How to install FlexiSPY on to an iPhone


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Have you ever wanted to spy on an iPhone?

With FlexiSPY you can.

Simply watch this short video to learn how easy and quick you can start spying.


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How to install FlexiSPY on to an iPhone

  1. 1. FlexiSPY is spy software that is installed on a mobile device. This presentation will show you how to install it. Installing FlexiSPY is easy because there is a friendly installation wizard that takes your through every step of the process.
  2. 2. Here are few things to check before you start: • • • • • Making sure the Target device is compatible with FlexiSPY Getting the Target device in your hand Having full access to the Target device (including any passcodes) Jailbreaking the Target device first if an iPhone Making sure the Target device is rooted if Android for advanced features
  3. 3. Important information for iPhone: • FlexiSPY requires jailbreaking first For the latest compatibility information contact
  4. 4. Log in to your FlexiSPY online account
  5. 5. From the list of devices make sure iPhone is selected
  6. 6. FlexiSPY works on jailbroken iPhones only. Make sure you have jailbroken the device first and click Next to continue.
  7. 7. On the iPhone open Cydia to get started If you do not see Cydia on the iPhone you need to jailbreak it first
  8. 8. Tap Manage
  9. 9. Tap Sources
  10. 10. Tap Edit
  11. 11. Tap Add
  12. 12. Type in and tap Add Source
  13. 13. FlexiSPY will be downloaded on to the iPhone. Tap Return to Cydia when complete
  14. 14. Tap
  15. 15. Tap System Core
  16. 16. Tap Install to install FlexiSPY on to the iPhone
  17. 17. Tap Confirm to start to install FlexiSPY on to the iPhone
  18. 18. Tap Restart Springboard when the installation is complete
  19. 19. Enter your FlexiSPY activation code and tap OK to start activation
  20. 20. When you see Activation Success! tap OK to continue Please make sure the iPhone is connected to the internet using 3G, Wifi or GPRS
  21. 21. Tap Configure to hide the Cydia icon You can also access the software by dialing *#ActivationCode and pressing End Call
  22. 22. Slide Cydia to ON
  23. 23. The Cydia icon will now be hidden Dial *#ActivationCode and then End Call and go to Configure > Cydia and set to OFF to bring Cydia back That’s it, FlexiSPY installation is done.
  24. 24. If you wish to change the default settings go to Help > Reference Manuals > Quick Setup in your online account to remotely set up FlexiSPY’s features
  25. 25. You can also easily configure all of FlexiSPY’s features from Control Center inside your online account
  26. 26. • Thank you for purchasing FlexiSPY • Be sure to visit us on Facebook (Flexispy) • Follow us on Twitter (@FlexiSPYLtd) • Follow us on Google+ (FlexiSPY) Read for the latest FlexiSPY news