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FlexNet Delivery and FlexNet Operations On-Demand Tips & Tricks


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FlexNet Delivery and FlexNet Operations On-Demand Tips & Tricks Presented at SoftSummit 2010

Published in: Technology
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FlexNet Delivery and FlexNet Operations On-Demand Tips & Tricks

  1. 1. FlexNetDelivery & OperationsOn-DemandTips & Tricks
  2. 2. 2010 Tip & TricksSelf RegistrationGoogle AnalyticsPassword security – Password Finder Token – Password and Member ExpirationBatch QueuingEmail – Links from Order Email – Template Localization – Test messagesHTML Documents – Page Instructions / Instructional video – Help contentEvaluation OrdersReporter 2
  3. 3. Self Registration
  4. 4. Self RegistrationAllows users to add themselvesto an account without theintervention of an administratorCan be limited to email domainby account
  5. 5. Google Analytics - Dashboard Page views P i Session analysis Geographics Usage patterns Language Connection speed C ti d
  6. 6. Google Analytics - Language
  7. 7. Google Analytics - LanguageYou can also see if the new visits are much different
  8. 8. Google Analytics – Connection Speed
  9. 9. Google Analytics – Country Overlay
  10. 10. Password Security - TokenDon tDon’t send password in email body
  11. 11. Password Security – Password ExpirationConfigurable expiration policy and password strength
  12. 12. Password Security – Member ExpirationSet expiration for temporary users during creation
  13. 13. Batch ProcessingHigh Priority – puts next job in front of the queue (“cutting in line ) ( cutting line”)Secondary Queue – recommended for large jobsAvailable in UI and XML API
  14. 14. Order Email – Page Shortcuts Order Detail orderID= [[ORDER_ID]] Purchase History No parameter required Password Finder No parameter required Product PageSite hostname alone will redirect to the default page for your catalogItemID= [[SKU]]site Download Page pdkey= (your file ID) productID ( o r prod ct prod ctID = (your product ID)
  15. 15. Localized EmailLocalized site not requiredSupported by ‘Send Preview’
  16. 16. Language Specification Language specified will g g p be used if email has content for that language List of available languages must be configured for the site
  17. 17. HTML ContentPage Instructions * Wrapper * FAQs * User Manual * Localized
  18. 18. HTML Content subscribenet com/subscribenet/documentation/Features/FeatureCustomPageInstructionsHTML pdf
  19. 19. HTML EditorRaw HTML vs WYSIWYG
  20. 20. Hover text for additional detail
  21. 21. Internal User – Evaluation OrdersGive evaluations to prospects without processing orders in ManagerSubmitted by Sales Reps or SEs
  22. 22. Reporter Mass Filter CreationProblem. You have just been emailed a spreadsheet with 1000 email addresses and need a report based on those members.How do you get these:Into here? 22
  23. 23. Reporter Mass Filter Creation (cont.)When using an “In” or “not in” clause in a Reporter prompt, the field accepts semicolon “;” separated values. For example if “joe;jeff;sue” is entered into the prompts input line, 3 values would be added to the filter: joe, jeff and sue.A few ways to accomplish this task 1. Manually enter values 1. 1 For example type joe;jeff;sue in the prompt entry box box. 2. Create the list somewhere else 1. Go into Word/Notepad/vi/??? and create the list, then use copy and paste. 3. 3 Use Excel macro to create large list 1. Use macro which creates up to a 32,000 character list of values. 1. Great for large lists. 2. An example macro is available from your friendly Account Manager.Be sure to hit enter or click the button after pasting the values.
  24. 24. In-line Function Creation - PercentageEasily add functions to Reporter for better understanding of data.1. Add percentage of total column. 1. 1 Right click col mn to add percentage for – Acco nt Co nt in this e ample column Account Count example 2. Choose “Calculation Percentage” 3. Automatically adds a column to report
  25. 25. In-line Function Creation – Running SumEasily add functions to Reporter for better understanding of data.1. Running Sum shows the “Running Total” for values.2. Right click on column, choose Insert/New Column/Right.3.3 Double li k in D bl click i new column and modify f l d dif formula. l4. Formula is: “=RunningSum([THE FIELD NAME TO TOTAL])”* Works with all functions
  26. 26. Display Prompt Summary In ReportShow the values inputted for all prompts.1. Show a “generic” prompt summary 1. Choose “Chart And Table Types” 2. Choose “Prompt Summary” p y 3. Choose “Insert” 4. Click in report to place text box.• Cannot modify text• Displays all prompts and the query name• If added as new block, java editor will be required for query changes
  27. 27. Display Prompt Values In ReportIndividual prompt values can also be displayed.1.1 Create a report with a prompt called “Account Create Year:” Account Year: 1. Notice the semicolon. That’s part of the text, it must be included in the formula below2. Add a blank cell to report.3. Add a formula to the blank cell4. Must specify all prompts you’d like displayed
  28. 28. Any tips y want to share? y p you 28