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FlexNet Publisher Datasheet


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Increase revenues by using software licensing to protect software from unauthorized use without impacting your customers

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FlexNet Publisher Datasheet

  1. 1. FlexNet PublisherD ATA S H E E T Monetize and Protect Your IP with Flexible Software Licensing—On-Premises, SaaS, Cloud and Virtualized The software industry continues to change. Slow on-premises, SaaS, Cloud or virtualized application. “IT buyers wish to focus revenue growth, mergers and acquisitions, piracy, It enables you to monetize and protect your IP to on allocating resources virtualization, SaaS, the Cloud, and the growing realize increased revenues and experience greater more efficiently and demand for utility-based software licensing models market penetration. generating ROI, which are just a few of the forces reshaping the landscape. means negotiating the most beneficial license Cut Support Costs with Easy End-User License agreements. In this To cope with these changes, software vendors and Management environment, FlexNet intelligent device manufacturers must find ways With other licensing solutions, when customers Publisher can help to boost sales by offering customers the licensing install or move licenses, errors often occur that software vendors deliver options they want, while preventing revenue loss by frustrate end users and increase your support costs. customized licensing protecting software IP from unlicensed use. FlexNet Publisher lets you offer customers a way solutions and the terms to activate and change licenses while maintaining to go with them.” Grow Revenue with Flexible Software Licensing, compliance. With FlexNet Publisher, activations and – Amy Konary Pricing, and Packaging license changes are reduced to a single click, so Research Director FlexNet Publisher gives you flexibility to customize customers can start using your products more quickly Software Pricing, software pricing, packaging, and licensing terms for without involving your support staff. Licensing and Delivery broader and deeper market penetration. It helps you IDC grow revenue by offering licensing terms, pricing Flexera Software: Software Licensing and models, and product bundles that fit each customer’s Entitlement Management Leader “We knew we would be needs. And you can make these changes on the fly, Flexera Software solutions have long been a gaining advantages by without waiting for your development team’s help. de facto industry standard in software license universally automating management—part of a strategic solution for product licensing, but Software Protection with Advanced Security Application Usage Management. More than we wanted to make without Alienating Customers 3,000 software vendors and intelligent device the transformation as FlexNet Publisher makes it easy to monetize, secure, manufacturers rely on our software licensing seamless as possible enhance, and grow market share through the solutions to protect and monetize over 20,000 for our customers and flexible pricing, packaging, and licensing of your software applications, in addition, Flexera colleagues. We felt we software. It also gives you the power to protect Software was recognized by the industry as the were well-positioned your IP and rein in unauthorized software use to “Best software product for software vendors” to take what Flexera prevent revenue loss due to unlicensed software use. (SIIA, 2007). Software had and It helps ensure only licensed users can access your integrate it with our products according to your contract terms. What FlexNet Publisher is a key component of product line and create separates FlexNet Publisher from other solutions Flexera Software’s Entitlement and Compliance a combined offering that is that it enforces security and protection without Management Solution, delivering broad would be attractive to negatively impacting the usability of your products capabilities for software licensing, subscription our customers.” and alienating your customers. and entitlement management, as well as electronic – Chuck Schwerin software distribution and updates. Senior Product Manager Licensing Support for all the Latest Technologies of Licensing Technologies FlexNet Publisher provides licensing support for Pitney Bowes Business Insight all your IP regardless of whether it offered as an (formerly MapInfo)
  2. 2. Monetize Your IP with Flexible Software Licensing, Pricing, and PackagingBenefits of To maximize revenue and market penetration, software vendors and intelligent device manufacturersFlexNet Publisher need to offer pricing models and product configurations that fit their customers’ needs.• Flexible software licensing for monetizing FlexNet Publisher gives you complete flexibility in deciding which pricing, packaging, and licensing and protecting all your terms to use with your software. It gives you the power to quickly react to market changes by altering IP—on-premises, SaaS, your product pricing and packaging on the fly without help from development. Cloud and virtualized• Creatively package FlexNet Publisher makes it easy for you to introduce products with a simple licensing model, such and bundle products as locked licensing, and then easily migrate to more sophisticated models like floating licensing, for broader and deeper product bundle licensing and usage-based licensing–all without any infrastructure upgrades. market penetration• Change pricing and • Creatively price, package, and bundle products for broader and deeper market penetration licensing terms quickly to match market • Quickly create lite, standard, and premium product versions to better target customers from one demand software binary • Cross-sell and up-sell products licensed together as packages and suites• Prevent unauthorized use of your products • Select from a matrix of more than 1,000 licensing models, including locked, floating, without negatively named-user, subscription, capacity, metered, and time-limited models impacting usability• Cut support costs by TARGETED LICENSING TARGET & PACKAGING MARKETS making it easy for customers to activate SOFTWARE PRODUCT and manage licenses PACKAGE OPTIONS A B C D Concurrent/Floating Science/Engineering LicenseIndustry Trends FlexNet A B& Statistics Publisher A B C• Significant growth of Node-Locked License Personal Productivity the Cloud and SaaS Software• Adoption of usage- Vendor C D A B based software licensing and pricing Software-as-a-Service Enterprise Class Software business models• Continued adoption of server virtualization FlexNet Publisher enables you to flexibly package and price software for different markets.