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Managing social media with limited resources


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Managing social media with limited resources

  1. 1. Managing social media withlimited resourcesLibby Hall, WestmorelandFlint
  2. 2. People Time Money
  3. 3. Small business advantages
  4. 4. Passion FlexibilityAuthenticity
  5. 5. Your social media team
  6. 6. Social media team The Now Revolution Shift 3: Organize your armies
  7. 7. Social media team•  Content manager –  Writes content calendar –  Films videos, takes pictures, writes blog posts or assigns topics to bloggers –  Ensures new content is created or gathered –  Might not touch actual social space
  8. 8. Social media team•  Community manager –  Day-to-day listening and monitoring –  Knows nuances of audience, brand, social space –  Answers questions, watches for problems –  Posts content from content manager
  9. 9. Social media team•  Coach & booth –  Answers questions the community manager can’t answer –  Sets policies –  Doesn’t need to touch social space
  10. 10. Players:Contentmanagers Players:Community Social media managersCoaches & booth
  11. 11. Determine contentExample: Mall•  Goal = get people into the mall•  Audience = people who shop at the mall
  12. 12. Determine content•  Fall fashion –  Photos/outfits with pieces from retailers –  Photos of mall shoppers with cute outfits•  Behind the scenes/inside info –  New store arrivals –  Behind-the-scenes of commercials•  Sales and coupons –  Retailer coupons –  Mall events like sidewalk sale•  Mall card giveaways –  Weekly reminders to enter –  Post weekly winner
  13. 13. Post Winner Reminder behind- announced to enter the-scenes album Commercial Post starts airing behind- Reminder the-scenes to enter Winner announced video Poll Reminder Post question: Reminder about Sidewalk Winner sidewalk sale what’s your to enter sale coupon sidewalk announced fave store? sale Post Post poll sidewalk Post fallSidewalk results and sale album Reminder fashionsale coupon Winner to enter collage announced Post “street Winner Reminder fashion” announced to enter videoRed = PromotionBlue = offline eventsGreen = other content
  14. 14. Finding efficiencies
  15. 15. Atomize content =
  16. 16. Free listening dashboard
  17. 17. Get email alerts
  18. 18. Build a free listening dashboard
  19. 19. Questions?