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Essay why i like rugby


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Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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Essay why i like rugby

  1. 1. Why I like Rugby?
  2. 2. I started when I was 12 and I never stopped
  3. 3. How can anyone not like a sport where you can do that?
  4. 4. Rugby is a contact team sportA scrum is an 8 versus 8 phase
  5. 5. I caught the ball but …. It would have beenimpossible without 2 lifters.
  6. 6. We’ll catch the ball if …. There are coordination and communication betweenthe thrower, the lifters and the catcher.
  7. 7. The line-out phase taught me that:- I need teammates- We need to work andcommunicate together
  8. 8. When I play fly-half,I have to lead the defensive line Especially in this situation
  9. 9. Rugby taught me solidarity and brotherhood In this situation,3 teammates are linked to go forward.
  10. 10. Rugby taught me :• Respect For example only the captain is allowed to talk to the referee. If you talk to the referee instead of your captain. Your team will lose 10 meters!
  11. 11. Rugby taught me :• How to improve my leadership When I played fly-half When I was Capitan When I coached teams
  12. 12. Rugby taught me :• That teamwork is always more efficient• That “hard work pays off”
  13. 13. Rugby gaveme friends