Common Licensing Following Mergers and Acquisitions


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by Behshad Rejai, Director of Software Engineering, Synopsys Presented at SoftSummit 2010

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Common Licensing Following Mergers and Acquisitions

  1. 1. The Fast Track to Common Licensing Following an M&ABehshad RejaiDirector of Software EngineeringSynopsys
  2. 2. Agenda• About Synopsys• Need for Acclimation• Licensing Acclimation Process• Benefits• Summary
  3. 3. About Synopsys • An EDA Company Founded in1986 • Large, diverse, worldwide customer base • ~$1.3B Annual Sales System Design (2009) Functional Verification • ~6,000 employees Synthesis y • ~ 65 offices and design g centers worldwide Physical Implementation Manufacturing Prep Prep. IC Test
  4. 4. What Is EDA? Designing Designing a chip is the task of figuring out how to Chips make the chip do what you want it to do Today’s chips have millions of gates and have Complexity feature sizes that are incredibly small Without automation, this task would Automation be impossible EDA EDA = Electronic Design Automation
  5. 5. Synopsys Strategy - Complete Solution Systems S t Algorithms IP & Systems Prototyping DesignWare IP Synplify FPGA Discovery Galaxy Design VCS Compiler eTime Custom PICE Design Verification MM Designer VM Prime HSP IC Compiler CustomSim IC V lid t / St RC Validator StarRC Manufacturing Manufacturing Sentaurus TCAD Proteus Litho YieldExplorer
  6. 6. Synopsys Family Tree ArchPro MOSAID VaST ZeroSoft, Virage Logic ‘07 chip IP ‘07 Synplicity ‘08 TeraRoute’09 Systems ‘10 Inc. ‘10 ‘10 Sa d o ‘07 Sandwork 0 CHIPit ‘08 MIPS C t 08 S Gemini Design Ge es g CoWare, Co a e, Synfora Nusym Sy o a usySigmaC ‘06 Analog Business Technology Inc. ‘10 ‘10 ‘10 Group ‘09 ‘09Virtio ‘06 TriCN ‘05 ISE ‘04 Progressant ‘04 Monterey ‘04 Accelerant ‘04 ADA ‘04 HPL ’05 Nassda ‘05 Leda Inc ‘04 Cascade iRoC SA ‘04 ‘04 inSilicon ‘03 Numerical Innologic g Leda SA ‘00 VirSim ‘00 Avant! A t! ‘02 T h l i ‘03 Technologies Systems ‘03Stanza The Silicon C Level CoDesign ‘02 Qualis, Inc. ‘03 ‘99 Group ‘00 Design ‘01 Apteq ‘99 99Gambit Nihon ‘99 Smartech ‘99 Everest Design ‘98 Viewlogic ‘97 EPIC ‘97 Synopsys ‘95 Covermeter ‘99 Systems Science ‘98 Advanced Test Arkos ‘95 Technologies ‘97 Silicon Architects ‘95 Founding IPO ’92 Arcad ‘94 CADIS ‘94 OSI ‘86 Zycad ‘90 Compiled Designs ‘93 Logic Modeling ‘94
  7. 7. Challenges of a Large Family Each family member is unique!• Not Visible to Customers • Visible to Customers • Software Development • Sales, Marketing, etc. process • Software Installation • Development Tools • Licensing • Quality management • Bug Reporting & Tracking • Infrastructure • Release Model • Etc., etc., etc. • Etc., etc etc. Etc etc., etc
  8. 8. Need for Acclimation Interoperability and consistency p y y among products is a must Systems DesignWare Synplify Algorithms Prototyping IP FPGA Discovery Galaxy• Predictable and consistent behavior across all products improves VCS Design Compiler Time Custom CE customer satisfaction VMM M HSPIC PrimeT Designer D i IC Compiler CustomSim IC I Validator / StarRC C• Proven process and technology drives down the cost of operation and Manufacturing support Sentaurus TCAD Proteus Litho YieldExplorer
  9. 9. Scope of Acclimation • Sales and Distribution Channels • Product Marketing • Order Management Infrastructure g • Bug Reporting and Tracking . . • Global Support Channels . • Product Installation • Product Release Model • Licensing
  10. 10. Synopsys Licensing Objectives• Best-in class customer support • 24/7 365 days license server up time 24/7, • Minimum/ zero impact to product usage due to licensing• Consistent licensing behavior among all products • Pooling, Queuing, Heartbeat, etc. g, g, ,
  11. 11. Licensing Acclimation Goals• Synopsys Business Needs • Customers’ Needs • Single channel for license key • Simplified licensing infra- retrieval – SmartKeys structure • Single system for saving customer data • Single license server and Si l li d license file for all products • Single support channel - SolvNet • Serve keys to new versions y • Standard licensing infrastructure of products as well as products released prior to • License daemon, key file, the acquisition q versioning scheme etc scheme, etc.
