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FlexNet Operations


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FlexNet Operations

  1. 1. DATASHEET FlexNet Operations End-to-End Entitlement Management for Managing the Entire License Lifecycle of Software, Entitlements and Devices Benefits to Application Producers • Improve efficiency by managing multiple license generators and technologies with a single system • Accelerate revenue recognition and reduce manual effort by automating the entire license lifecycle of software, entitlements and devices • Increase channel revenue by tracking channel performance and planning incentive programs to meet business goals • Ease the pain of mergers and acquisitions by easily integrating new license generators into a single system • Maximize revenue with new licensing models (support for the full software licensing spectrum) and better tracking and reporting • Cut support costs and improve customer satisfaction by empowering end-user self-service • Reduce software license leakage due to virtual machine cloning • Bring products to market faster by quickly creating new product configurations and license models Application producers, both software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers, often underestimate how complicated managing software and device entitlements can be. Homegrown and legacy entitlement management tools might work initially, but can rarely scale and count to meet the changing needs of the software and intelligent device industries. FlexNet® Operations provides a single, end-to-end entitlement management solution, from license lifecycle management for software, entitlements and devices, to software delivery and entitlement driven software updates. Manage Entitlements More Efficiently FlexNet® Operations gives you the power to manage software entitlements, subscriptions, and devices easily and efficiently. It cuts operational costs by automating the generation, fulfillment and activation of entitlements and improves customer satisfaction by providing a consistent experience and a 24x7 self-service Web portal. Build New Revenue Streams with Flexible Software Licensing Models FlexNet Operations lets you capitalize on new revenue opportunities by quickly creating new product configurations and license models–without involving your IT or development staff—while helping you to slash inventory costs by using software licensing, entitlement management and license lifecycle management to easily create and manage products.* Better Understand Customers and Boost Sales with Rich Reporting Data FlexNet Operations has rich reporting capabilities that give you detailed insight information such as who is receiving entitlements for what product, the ratio of entitlements to software activations, how often entitlements are being returned and re-hosted and which customers are requesting temporary licenses. Ease the Pain of Mergers and Acquisitions FlexNet Operations makes entitlement management and software license tracking far more efficient, while simplifying the back-office integration issues that come with mergers and acquisitions. FlexNet Operations can also integrate with your ERP and CRM systems, so you can streamline order entry, license generation, fulfillment, and change requests from customers. Increase Customer Satisfaction FlexNet Operations helps empower you, your customers and channel partners with a Web-based self-service portal they can access 24x7. The portal enables you to easily return, modify, and rehost licenses and reassign entitlements, subscriptions, and device capabilities at any time without calling your support staff. *requires FlexNet License Lifecycle Management “Flexera Software has helped us transition our focus from individual, repetitive customer fulfillment transaction processing to customer self-service enablement – a far more strategic and high- impact place to be. Since then, Sybase’s per-unit distribution costs have dropped more than 80 percent.” – Bob Mullen Director of Operations, Sybase “The Entitlement Management Solution from Flexera Software has helped Alcatel-Lucent improve the way we view and administer entitlements. Now our license generators can be consolidated into a single system, saving us time and money while giving customers a more consistent experience.” – Manish Sharma Alcatel-Lucent
  2. 2. FlexNet License Lifecycle Management: Cut Operational Costs by Automating the Generation, Fulfillment, and Activation of Software Licenses and Entitlements Application producers frequently release new versions, updates and features for their software and devices, which sometimes makes it difficult for their enterprise customers to manage the license through its lifecycle, let alone understand what they are entitled to use. When you couple FlexNet Operations (On-Premises or Cloud) entitlement management with FlexNet License Lifecycle Management you can quickly create product configurations to meet market demands, cut your operational costs by automating the generation, fulfillment and activation of software licenses and entitlements for your on-premises, cloud, SaaS, virtualized and embedded applications. With FlexNet License Lifecycle Management you have the ability and flexibility to: • Manage the entire software license lifecycle–fulfill, activate, return, re-host and repair software licenses • Manage the licensing lifecycle of devices–manage the licensing activities related to devices including creating, provisioning (and de-provisioning) capacity and capabilities, rebalancing, returns and moving devices • Support virtualization and cloud environments–detect-and- deny or detect-and-activate products in virtual and cloud environments to protect against accidental cloning* • Report on software and device licenses–analyze licenses by customer, license status, product and version, expiration dates and more to help you make better decisions FlexNet Advanced Organization Management: Manage and Track Software Entitlements Across the Entire Organization and Channel Partners One of the biggest challenges application producers and their enterprise customers’ face is their ability to create, manage and track software entitlements across the entire organization– including all the subsidiaries and departments within the enterprise. In addition, if you are like most application producers you likely have multiple channel partners and distributors for your products, yet you don’t have much visibility into how those channel partners or distributors are actually performing. When you couple FlexNet Operations (On-Premises Only) entitlement management with FlexNet Advanced Organization Management you have the ability and flexibility to: • Create and manage tier number of customers, users and permissions–the hierarchy of business units within a company can be represented and updated easily with FlexNet Advanced Organization Management. You can assign different roles and permissions user or users based on the business unit they belong to. It also helps you and your customers handle decentralized purchasing and accurately track software entitlements and departmental charge-backs • Track, report and transfer software entitlements between producers and tiers of channel partners and distributors Direct Orders or Channel Orders Self-Service end Customers Channel Partners Order Software Add-ons Analyze Renew Add-ons Upgrade Add-ons Download Install Activate Software Add-ons Configure Provision Device De-activate Add-ons Move/ Return Software Entitlement and License Lifecycle Management Software Product Binaries License Rights FlexNet Operations Modules * Requires a FlexNet Licensing Virtualization Platform purchase.
