Enabling SAM Through Software IDTagging


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Timothy Willey, Senior Director, Pricing and Licensing, Symantec and Rene Kolga, Senior Product Manager, Security and Endpoint Management, Symantec Presented at SoftSummit 2010

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Enabling SAM Through Software IDTagging

  1. 1. Enabling SAM through SoftwareID TaggingThe value case for Publishers,Tool Providers and CustomersTimothy WilleySenior DirectorPricing and LicensingSymantecRene KolgagSenior Product ManagerSecurity and Endpoint ManagementSymantec
  2. 2. 80/20 Cost Rule Of Management80/20 Cost Rule Of Management 22% Hardware and  Software 78% Support and Maintenance Source: Gartner, 2008Enabling SAM through Software ID Tagging 2
  3. 3. But managing assets is more than just saving costsBut managing assets is more than just saving costs… License  Configuration  Management Budgeting Security Management • Compliance • Charge Back • Authorizations • Optimize IT • Re‐use Re use • Procurement • Patches installed Patches installed • Business Value Business Value • Transfer • Minimize TCO • Policies followed • Automation • Retirement • Maximize ROI • Policy based • Tracking • Optimize Spend Optimize Spend • Productivity Building the Foundation for Effective SAM Software  Tagging Accurate Entitlement Information Accurate Inventory InformationEnabling SAM through Software ID Tagging 3
  4. 4. Managing inventory information today is hard… Managing inventory information today is hardRequirements Status CommentsStandard discovery Multiple tools & platforms = multiple answersSingle collection tool collection tool Vendors require specific tools require specific tools  high support costs  high support costsCentralized reporting Limited Multiple business units / tools = lengthy reporting cycleNormalized data Accuracy is critical, typically needs vendor signoffAutomation Limited Requires normalized and authoritative dataEntitlement aligned Difficult to align to align  easy to over‐deploy easy to over deployIT Process  Limited To align with Config systems and Budgeting processIntegration Enabling SAM through Software ID Tagging 4
  5. 5. Software ID Tags can make this much easier Software ID Tags can make this much easierRequirements Status CommentsStandard discovery Standard XML files for all publishers and platformsSingle collection tool collection tool Same answer for all tools on all platforms Same answer for all tools on all platformsCentralized reporting Enabled through consistent data for all toolsNormalized data All common data values are normalizedAutomation Enabled through consistent and normalized dataEntitlement aligned Software ID Tags can be mapped to Entitlements Software ID Tags can be mapped to EntitlementsIT Process  Definitive ID file allows easier integrationIntegration Enabling SAM through Software ID Tagging 5
  6. 6. Everything needed to manage software is in the tag …   Everything needed to manage software is in the tag Company X BackItUp 2012  Media Server Media ServerEntitlement_Required: True • Designed for SAMProduct:_Title: BackItUp 2012 Media Server • Standard, open XML formatProduct_Version: “2012”, v d V i “2012” 3 0 1 2 • Simplifies discoverySoftware_Licensor: Company X • Signed, definitive, authoritativeSoftware_id: BackItUp‐2012‐Media‐Server • Unique identifier for component Unique identifier for componentAbstract: The BackItUp Media Server is ….. • Clear mapping to entitlement recordsInstallation_Details: location, locales, … • Facilitates security – patches clear, signed Activation_Status:Activation Status: Activated file manifest  file manifestPackage_Footprint: software DNA .. signed  • Can identify specific product offering for file manifest, install packages, etc.  support calls / self‐service supportProduct Family: BackItUpP d t F il B kItU • Facilitates license “true‐up” processUpgrade_For: BackupItUp 2011 & 2010 • End‐user can augment tags – BU, etc.Usage_identifier: List of running processes Enabling SAM through Software ID Tagging 6
  7. 7. With tags … It s as easy as 1, 2, 3!With tags It’s as easy as 1 2 3! Tag Storage Manager 2.0 Advanced 3 Tag BackItUp 3.0 Shared Storage Option, 529 drives  License manager Li Tag BackItUp 3.0 Media Server generates 2 consolidated CMDB inventory report y p Updated U d t d 1 Tags harvested, sent to CMDB Server Consolidated Software Asset Report Publisher Product Title Count Symantec Storage Manager 2.0 Advanced Storage Manager 2 0 Advanced 1 Tag Storage Manager 2.0 Standard Symantec Storage Manager 2.0 Standard 1 Tag BackItUp 3.0 Shared Storage Option, 348 drives  BackItUp 3.0 Shared Storage  Tag BackItUp 3.0 Media Server Symantec Option  877 Tag BackItUp 3.0 Agent For Windows, 122 servers  T Symantec BackItUp 3.0 Media Server 2 Tag WebsApp 9.0, 2234 active users  Tag EnterpriseDB 9.0 Professional 1934 active users  Symantec BackItUp 3.0 Agent for Windows 122 WebIT WebApp 9.0 2234 Acme EnterpriseDB 9 0 Professional 9.0 Professional 1934Note: All products shown are fictional and are for example purposes only.Enabling SAM through Software ID Tagging 7
  8. 8. Standard, scalable, repeatable = faster, cheaper,  better Inventory reporting without Tags SW artifacts gleaned  Proprietary  ID  Inventory  End‐user  Updates made (files, Add/Remove, PKG/RPM,  engine  report  manually fixes  etc.) to CMDB analyzes data generated report • Not designed  • Not definitive,  • Lacks feature detail for SAM or authoritative • False positives • Not standard • Not aligned with  entitlement Inventory reporting with Tags Updates  Inventory  Reduce time by 60%+  Reduce time by 60%+ Tags harvested made to  report   No recurring data fix‐up CMDB generated Reduces false positives•D i df Designed for  •FFaster generation i OEM SW ID simplified OEM SW ID simplified SAM • Supports more  Support across vendors• Std, definitive,  accurate license  Aligned with entitlements authoritative  true‐ups p Enabling SAM through Software ID Tagging 8 8
