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Adaptor Configuration and Development Service

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Adaptor Configuration and Development Service

  1. 1. Data Import Process Automation Means Better Results Many enterprises are implementing Software Asset Management (SAM) and license optimization solutions to effectively manage their software estate. However, for these solutions to deliver on their promise, they need to access data from many sources, in a timely manner, to enable the determination of an accurate and optimized license position. Collected data types include purchase order and contract data, hardware and software inventory data, and organizational data to map users to computers and applications. Manual entry of this type of data is error-prone and extremely time consuming. For SAM and license optimization solutions to meet the anticipated business goals, organizations need to find an effective and cost-efficient way to automatically import the data from the appropriate sources and validate the data. Flexera Software provides a number of adapters that allow automated import of data from various sources to support the FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises solution. However, to achieve the best results and determine the most appropriate adapter for the project, it is important to understand the types of data, the formats needed, and how this data will be transformed to be most useful to the solution. Adapter Configuration and Development Service The Adapter Configuration and Development Service is designed to help organizations implement the connectivity required to import data from several different sources—inventory tools, ERP systems, procurement systems, Active Directory and HR systems--into the FlexNet Manager Platform asset management repository. The Platform provides scalable hardware and software asset management across more the 14,000 publishers and 110,000 applications and is the foundation of the FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises. This data is required to allow the FlexNet Manager Suite solutions to help organizations maintain license compliance and determine an accurate and optimized license position. This service helps organizations define their adapter needs and reduces the cost of implementing the required connectivity through adapter reuse and tools that streamline adapter development. DATASHEET Adaptor Configuration and Development Service Reports & Alerts • Asset Reports • License Compliance • Entitlement Management • Savings Agent & Agent-less Discovery for Windows, UNIX, Linux, MAC, VMs, etc. POs & Contracts Helpdesk/ Service Catalog Org/User Data Data Feeds Application Recognition Library SKU Library Product Use Rights Library Optimization Engine b U Benefits to Your Organization: • Implement a highly connected SAM and license optimization solution that streamlines license management processes • Automate data import and validation for greater processing efficiency, reduced errors, and improved license optimization • Reduce the cost of implementing system connectivity through adapter reuse and tools that streamline adapter development Figure 1: Data feeds for SAM and license optimization come from many sources—inventory tools, procurement systems, HR and Active Directory systems, etc. Reduce Implementation Costs and Streamline Adapter Development
  2. 2. Other available adapters include Big Fix, Blackberry Server, CA Inventory, Casper, Marimba, LANDesk, SoftGrid, uCMDB and more. Additionally, this service can help expedite adapter development using the following tools: • Business Adapter Studio – supports rapid development of Adapter XML code for connecting to ERP and Procurement systems, that incorporates: – Vendors – Vendor Contacts – Contracts – POs – Users – Assets – Enterprise Groups (Location, Cost Center, and Business Unit) • Inventory Adapter Studio – supports rapid development of Adapter XML and SQL code for importing hardware and software inventory data from other third party tools Included in this service is interaction with a Customer Data Integration Architect and other appropriate experts in the organization to prepare an Adapter Specification to capture the following information: • System and data integration requirements • Business workflows and logic, including mapping of data between disparate data sources • Data mapping from the source data to FlexNet Manager Platform entities and properties • Data cleansing, integrity checks and filtering Each adapter will be configured and tested based on sample data provided. Finally, the service consultant will help install, set up and validate operation of the Adapter. FlexNet Manager Platform provides out-of-the-box integration with: Microsoft SCCM / SCCM 2012 Microsoft Hyper-V Altiris Citrix XenApp Oracle MS Active Sync Citrix EdgeSight IBM ILMT VMware
  3. 3. Adapter Configuration and Development Service Objectives There are two primary objectives of this service: • Clearly identify and document the data needed by the solution, understand what is available, and how it will be imported into the FlexNet Manager Platform repository • Provide the appropriate set of adapters to automate the data import process Delivery Approach The service will be delivered as a mix of on- and offsite activities and will include: • Design session where each data source and the associated processes are reviewed, including: – Hardware inventory, software inventory, application usage data – User accounts (HR or Active Directory systems) – Asset data – Enterprise groups - locations, business units or cost centers (HR or Active Directory systems) – Vendors and vendor contacts (ERP, procurement systems) – Purchase orders (procurement system) – Contracts (ERP, procurement systems) • Detailed design document that identifies the Adapters that will be developed, the source of the data, how the data is processed, when it is processed, and how it is displayed via the User Interface (UI) and reports. The design document includes: – Detailed design including source and format – Schedule of when the Adapter import process will be executed – Mapping of data to Platform fields – Testing criteria – Organization-provided sample file in the appropriate format • The building and testing of the Adapter in an offsite virtual environment specifically developed for the organization. Where available, existing adapters are modified and reused. Where not available, Adapter Studio tools are used to streamline development • Delivery of resulting Adapter code for installation. The installed code is deployed to the Development, Test and/or Production environments. Adapters are tested and validated to ensure they properly connect to the data sources and process the data correctly • Development of scheduled tasks associated with the Adapter which are built to execute in sequence with the other adapters and processes • The final delivery is captured and presented in the Design Document Project Timeline The timeline for this engagement is as follows: Range of 3-7 days depending on number of adapters Deliverables Key deliverables may include the following items: • Adapter Design Document • Adapter Code • Adapter installation and testing • Scheduled tasks configured in the organization’s environment Primary Audience The primary target audience for this service is the Project Sponsor and Project Lead in an organization that is contemplating the purchase or who has already purchased a Software License Optimization (SLO) solution. Design document is completed and delivered Adapter execution schedule Adapter installed in Development/Test environments, validated and modified as needed Development/Test environments and adapters are built Adapter design document created and approved Formal design session Process workshops
  4. 4. Copyright © 2012 Flexera Software LLC. All other brand and product names mentioned herein may be the trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective owners. FX_SD_SLO-AdapterDevelopment_Sept12 Flexera Software LLC 1000 East Woodfield Road, Suite 400 Schaumburg, IL 60173 USA Schaumburg (Global Headquarters): +1 800-809-5659 United Kingdom (Europe, Middle East Headquarters): +44 870-871-1111 +44 870-873-6300 Australia (Asia, Pacific Headquarters): +61 3-9895-2000 For more office locations visit: Software License Optimization Services and Solutions Software spending and license complexity continue to grow and organizations require best practice processes and next generation tools to gain control of their software estate. Flexera Software’s Software License Optimization Services provide the data and insights needed to understand the business value of a SAM and license optimization program, as well as the processes and roadmaps required for successful implementation. License optimization services provide organizations with an accurate and optimized view of their license position, enabling them to reduce ongoing cost and risk and accelerate time to value. Our FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises is the only Software License Optimization product that automates and optimizes license and contract management processes to reduce software license, maintenance and audit costs, while maintaining license compliance. About Flexera Software Flexera Software is the leading provider of strategic solutions for Application Usage Management; solutions delivering continuous compliance, optimized usage and maximized value to application producers and their customers. Flexera Software is trusted by more than 80,000 customers that depend on our comprehensive solutions- from installation and licensing, entitlement and compliance management to application readiness and software license optimization - to strategically manage application usage and achieve breakthrough results realized only through the systems-level approach we provide. For more information, please go to: Next Steps: Learn more about optimizing your software license management processes – visit or contact a Flexera Software representative.