  3. 3. FlexNet Usage Management: Support Usage-Based Trust but Verify Software Licensing and Compliance Models To stay competitive and grow market share many application producers adopt their software licensing and compliance models to meet the changing needs of their enterprise customers. Recently, many enterprise customers have indicated that (for some products and in some markets) they want to move to a usage-based trust but verify software license compliance management model and in some cases only pay for what they use. When you couple FlexNet Operations (Cloud Only) entitlement management with FlexNet Usage Management you have the ability and flexibility to: • Support usage-based trust-but-verify software licensing and compliance models–by implementing a usage-based trust but verify model you can offer your enterprise customers pricing based on actual usage (pay-for-use, pay-for-burst, pay-for-overage, etc.) • Provide visibility into actual usage–your enterprise customer can access the enterprise dashboard to self- control and self-monitor actual usage data and reconcile against the software entitlement • Support compliance initiatives–your access to the enterprise usage data helps you support enterprise compliance conversations with a single source of truth (usage versus entitlement) • Export usage data–you, the producer, can export usage data to an external billing system and your enterprise customer can download the usage data for pattern analysis and optimization FlexNet Electronic Software Delivery: Eliminate Physical Fulfillment Costs by Electronically Delivering your Software to Customers Today’s application producers need the power to cost- effectively distribute their products to customers worldwide. Fulfilling software via physical media incurs freight, assembly, warehousing and management costs. Studies show these costs add up to $30 per unit on average and may account for 3-4 percent of product line revenues. Many homegrown FTP sites are not secure and typically provide no way to enforce entitlements or track who has downloaded your software. Electronic software delivery (or electronic software distribution) is a way to solve these challenges quickly and efficiently. When you couple FlexNet Operations (Cloud) entitlement management with FlexNet Electronic Software Delivery you can eliminate physical fulfillment costs and ensure that only customers that are entitled to use your software can download it. With FlexNet Electronic Software Delivery entitlement-based software distribution you can: • Eliminate physical fulfillment costs • Protect maintenance and subscription revenues • Improve customer satisfaction by delivering software and updates to customers via a 24x7 self-service portal • Increase cross-sell and up-sell revenues – by reporting on your customer’s download activity at a product version level • Ensure compliance with complex software export regulations, revenue recognition, and data privacy rules • Accelerate revenue recognition–many producers and intelligence device manufacturers can recognize revenues as soon as end customers finish downloading their software • Provide rapid implementation, high up-time operational service levels, along with Web services for data access and integration to ERP/CRM systems “FlexNet Operations has improved our software fulfillment and entitlement process in many ways. The intuitive cataloging system, file validation and built-in tools such as automatic MD5 checksum validation (ensures files uploaded and stored have not been modified and corrupted in any way) are just some of the things that have saved us valuable time and improved our service. We are able to turn-around software requests much more quickly which has resulted in greater customer satisfaction. We are very pleased with the service!” – Steven Pratt Product Support Manager, FICO FlexNet Operations Modules Figure 2: View Usage
  4. 4. Flexera Software LLC (Global Headquarters): +1 800-809-5659 United Kingdom (Europe, Middle East Headquarters): +44 870-871-1111 +44 870-873-6300 Australia (Asia, Pacific Headquarters): +61 3-9895-2000 For more office locations visit: Copyright © 2015 Flexera Software LLC. All other brand and product names mentioned herein may be the trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective owners. FNO_DS_Jan15 The Industry’s Top Choice for Software Monetization Flexera Software is the industry’s solution of choice for software monetization. Helping software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers to innovate products faster, streamline back-office entitlement management processes, and simplify software updating and distribution. Flexera Software licensing solutions are used by over 3,000 application producers to protect and monetize over 20,000 software applications. Flexera Software was awarded the Frost Sullivan 2011 Global Market Share Leadership Award in Software-Enforced License Management. FlexNet Operations is available as an On-Premises or as a Cloud, software-as-a-service deployment. FlexNet Operations provides rapid implementation, high up-time operational service levels, along with Web service and XML data access and integration. FlexNet Operations Cloud is SSAE SOC 2 certified. The SOC 2 certification is designed to provide a means for service organizations to quantify their adherence to the Trust Service Principles (TSP’s). The TSP’s are specific controls relevant to security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality. Flexera Software Professional Services enables you to accelerate and increase the value your organization receives from Flexera Software solutions. Each one of our experts average more than ten years’ experience in software monetization. Through subject matter expertise and a proven methodology, we can help you implement and evaluate current or potential strategies to achieve your business objectives. About Flexera Software Flexera Software helps application producers and enterprises increase application usage and the value they derive from their software. Our next-generation software licensing, compliance and installation solutions are essential to ensure continuous licensing compliance, optimized software investments and to future-proof businesses against the risks and costs of constantly changing technology. Over 80,000 customers turn to Flexera Software as a trusted and neutral source for the knowledge and expertise we have gained as the marketplace leader for over 25 years and for the automation and intelligence designed into our products. For more information, please go to: Next Step: Visit to view online demos, webinars and read white papers, or call 1-800-809-5659. “Flexera Software’s embedded software licensing and entitlement management solution enables CPU Tech to protect our intellectual property and allow the customer to operate in a classified/ secure area without internet access. We needed a solution that enables a solid revenue model without expanding our manufacturing costs.” “With Flexera Software we can now easily upgrade and downgrade our customers without deploying additional hardware as well as offer them licensing and pricing models based on roles and features.” – Ryan Kenny CPU Tech