  9. 9. There has been great progress .. but challenges remain Progress Challenges• ISO 19970‐2 published Oct‐2009 • Software Publishers and Tool  Providers waiting for demand• TagVault.org non‐profit set‐up• Certification guidelines published • End users just beginning to see End users just beginning to see  potential• Validation and tag creation tools  available to members available to members • Consistency of implementation  across publishers• Current members include CA,  Symantec, ModusLink, GSA, DoD,… • All agree tags are good, will help, but  no compelling event driving adoption no compelling event driving adoption• Adobe and Symantec have tags in  some products today• Support emerging from SAM tool Support emerging from SAM tool  However, However there is one vendors – Symantec, CA, Aspera,  event on the horizon … and SassafrasEnabling SAM through Software ID Tagging 9
  10. 10. Uncle SAM soon to say  No tags .. No dice!Uncle SAM soon to say “No tags No dice!”Fed ITAM Challenges Tags are critical Path Forward• $82B IT spend in 2010  “Requiring software identification tags q g g • GSA has joined  j• 5.4M+ devices in all procurements is critical to TagVault.org eliminating the overall complexity of• Recurring inventory data  ITAM issues” Fed ITAM Program • Helped develop  Manager calls expensive  p certification guidelines certification guidelines• Executive Order – “Unless modified by delivery order, commercial-off-the-shelf software • GSA to add standard  Comply with all license  products released for production after tagging requirements to  agreements g January 1, 2011 shall include a software identification tag ” SmartBuy• Monitoring compliance  GSA SmartBuy (draft) • USAF has already adding  with security policies “2.3.8 Software Tagging - Unless requirements for tags modified by delivery order, After 1 Jan Optimizing HW & SW • Optimizing HW & SW 2010, commercial off-the-shelf purchasing  software items shall support International Standard for Software Tagging ” USAF NetCents 2 RFPEnabling SAM through Software ID Tagging 10
  11. 11. Software ID Tags are “Win‐Win” for everyone! Publishers • Reduce customer TCO • Reduce revenue leakageg • Reduce support costs • Enable utility‐based and virtual  licensing models Tool  Customers Providers Software  ID Tags •R d Reduce signature library  i t lib • Reduce compliance risk Reduce compliance risk costs • Maximize software ROI • Differentiate SAM tools • Optimize deployments • Allow integration with  • Reduce reporting time other tools • Improve securityEnabling SAM through Software ID Tagging 11
  12. 12. Software ID Tags are “Win‐Win” for everyone! Vendor Call to Action Customers Demand change Publishers • Be part of the solution • Reduce customer TCO • Require vendors  • Reduce revenue leakageg • Join TagVault.org • Reduce support costs to support  • Enable utility‐based and virtual  tagging • Shape the  licensing models implementation • Join TagVault.org • Stay ahead of the                Tool  • Develop end‐ Customers GSA Providers Software  ID Tags user tags • Avoid having to Avoid having to  •R d Reduce signature library  i t lib • Reduce compliance risk Reduce compliance risk • Tag internally  ag te a y costs implement                             • Maximize software ROI developed apps • Differentiate SAM tools • Optimize deployments norms set by                       • Allow integration with  • Reduce reporting time other tools • Improve security othersEnabling SAM through Software ID Tagging 12
  13. 13. Web ResourcesWeb Resources• Join TagVault.org http://www.tagvault.org/member_landing p // g g/ g Contact Steve Klos, Exec. Director, stevek@tagvault.org• Fed ITAM Program http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/103237 htt // / t l/ t t/103237 http://www.gsa.gov/feditam• OSD ESI Program: http://www.esi.mil/contentview.aspx?id=227&type=1• Whitepapers on software identification : http://www.tagvault.org/white‐papers• Executive Order #13103: http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi‐ bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname 1998_register&docid fr05oc98 130.pdf bin/getdoc cgi?dbname=1998 register&docid=fr05oc98‐130 pdf• IDC Analyst support for SWID Tagging ‐ “ISO 19770 Software Tagging Standard — All  Eyes on GSA” http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?sessionId=&containerId=lcUS22474310• Certification Documentation for SWID Tagshttp://www.tagvault.org/GSA_Working_Group_Certification_Document http://www tagvault org/GSA Working Group Certification DocumentEnabling SAM through Software ID Tagging 13
  14. 14. Thank you!Any questions – please contactTimothy_willey@symantec.comRene_Kolga@symantec.comRene Kolga@symantec com Forward-looking Statements: Any forward-looking indication of plans for products or programs is preliminary and all future release or delivery dates are tentative and are subject to change. Any future program plans, or release of a product or planned modifications to product capability, functionality, or f t d t l d difi ti t d t bilit f ti lit feature are subject to ongoing evaluation by Symantec, and may or may not be implemented and should not be considered firm commitments by Symantec and should not be relied upon in making program participation or product purchasing decisions.