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Software License Optimization Value Realization Service


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Software License Optimization Value Realization Service

  1. 1. Realize the Value of Your License Management Investment Software license and maintenance fees are a major expense for organizations, typically representing 20-35% of total IT spend. While many enterprises understand that effective management of their software estate can result in significant benefits, they also expect an investment in a software asset management (SAM) and license optimization solution to help them realize these benefits. Implementing a SAM and license optimization solution comes with considerable expectations, including decreased software license and maintenance spend and reduced license compliance risk. IT organizations are under the microscope to clearly demonstrate the return on this investment. However, in many cases, enterprises are failing to fully realize the value of their SAM and license optimization investment. Factors hindering this value realization are often related to the inability to effectively capture and report on the benefits, lack of clarity on how to fully leverage the software license optimization solution and inadequate governance over the asset management processes. To achieve value realization, organizations need to be able to measure and demonstrate the return on investment, and additionally, uncover any hurdles that may be inhibiting optimized results (figure 1). Ultimately, organizations need to achieve an Optimized level of asset management maturity to realize the highest ROI. Value Realization Service The Software License Optimization Value Realization Service is designed as a post- implementation, consultative engagement. It is specifically targeted toward enhancing an organization’s ability to capture and report DATASHEET Software License Optimization Value Realization Service Benefits to the Organization: • Improve the quantitative and qualitative ROI measurements associated with software license optimization, and identify and close reporting gaps • Operationalize the capture and reporting of license optimization realized value and publicize that value internally • Address hurdles inhibiting software license optimization and heighten the return on investment TraditionalSAM SoftwareLicenseOptimization ReturnOnInvestment Level 4 Optimized Level 3 Continuously Compliant Level 2 Managed Level 1 Installation Automated entitlement based license management and optimization; Minimize license consumption and software spend. Automated purchased vs. installed license reconciliation; SAM processes to manage contracts and maintain continuous license compliance. Perform purchased versus installed license reconciliation on an ad hoc basis; point-in-time management of licenses and contracts. Identify software and hardware installed. Figure 1: Optimized Level = Highest Return on Investment Realizing the Value of Your License Management Investment
  2. 2. Software License Optimization Value Realization Service Service Objectives There are three primary objectives of this service: • Identify opportunities for improving the measurement of benefits being realized from an implemented software license optimization solution • Assist in identifying value realization reporting gaps • Provide specific recommendations outlining how quantitative and qualitative benefits could be measured and reported • Identify potential obstacles hindering the ability to fully optimize value and provide recommendations on how to resolve them and move towards software license optimization maturity Service Delivery Approach: The service will be delivered as a highly consultative engagement and will include: • A review of benefits/value realization reporting currently being captured • Interviews with key stakeholders to understand how the software license optimization is currently deployed and being leveraged - This will serve as the basis for determining applicable benefits/value factors which could/might be captured - This will also assist in highlighting obstacles potentially hindering the realization of benefits • A summarization and collective review of current state observations • Recommendations for: - Enhancing value realization reporting - Addressing existing obstacles to heighten value to be realized the benefits and return on investment associated with their implemented software license management solution. This service comprises the following activities: • Assess the quantitative and qualitative benefits associated with software license optimization strategies being used. The following are some examples of these strategies: - Application of vendor specific and product specific use rights to reduce license consumption and lower costs - Detailed usage analysis to optimize license types for user based licenses (e.g. SAP user based licensing) - Vendor and application consolidation to maximize volume discounts and reduce support costs - License reharvesting of unused/under-used software to defer new license purchases - Optimize license counts and application mix for concurrently licensed applications • Determine if and how the impact of these strategies is currently being measured • Provide specific recommendations for optimizing and operationalizing the capture of realized value • Uncover hurdles in software license optimization deployment that are inhibiting optimal results • Recommend options to address these hurdles to further mature software license optimization and heighten the value realized
  3. 3. Software License Optimization Value Realization Service Project Timeline The timeline for this engagement is as follows: Value Realization Engagement 5 days Support in implementing recommendations would be addressed as an extension of the engagement As required Service Deliverables: Key deliverables will include the following items: • Summary of applicable value realization strategies and current value realization reporting gaps • Summary of obstacles hindering optimization of potential value • Recommendations for improving the measurement of quantitative and qualitative benefits and the resolution of obstacles to increase the ROI from software license optimization Primary Audience The primary target audience for this service is looking to validate the success of their software license optimization initiative, and to map these results back to the original business case: • SAM/ITAM Manager • Project Sponsor • Project Lead Additionally, the Process Owner who is responsible for maintaining the software license optimization capability and quantifying the actual or projected budgetary impacts will also benefit greatly from this service. Software License Optimization Services and Solutions Software spending and license complexity continue to grow and organizations require best practice processes and next generation tools to gain control of their software estate. Flexera Software’s License Optimization Services provide the data and insights needed to understand the business value of a SAM and license optimization program, as well as the processes and roadmaps required for successful implementation. License optimization services provide organizations with an accurate and optimized view of their license position, enabling them to reduce ongoing cost and risk and accelerate time to value. Our FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises is the only Software License Optimization product that automates and optimizes license and contract management processes to reduce software license, maintenance and audit costs, while maintaining license compliance.
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