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FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications datasheet


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FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications Datasheet

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FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications datasheet

  1. 1. FlexNet Manager forD ATA S H E E T Engineering Applications Cut Software Costs with Centralized License Management and Usage Tracking Benefits to Organizations that don’t centrally manage concurrent Too often, other tools and methods provide reports that Your Organization: license usage often face a series of expensive problems. are isolated by server. They lack an overall view across • Optimize software use They routinely overspend and buy licenses they don’t the enterprise, offer little insight into trends, and do and reduce spending need, or under spend and deny end users access to not link usage to contracts, organizational structure or by 30% or more critical software. They annually renew support plans costs. In order to make decisions, organizations are left • Ease license server they no longer need, are vulnerable to software with countless time-consuming, manual steps. administration audits, and require a large number of administrators to manage concurrent license servers. With the usage reports provided by FlexNet Manager, • Improve end-user organizations now have a complete understanding productivity by With 25 years of experience as the producers of of their actual licensing needs, and can save money minimizing license denials FlexNet®, a leading licensing technology embedded by making accurate software purchasing decisions. in over 20,000 applications, Flexera Software® is They can cut costs further by identifying underutilized • Maintain compliance uniquely capable of helping organizations monitor, licenses that can be reallocated to other departments with vendor license manage and report on software usage using FlexNet and by determining which annual support plans no agreements Manager. This solution also offers a way to analyze longer need to be renewed. With greater insight into • Budget for the future usage and denial trends in relation to license terms, software usage, procurement and finance teams can more accurately costs and organizational structure. also better plan and budget for future purchases and avoid unpleasant surprises. Specializing in Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Exploration & Centrally Manage Licenses across Your Production (E&P) and Product Lifecycle Management Organization (PLM) applications, FlexNet Manager for Engineering FlexNet Manager provides a single console view of Applications constantly tracks activity and records the near real-time use of all the concurrent licenses in all usage data in a centralized database. With the environment. This enables a single administrator to everything brought together for you, it’s easy to identify proactively resolve availability issues, maintain server “We now opportunities to minimize costs, optimize software and agent health, and optimize software licensing understand exactly spend, increase utilization and productivity and operations throughout the organization in a more what our license address license compliance issues. automated and standardized way. requirements are for the whole FlexNet Manager® for Engineering Applications is a The new Operational Dashboard in FlexNet Manager corporation.” key part of the FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises. for Engineering Applications provides an out-of-the-box, This enterprise license optimization solution allows near real-time license management reporting interface, Dan Griffith businesses to gain control of their software estate, Key components include: – Freescale Semiconductor, Inc reduce ongoing licensing costs, maintain license • License Feature Usage compliance, and accurately forecast future needs across • icense Feature Denials—timely insight to aid L a wide range of applications. faster resolution • Excess License Usage by User report Optimize Software Spending, Ensure Compliance • License Server Status FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications allows organizations to track and report on actual software It reports both FlexEnabled and LUM application license usage for FlexEnabled applications, LUM status and provides quick, at-a-glance views into applications, and other third party licensing systems. daily operations. The Operational Dashboard is Now organizations can stop relying on manual audits customizable by view and by user, allowing the and other tools that only provide snapshots in time creation of ‘my dashboard’ by each FlexNet and start using FlexNet Manager to accurately identify Manager user. usage trends.
  2. 2. other types of software used throughout the enterprise, showing Purchased, Consumed and Used licenses by Product, Vendor, Business Unit, etc. Software Investment Planner – Get answers to business questions more quickly and easily with this powerful planning tool that provides detailed insight into software usage and denial trends as they relate to contractual license terms, costs and organizational structure. Unlike any other tool on the market, it recommends purchase quantities based upon past usage trends and other customizable factors. This helps organizations to more accurately plan and budget for the future and determine the right mix of software to purchase or retire to minimize software costs. Investment Planner also helps identify the most efficient way to distribute licenses across the organization, effectively manage license denials and addressFlexNet Manager completely automates many routine license license compliance tasks. Automated alerts can also be set to instantlynotify administrators of potential licensing problems before theyaffect end users.License Usage Analysis and ReportingTrack and Manage FlexEnabled® Licenses – Over 20,000applications on the market are embedded with FlexNet licensingtechnology. As the makers of FlexNet, Flexera Software isuniquely capable of providing organizations access to the mostcomplete and meaningful insight into the software usage of thesevaluable applications.Track and Manage LUM-enabled Applications – Organizationsthat rely on CATIA, ENOVIA SmarTeam, or other LUM-enabledapplications can use FlexNet Manager to report on and optimizethese licenses too - all with a single interface and workflow.FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications now has workflowintegration with LUM license servers. This provides the ability to Database-Powered Reporting – Quickly get accurate licensecapture license information from LUM servers, monitor status of usage data with FlexNet Manager’s database-powered reportingthese servers and schedule regular log file imports to feed into the engine. Run queries against the database to generate detailed,FlexNet Manager reporting system. The new user interface allows accurate licensing reports. FlexNet Manager also allowsadministrators to select LUM servers and set the import schedule. organizations to use third-party or custom reporting tools to query the database.Common Report Log – FlexNet Manager enables enterprisesto define a report log format and import it using the FlexNet Custom Reporting Powered by Cognos – Create custom reportsManager graphical user interface or the command line. with Report Designer. Use several chart and graph options toThis functionality enables enterprises to import non-FlexNet make data more meaningful and easier to digest. Import LDAP(and non-LUM) report logs for usage reporting and tracking organizational structure to quickly identify software usage bypurposes. FlexNet Manager provides comprehensive reporting business unit or user. FlexNet Manager provides granular accessacross engineering and technical applications and enables permission control by report and by folder. This allows fororganizations to do consolidated planning for enterprise-wide separation of data reports by users and the creation of view-onlysoftware licensing needs. reports based on business needs.Aggregate Data to Meet Reporting Needs – FlexNet Managerfor Engineering Applications provides data organization inhourly, daily and monthly aggregations to ensure the right datais captured and organized at the right granularity for disk savingsand significantly improved reporting performance.FlexNet Manager Platform Integration – FlexNet Manager forEngineering Applications has been integrated with the FlexNetManager Platform to allow use of the common ExecutiveDashboard reporting function. The Platform dashboard reportslicense compliance for Engineering Applications along with many
  3. 3. Peak Usage and Denial Reporting – Anticipate and preventlicense denials. This report displays license usage trends, showingthe days and times when it’s at its maximum and minimum, soadministrators can see when the probability of denials will behigh and take appropriate action. High Water Mark Reports – Understand peak usage of licenses over time to optimize license purchases and more effectively manage peak demand. Server Coverage Reports – Document the time period a particular license server was serving licenses, as well as any significant periods of downtime.Usage Efficiency Reports – See the amount each license is beingused in order to determine the proper number of licenses needed Raw Reports – Improve analysis and troubleshooting of licenseon an ongoing basis. server activity by seeing individual usage events for every license checkout.Usage Over Time Reports – See the maximum number of licensesin use over a period of time to determine which licenses to renew Scripting Support – Enter script commands in the FlexNetand which to drop. Manager UI during report configuration to perform custom actions after the reports are generated. Scripts can also be usedOrganization Structure Management – By reporting usage by to automatically respond to various unit, geography, project, or time zone, organizationscan identify how licenses can be shared and allocated to ensure Report Scheduler – Schedule reports to automatically run withoutmaximum use. User data can be maintained in two ways: make human intervention.major updates by importing xml files or make minor updatesusing a new GUI. This new interface makes it easy to keep this Multiple Report Formats – Export reports into multiple file formats,important information updated by providing greater visibility into including XML, PDF, CVS, TXT, PNG, JPEG, HTML, and RIF.the organization’s hierarchical structure. True Denial-of-License Reporting – Improve the accuracy of denial of-license reporting by having FlexNet Manager exclude spurious or temporary denials from reports. Global License Server Management At-a-Glance Summary View – Get a summary view of the current state of licenses across your organization, including the near real- time status of servers and vendor daemons, the most heavily used application features, the most active vendor daemons, and more.Drill Down on Data Points – Get the exact data needed to answerlicensing questions quicker than ever before by drilling down ondata points to get precise transaction-level information.
  4. 4. Cut Software Costs with Centralized License Management and Usage TrackingCentrally Manage License Servers – FlexNet Manager offers a single Managing Roles and Permissions – Easily define each user’s accessconsole view that allows one administrator to manage licenses and rights to FlexNet Manager, ensuring personnel never performlicense servers across the enterprise. unauthorized tasks, such as deleting or canceling the reports of others. You can also group users into different roles with specific access rights and assign them responsibility for server and agent subsets. LDAP Support – Save time by using an existing LDAP database– including Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory databases – to establish user access rights to FlexNet Manager. Activatable and Detachable License Support – FlexNet Manager can track both activatable licenses (user- or machine-specific licenses controlled from a server) and detachable licenses (concurrent licenses that can be used away from the network for a time). License File Editor – As license entitlements change, FlexNetAutomate License Management Tasks – Eliminate the need for time- Manager allows license files to be edited and distributed to differentconsuming maintenance scripts by scheduling routine tasks, such license servers in the IT license server reread and automatic server restarts, from withinFlexNet Manager, allowing administrators to spend more time on Cross-Platform Support – FlexNet Manager’s cross-platformother valuable tasks. architecture runs on Windows, Solaris and Red Hat Linux and supports the latest databases. Flexera Software’s license server andUser-Friendly Web-Based Interface – FlexNet Manager’s Web agent run on most operating system platforms, including Windows,based UI makes it easy for any administrator to securely manage Solaris, AIX, Red Hat Linux, and HP-UX.licensing operations from anywhere. SNMP Integration – Organizations using tools like IBM’s Tivoli andReal-Time License Availability Monitoring – FlexNet Manager allows CA’s Unicenter can send commands to FlexNet Manager from thoseyou to see current license usage and availability, so you can quickly UIs using SNMP protocols.resolve issues before they impact end users. About Flexera SoftwareVendor Daemon Status – View the current, in-depth status of each Flexera Software is the leading provider of strategic solutions forvendor daemon in your environment, including their individual Application Usage Management; solutions delivering continuousreport and debug logs. compliance, optimized usage and maximized value to application producers and their customers. Flexera Software is trusted byAgent Management – Get more visibility into and control over more than 80,000 customers that depend on our comprehensiveyour license environment with agent support, which includes views solutions- from installation and licensing, entitlement andinto agents’ health and the ability to remove or unregister a compliance management to application readiness and enterprisespecific agent. license optimization - to strategically manage application usage and achieve breakthrough results realized only through theFlexible License Status Updating – Define how often you wish to be systems-level approach we provide. For more information, pleaseproactively updated on the status of different licenses. go to: www.flexerasoftware.comProactive License Alerts – Automatically receive alerts notifying youof potential licensing problems – such as downed license servers, Next Step:license expirations, license usage thresholds exceeded, and license Visit to view onlineoverdraft situations – so you can take quick action. Alerts can be demos, download white papers, and read case studies, orset globally across all license servers and customized to only alert contact a Flexera Software representative.administrators for a server subset.Flexera Software LLC Schaumburg United Kingdom (Europe, Australia (Asia, For more office locations visit:1000 East Woodfield Road, (Global Headquarters): Middle East Headquarters): Pacific Headquarters): www.flexerasoftware.comSuite 400 +1 800-809-5659 +44 870-871-1111 +61 3-9895-2000Schaumburg, IL 60173 USA +44 870-873-6300Copyright © 2012 Flexera Software LLC. All other brand and product names mentioned herein may be the trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective owners. FNM_DS_June12