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FlexPaths Products & Services Overview - US Version


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A brief snapshot of FlexPaths web-based software solutions and advisory services offerings

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FlexPaths Products & Services Overview - US Version

  1. 1. Flexible Solutions for an Agile Workforce dispersed teams engagement global time zones wellness ROIcontingent workforce on-ramping portable careers productivity exibility retention anytime, anywhere work agile workforce sabbaticalstelework smart working phased retirement top talent Flexible work is more than The missing link is an end-to-end solution that complements the existing HRIS suite and provides an HR program - it’s a companies with a low-maintenance support structure to: competitive advantage. F * Create, promote, scale and sustain an agile lexible working is a continual evolution workforce and a results-oriented culture that characterizes the “new normal” of a * Ensure consistent, objective implementation global working culture. Implemented well, and legal compliance it is more than an HR program; it is a * Automate work ow for reduced manager, HR competitive advantage for your business. and systems administration * Capture data to prove ROI Most employees today, across genders, generations and geographies, place a high value on exibility. Put simply, we do a better job when we have more control over when and how we work. Employers promote exible work to recruit and retain top talent, but also for cost e ciencies, and to create a greener, healthier, more productive work environment. But they need practical solutions for navigating the challenges and risks associated with implementing a culture of exibility, and to be able to prove its return on investment. A t FlexPaths, our thought leadership, combined with a suite of web-based (SaaS) exible working solutions, provides an unmatched advantage to drive e ciency and cultural change That’s where FlexPaths comes in. within your organization - public or private, large or small - while reducing risk. , a certified 2005, is FlexPaths® consultative flexible working FlexPaths, a certi ed women-ownedfor corporatios, the go 2005, is a leading providerprovider of web-based solutions business founded in vernment leading global of we a and people seeking (SaaS) and consultative exible workingin organisations that have a flexible working and other organizations employment solutions for corporations, governments culture. that seek to capitalize on a exible working culture.
  2. 2. Educate F lexPaths Educate helps employers and employees excel in an agile working environment. This online destination for information on exible working combines consistent, clear communications with just-in-time learning and decision support. It o ers over 250 tools and resources to help managers, employees and HR to build and support your exible working culture. FlexPaths Educate is used by Fortune 500 companies, as well as by smaller organizations, to initiate, enhance and advance their exible working initiatives, saving them time and money while maximizingInitiate. e ectiveness.Enhance.Advance. EnrollWhereveryou are on B uilding upon the tools and resources within FlexPaths Educate, FlexPaths Enroll o ers an automated approach to submitting and managing both formal and informal exible work requests and arrangements, documenting decisions, and reporting on outcomes. By automating the process,the journey FlexPaths Enroll saves time and money, and by capturing data on which partsto create of your organisation are engaging in di erent forms of exible work, it empowers you to measure the impact on broader metrics, prove thean agile business case for exible work within your organization, and win externalworkforce, recognition as an “employer of choice.”FlexPaths’products Extendand servicesaddress theneeds of your O ne of the major challenges presented by the rise in remote work, in particular, is that individuals can feel disconnected from the rest of the company when it comes to team building, professional development, and advancement. FlexExtend online communities create a safe, secureorganization. environment for your exible workers to connect with both their colleagues and your companys resources. FlexPaths marries our deep expertise in best practices around exible working with the social power of community deployment and management, o ering just-in-time answers to their agile work questions, resulting in increased productivity and retention. Advise F lexPaths Advisory Services help organizations step back and assess the state of their exibility, identify gaps, and ll them in, irrespective of how advanced their initiatives may be. From pilot programs, training and globalization projects, to ROI studies, communications advice for promoting exible employment brands, and legal audits and guidelines (in partnership with leading employment law specialists), we help our clients pick the right starting points, and partner with them to address changing needs over time. For more information about FlexPaths’ products and services, please contact In the US: In the UK: kelly.gouteix@ expaths.com vanessa.forster@ expa fly nlv y@ expaths.com beth.starr@ expaths.com www. expaths.com