The Beauty of Okinawa


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Get to know a few spots to visit when you're in Okinawa, Japan. Check out the shopping districts in the main island and the breathtaking sights and beaches of the Sakishima islands. Slideshow includes animated content.

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The Beauty of Okinawa

  1. 1. by World Walk About via under Creative Commons
  2. 2. Ryukyu 1879 Naha TropicalThe islands of The Ryukyu Naha City is the Okinawa has aOkinawa used to islands became capital of the main sub-tropicalbe part of the part of the island of Okinawa. climate. ItsRyukyu Kagoshima The main street, islands areKingdom, which prefecture of Kokusaidori, is known for theirwas an Japan in 1879. lined with cafes, white sandyindependent restaurants, and beaches andcountry. souvenir shops. crystal clear waters.
  3. 3. Photo by Okinawa Steve via Compfight under Creative Commons
  4. 4. 5th Largest Pottery Kokusai U.S. Bases IslandKokusai Street Okinawa Honto The Tsuboya The presence ofcuts across the is the fifth District off Kokusai American troopslargest island. in largest island in is home to shops and theira straight line for Japan. More or filled with families2 km or so. less 90% of the earthenware and encouraged anKokusaidori prefecture’s other pottery influx of Westernliterally means residents live on products of goods from low-International this island. Okinawan end products toRoad. craftsmanship. luxury items.
  5. 5. Photo by koizumi via Compfight under Creative Commons
  6. 6. Miyako Yaeyama Ishigaki IriomoteThe largest Yaeyama Islands Ishigaki Island is The largest ofisland in the east in the southwest the transport hub the Yaeyamaof Okinawa have tropical of the Yaeyama group of islands,Honto, Miyako is rainforests with group. It’s also Iriomote hasthe site of a local diverse fauna more densely thick jungles andStrongman and flora. They populated than swampyTriathlon every also have nearby Iriomote. mangroves.April. beaches.
  7. 7. © Some rights reserved by N.kimiyLearn more about the distinctive culture, foods, and customs of the islands of Okinawa in Japan.