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Flight cds presentation


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Flight cds presentation

  1. 1. Dental South China – March 7, 2012Hinman Dental Meeting – March 22, 2012Sydney Dental Exhibition – March 23, 2012
  2. 2. Texas Dental Association – May 3, 2012California Dental Association – May 3, 2012Ontario Dental Association – May 7, 2012
  3. 3. “I recently purchased three A-12Flight Dental chairs when I openedmy second dental clinic inRichmond Hill last January and Iam happy to say that I made anexcellent decision. The chairs haveperformed above expectations andrequired very little time to adjustto them.” Dr. Lily Lo
  4. 4.  “Flight Dental Systems is an excellent company. For the low price of the chair I paid for, I got the best quality and service from Flight Dental Systems.”Dr. Mahesh InderSingh
  5. 5. "I was very satisfied with the FlightEquipment, not only was theequipment great value for itsquality, the staff at Flight was alsogreat to work with. I would highlyrecommend this to all those whoare looking for a great dental chairand a great company to workwith." Dr. Uchenna Anumba
  6. 6. “ I have been working withFlight Dental Systems forabout 3 years now. They givegreat service and technicalsupport for their equipment!”Dr. AnthonyVassiliadis
  7. 7. “I have been very pleased withFlight Dental Equipment. Qualityequipment at a good value...youcant afford not to....” Dr. Jones Chan
  8. 8. “Flight Dental Systems is a veryprofessional company. Veryreliable and the customer service isfantastic. We wouldn’t choose anyother company other than FlightDental Systems.” Dr. Carrie Hui
  9. 9. “Great! Great! Great! and Great!The dental chairs from FlightDental Systems are great!The cost of the dental chairs fromFlight Dental Systems is great!The service from Flight DentalSystems is great!The people at Flight DentalSystems are great!” Dr. Ghassan Yared