Positive MentionsCost savings Increased positive mentions/reviewsPublicity Thought Leadership AwarenessSocial connectivity Share of voice Number of FollowersPercentage of pickup Number of followers Number of MentionsShare of voice Number of mentions Click Through Traffic Time spent with content Search volume Number of clicks Site traffic Content sharing Klout score Search volume
  15. 15. Look at page164 in the NowRevolutionbook for a greatmetricsselection tool.
  16. 16. Listening
  17. 17. Google Analytics
  18. 18. Facebook Insights
  19. 19. Facebook Insights
  20. 20. YouTube Insights
  21. 21. YouTube Insights
  22. 22. Twitter Tools
  23. 23. Words to tweet by•  Strategy first•  Make it about your fans, not your brand•  Measure, adjust, repeat
  24. 24. Questions?
  25. 25. Resources•  Tools and guides –  Twitter for Business Guide: –  Mashable small business guide: –  Facebook Advertising Guide. Learn about Pages, Ads, Share on Facebook, and Facebook Connect: –  Facebook Connect Developers’ Guide. What it takes to implement Facebook sharing tools on your website: –  Facebook Promotion Guide: –  Social media responsibilities worksheet: Worksheet#stats•  Blogs and ongoing information –  Flint Group blog: –  Jay Baer blog. National social media consultant and WestmorelandFlint alliance: –  SmartBrief on Social Media. Daily email updates with headlines from the changing world of social media:
  26. 26. Monitoring Tools•  Broad –  Social Mention: –  Kurrently (Facebook and Twitter): –  Google Alerts:•  Specialized –  Google Blog search: –  Board Reader: –  Wikipedia:•  Twitter –  Twitter search: –  Twitter Counter: –  Refollow: –  Feed My Inbox: –  Cotweet: