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FlexNet Embedded Datasheet


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FlexNet Embedded Unlock revenue streams and reduce manufacturing costs with embedded software licensing

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FlexNet Embedded Datasheet

  1. 1. D ATA S H E E T FlexNet Embedded Unlock revenue streams and reduce manufacturing costs with embedded software licensing Benefits to Intelligent FlexNet® Embedded empowers intelligent device Protect Embedded Software from Device Manufacturers manufacturers and software vendors to unlock Unauthorized Use and Software Vendors new revenue streams by utilizing software licensing, Hackers are constantly exploiting weaknesses in • Differentiate capabilities pricing, and packaging to monetize intelligent devices, embedded software to gain access to capabilities they and manage capacity on equipment and software. never paid for. FlexNet Embedded gives manufacturers a wide range of devices, the power to prevent revenue loss by protecting including small footprint Monetize Devices and Equipment that Use software embedded on devices against hacking. It helps • Reach new markets Embedded Software ensure only licensed users can access your device’s by easily creating new FlexNet Embedded gives intelligent device manufacturers software capabilities according to your contract terms. product configurations and software vendors the power to unlock revenue with Additionally, virtualization support empowers intelligent using electronic licensing tailored licensing, pricing, and packaging models. It lets device manufacturers and software vendors to define • Cut manufacturing costs you quickly and easily create product configurations to enforcement policies and support for use of software by reducing the number target new markets and geographies by using embedded within virtual environments. of unique device models software licensing to turn device capabilities and capacity • Prevent unauthorized on and off. Easy to Deploy, Configure to Match Your use of capabilities Exact Specifications or capacity without FlexNet Embedded helps you increase revenue by FlexNet Embedded offers a very small footprint (as impacting usability offering dozens of licensing models – including pay-per- low as 50K) and has a highly modular design, use, node-locked, capacity, metered, and served licensing which enables rapid application to a broad range of – as well as trial versions for maximizing upgrade sales. devices and software, including those that run VxWorks, And even if your users are offline, you can still control MontaVista Linux, Wind River Linux, Windows CE, and “We are serving how long they can access your software and device. other embedded/real-time operating systems. Its unique our customers design allows manufacturers to configure it to match better with faster Cut Manufacturing Costs and Innovate Faster exact device and software specifications. velocity and greater Not all of your customers want (or will pay for) the same agility. Flexera set of capabilities. FlexNet Embedded lets manufacturers End-to-End Software Licensing, Entitlement Software has helped quickly create product versions that target new markets Management and Device Lifecycle Management Siemens Building by using electronic licensing to turn device capabilities FlexNet Embedded is a core component of the FlexNet Technologies and capacity on and off. Now, instead of producing Producer Suite from Flexera Software, offering end-to-end to reduce the hundreds of device variations, you can manufacture software licensing, entitlement management and device manufacturing a small number to handle all your customer needs. lifecycle management which empowers intelligent divice complexity of a very As a result you reduce your manufacturing costs and and software manufacturers to implement new revenue sophisticated product streamline your supply chain by reducing the number models and realize significant cost savings. line down to just a of unique physical device models while increasing few models.” their usable life. – Duane Keenan Cut Support Costs with Secure License Activation, Manager, Integrated Returns, and Transfers Solutions FlexNet Embedded helps cut your support costs by Siemens Building giving your end users an easy way to activate, return, Technologies and transfer licenses. End users can rapidly and securely activate and change licenses without involving your support staff or violating contracts. Plus, all changes are communicated to the back-office automatically.
  2. 2. Feature HighlightsLicensing Flexibility Flexible Licensing FlexNet Embedded is small and highly configurable. Its footprint can be as low as 50K, and it has Client a modular design, increasing its rapid application to a broad range of devices as well as software. So instead of producing hundreds of device and software variations, you can manufacture a small number to handle all your customer needs. Extremely FlexNet Embedded gives you the power to tailor your licensing client to deliver all the functionality Configurable you need within the available footprint. You can configure your licensing to match your exact device and software specifications. Flexible Product Adapt your embedded software quickly and easily based on the needs of various markets (such as Customization geographies, channels, and products) without product reengineering or increased manufacturing costs. Broad Platform and FlexNet Embedded supports a wide range of desktop and embedded operating systems, including Operating System VxWorks, QNX, MontaVista Linux, Wind River Linux, Linux 64-bit, Windows Embedded, Windows Support 64-bit and others.Broad Licensing Support for Protecting and Monetizing Devices and Software Virtualization FlexNet Embedded’s virtualization support capability allows intelligent device manufacturers and Support software vendors to define enforcement policies and support for use of software within virtual environments, including “detect and deny” and “detect and report.” With medium-security level binding to hypervisor platforms such as VMware, Hyper-V and Xen, manufacturers are fully able to harness the power of a virtual environment while maintaining confidence that accidental or malicious overuse of served licenses is not happening. License-Controlled Deliver a full suite of capabilities on a single device that can be turned on or off via electronic Capabilities and licensing. It helps cut manufacturing costs by reducing the number of unique SKUs you need to Capacity produce, stock, and maintain. Enhanced Support for FlexNet Embedded facilitates capacity licensing by providing support for counted pools of licenses, Capacity Planning with or without a local license server. FlexNet Embedded also supports local license servers. A local license server at the end-customer’s site manages usage of a counted pool of features to be used by multiple devices. This provides intelligent device manufacturers and their customers with greater flexibility around license management. Usage-Based The FlexNet Embedded server application supports Usage-Based Capacity Monitoring scenarios, in Capacity Monitoring which customers purchase license capacity either at the network level or for individual devices, and the server application monitors (rather than enforces) overall license capacity usage. Product Trials FlexNet Embedded makes it easy for your customers to evaluate additional device capabilities in and Evaluations a controlled manner. You can ship rights with your software, so customers can evaluate on the fly without waiting to receive a new key/device or calling your support staff. Flexible Machine Use flexible machine binding to tie a license to a specific device, preventing any unauthorized use Binding of your software capabilities without negatively impacting the end-user experience. Field Upgrades Securely deactivate old features on devices in the field and apply new capabilities without forcing your customers to visit a dealer. Hands-Free FlexNet Embedded has patent-pending activation technology that delivers your usage rules in Activation the form of encrypted and digitally signed license rights, which are stored and associated with protected elements on the device. Secure Returns Ensure that software license capabilities are transferred or returned in a truly secure manner. and Transfers FlexNet Embedded not only enforces your licensing rules, but enables you to flexibly change them without impacting device usability.
  3. 3. Powerful License Server Capabilities and Scalability Prebuilt Server FlexNet Embedded enables intelligent device manufacturers to reduce development time and Application for effort with a Prebuilt Server Application—available for both Windows and Linux. A Prebuilt Server Windows and Linux Application enables serving and monitoring of a counted pool of device licenses. The Prebuilt Server Application can be deployed to customer license servers running on a standard architecture and in environments where there is no requirement to integrate with an existing provisioning system. Server FlexNet Embedded includes Server Synchronization, which enables a FlexNet Embedded license Synchronization server to synchronize its distribution information with either a back-office entitlement server such as FlexNet Operations or another local license server. FlexNet Embedded Server Synchronization enables manufacturers to: Offer new business models and “true-up” with users based on usage of the device capabilities and capacity, recover from catastrophic server failure and provide enhanced support and upgrade processes. Scalability The FlexNet Embedded server application is optimized to support serving its pool of licenses to even greater numbers of devices. In addition, the server application provides several tuning parameters to optimize its operation in a particular deployment environment. Server Expiration This capability enables manufacturers to offer business models that control usage in increments Granularity of less than one day. Expirations for borrow intervals can now be set to one day, one hour, one minute, or one second. Server Failover FlexNet Embedded supports server failover to ensure end-user satisfaction by decreasing the Support likelihood of a device license being unavailable. Enhanced Hostid Enables the system administrator to obtain all of a system’s hostids, and to select one of them for Support fulfillment against a back-office server. Device The FlexNet Embedded server application can push updated licenses to devices. With Trusted Provisioning Storage technology, the device can self-meter or provision its license consumption usage locally and periodically sends it back to the server application. Sample Installer FlexNet Embedded includes a sample installer project which simplifies deployment. The sample Project project makes it easier to install the server application.Feature-Rich Web-Based Management Console Device Manager FlexNet Embedded’s Device Manager, the management console that enables end customers to Usability monitor, administer and manage local license servers on their own, supports pagination, searching, and sorting, as well as the ability to localize the user-visible pages. Historical Usage FlexNet Embedded’s License Consumption and Reporting feature enables intelligent device Collection and manufacturers to view historical data and computer usage trends, giving them insights into what Reporting features or capabilities are important to their customers.
  4. 4. Unlock revenue streams and reduce manufacturing costs with embedded software licensingAbout Flexera SoftwareFlexera Software is the leading provider of strategic solutionsfor Application Usage Management; solutions deliveringcontinuous compliance, optimized usage and maximized valueto application producers and their customers. Flexera Softwareis trusted by more than 80,000 customers that depend onour comprehensive solutions- from installation and licensing,entitlement and compliance management to applicationreadiness and enterprise license optimization - to strategicallymanage application usage and achieve breakthrough resultsrealized only through the systems-level approach we provide.For more information, please go to: Next Steps: Visit to learn how to get more value from your embedded software.Flexera Software LLC Schaumburg United Kingdom (Europe, Japan (Asia, For more office locations visit:1000 East Woodfield Road, (Global Headquarters): Middle East Headquarters): Pacific Headquarters): www.flexerasoftware.comSuite 400 +1 800-809-5659 +44 870-871-1111 +81 3-4360-8291Schaumburg, IL 60173 USA +44 870-873-6300Copyright © 2011 Flexera Software LLC. All other brand and product names mentioned herein may be the trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective owners. FNE_DS_Oct11