• Adoption of product activation is growing: Software Monetization and Protection in Virtualized Environments With FlexNet Publisher’s virtualization capabilities, you are able to further monetize and protect your “35% of software software revenue by preventing software leakage due to virtualization. Virtualization has changed producers used Internet the software landscape by making it easier to create multiple machines on a single physical machine. activation in 2010 versus 28% in 2009.” However it also creates a potential vulnerability in terms of license enforcement and compliance.– Best Practices for Product Activation/Business Flexera Software has collaborated with leading virtualization platform manufacturers like VMware Software Alliance and Microsoft, along with leading ISVs to provide a rich set of capabilities that allow you to address revenue monetization and protection in a virtualized environment that recognizes the importance of• Software piracy customer satisfaction. Using FlexNet Publisher you apply the appropriate enforcement strategy for still prevalent: a given customer based upon the level of trust you have with that customer, including virtualization “42% of software support for both certificate-based and trusted storage-based licensing models. installed is illegal, costing software For different customers and geographies, you can define enforcement policies and support for use of producers nearly software within virtual environments, including “detect and deny” and “detect and report.” For those $59 billion annually customers deemed as belonging to the “high trust” zone, you can decide to let your software operate in lost revenue.” in such environments. By doing so, you are ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction by – Business Software letting customers take full advantage of the benefits of virtualization such as high-availability and fault Alliance 2010 tolerance by enabling licenses to be moved from one physical machine to another without failure.
  3. 3. Easy License Activation and ManagementA large percentage of support costs come from licensing solutions where customers encounter Customer Quoteproblems activating, moving, or changing licenses. FlexNet Publisher helps eliminate these costs by “Our customersoffering your customers an easy way to activate and manage your licenses. expressed a desire to pay for the software theyWith FlexNet Publisher your customers can activate and change licenses with a single click of the used in a more accurate way and wanted greatermouse. Every change is automatically captured and optionally communicated to your back office. flexibility in applyingIt helps your customers begin using your products rapidly without involving your support staff or licenses across the entireviolating your contracts. product suite. FlexNet Publisher is helping us to • Provide customers with single-click license activation, deactivation, returns, transfers, upgrades, remain competitive in the market, and we can and renewals now relate and adapt • Ensure compliance when customers modify or transfer licenses to our customer’s • Capture customer information automatically during the license activation process needs more quickly and effectively. As weKeeping Honest Customers Honest continue to evolve our product line, we seeFlexNet Publisher helps prevent unauthorized (and often unintentional) misuse of your software FlexNet Publisher aswithout alienating your customers. It has Trusted Storage (patent pending) technology that delivers a key component ofyour usage rules in the form of license certificates to special and protected locations on each keeping us agile andcustomer’s computer. customer-focused.” – Gary DransfieldFlexNet Publisher not only enforces your rules, but notifies you of any license changes, so you can Commercial Managercontrol usage without impacting usability. AVEVA Engineering • Store licensing rules on computers and protect them from malicious attacks or unintended changes “As Foray Technologies expands its business • Enable customers to manage licenses as needed without violating compliance globally, we really • Turn off licenses to prevent abuse during deactivation, transfers, or upgrades need the power and flexibility that we can get only from a mature Suite like FlexNet Operations Server Publisher. There’s no End-User Machine way we could approach its level of speed and sophistication with 2 Fulfill and Activate (1 license N times) an internally 1 Order developed solution.” 3 Return Activated License – Mont Rothstein 4 Rehost Entitlement Vice President of Product Development End-User Machine Foray Technologies Software Vendor Enterprise Activated Supported Platforms License FlexNet Publisher supports over 20 platforms, including VMware, LSB, UNIX, Windows, MAC OS X,FlexNet Publisher makes it easy to manage and control end-user license changes. and many more.
  4. 4. Monetize and Protect Your IP with Flexible Software Licensing—On-Premises,SaaS, Cloud and VirtualizedAbout Flexera SoftwareFlexera Software is the leading provider of strategic solutionsfor Application Usage Management; solutions deliveringcontinuous compliance, optimized usage and maximizedvalue to application producers and their customers. FlexeraSoftware is trusted by more than 80,000 customers thatdepend on our comprehensive solutions- from installationand licensing, entitlement and compliance management toapplication readiness and enterprise license optimization- to strategically manage application usage and achievebreakthrough results realized only through the systems-levelapproach we provide. For more information, please go Next Step: Call Flexera Software at 1-800-809-5659 or visit to learn more.Flexera Software LLC Schaumburg United Kingdom (Europe, Japan (Asia, For more office locations visit:1000 East Woodfield Road, (Global Headquarters): Middle East Headquarters): Pacific Headquarters): www.flexerasoftware.comSuite 400 +1 800-809-5659 +44 870-871-1111 +81 3-4360-8291Schaumburg, IL 60173 USA +44 870-873-6300Copyright © 2011 Flexera Software LLC. All other brand and product names mentioned herein may be the trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective owners. FNP_DS_Oct11