  12. 12. Challenges Arc MO VaS Zer Virage hPr SAI Synplic Tera T oS Logic o ‘07 D chip Sand ity ‘08 Route Syst CHI MIPS ’09 Gemin ems Co Inc Sy Nu oft, ‘10 • I most acquisitions th li In t i iti the licensing i Sig work Pit Analog i W nf sy maC ‘06 Virti IP ‘07 ‘07 ‘08 Business Group ‘09 Desig n ‘10 . ar ‘10 or e, a m ‘10 infrastructure is completely different o Tri ISE Progress Techn Mont Inc Accel ‘10 A C ‘04 Leda ant ‘04 Cas erey iRoC erant D ‘06 HP L N 0 ‘0 Nas sda Inc cad ology ‘09 ‘04 ‘10 . SA ‘04 A inSilic 0 ‘0 • Key file generation, retrieval, and ’05 5 ‘05 ‘04 e ‘04 on ‘03 Leda VirSim ‘00 Avant ‘04 Numerical Technologies ‘03 4 Innolo gic deliveryStanza SA ! ‘02 Syste ‘00The Silicon C Level CoDe Qualisms ‘03 ‘99 Ap Group ‘00 Design ‘01 sign ‘02 , Inc. ‘03 • License key encryption schemeGambit te Nihon ‘99 qSmar ‘99tech Everest Design ‘98 Viewlog ic ‘97 g EPIC Synopsys ‘97 ‘95 • Licensing behavior (queuing (queuing, ‘99 Cover Systems Advance Ark Founding meter ‘99 Science IPO‘98 ’92 d Test Technolo os ‘95 Ar pooling, heartbeat, etc.) gies ‘97 ca CA OSI ‘86Zycad ‘90 Compiled Logic d DIS Designs ‘93 Modeling‘94 ‘94 ‘94 Maintenance of the acquired companies’ licensing infrastructure for several years is not scalable and operationally impractical y p y p
  13. 13. Licensing Acclimation Requirements• Single Key Generation and Retrieval • Ability to issue keys for legacy versions of the acquired p y y g y q products• Single License Server • Server keys to new and legacy versions of the acquired products • Support legacy versions of the acquired products for several years• Synopsys • Unacceptable to provide two sets of license keys (no double dipping)!• Customers • No impact to product usage
  14. 14. Licensing Integration Solution• Partnered with Flexera Software to develop CVD • Combined Vendor Daemon• CVD consolidates several license daemons into one • Enables license keys to be used for pre-acquired and new versions of the products • Enables a single, combined license file for products from multiple acquisitions• CVD was released in 2006• Fully supported by Flexera Software
  15. 15. A 4-Step Acclimation Process 1 2 3 4 time Acquisition: Release single license Release 1st feature Remove support for legacyChange license key daemon and key file release using products (complete transition delivery process Synopsys SDK to Synopsys Licensing)Step 1: Acquisition – Change license key delivery processStep 2: Release Combined Vendor Daemon (CVD) that supports acquired productsStep 3: Release 1st feature release of acquired products using Synopsys SDKStep 4: Remove support for legacy products in key file
  16. 16. Step 1: Change license key delivery process Synopsys SmartKeys Pre-acquisition Synopsys SmartKeys License keys for acquired products Synopsys y p y FLEXlm retrieved via Daemon Daemon SmartKeys Synopsys Products Products Customer
  17. 17. Step 2: Release CVD to support acquired products Synopsys Synopsys y p y Acquired q Daemon Daemon Daemon Single license file and daemon including products released prior to acquisition Synopsys Acquired Products Products Synopsys Acquired Products Products Customers of the acquired company must upgrade their license server
  18. 18. Step 3: Release 1st feature release of acquiredproducts using Synopsys SDK Synopsys Daemon License key supports both new and legacy versions of acquired products Legacy Release of Acquired g y q Products Products of the acquired company release with Synopsys licensing SDK Synopsys Products New Release of Acquired Customers don’t need to Products upgrade their license server; only the key file
  19. 19. Step 4: Remove support for legacy productsin key file Synopsys Daemon Legacy Release of Acquired Products d Implemented only when customers stop using the pre-acquisition versions ofSynopsys Products New Release of Acquired the acquired products Products
  20. 20. Licensing Acclimation Benefits• Synopsys • Customers • Reduced cost of operation • Cost savings in terms of • Reduced cost of support hardware and personnel to manage license server key server, • No double licensing files, etc. • Smooth and seamless • Improved end-user licensing transition from legacy experience i daemon to Synopsys licensing • No impact to product usage
  21. 21. Summary• CVD project was successfully rolled out in 2006 • Consolidated several license dae o s into a single license se e Co so da ed se e a ce se daemons o s g e ce se server• All Synopsys customers use this functionality y p y y • 1000s of installations of CVD daemon• Acquired products migrate to CVD 1 or 2 releases after acquisition• Licensing acclimation process proven to be very efficient• Significant benefit to our customers and Synopsys
  22. 22. Backup slides
  23. 23. Overview of License Acclimation Process Step 1: INCREMENT Spice-Works sandwork 2007.12 31-jan-2008 10000 ED373103EDEAF5DBFDAB VENDOR_STRING=Spice-Work SUPERSEDE ISSUED=18-jun-2007 SN RK:3149 0:150665:443965 START 18 jun 2007 SIGN ED373103EDEAF5DBFDAB SN=RK:3149-0:150665:443965 START=18-jun-2007 SIGN=ED373103EDEAF5DBFDAB Step 2: INCREMENT Spice-Works snpslmd 2007.12 31-jan-2008 10000 VENDOR_STRING=Spice-Work SUPERSEDE ISSUED 18 j 2007 SN RK 3149 0 150665 443965 ISSUED=18-jun-2007 SN=RK:3149-0:150665:443965 START=18-jun-2007 AUTH={ sandwork=( SIGN=ED373103EDEAF5DBFDAB) } Step 3: INCREMENT Spice-Works snpslmd 2007.12 31-jan-2008 10000 VENDOR_STRING=Spice-Work SUPERSEDE ISSUED=18-jun-2007 SN=RK:3149-0:150665:443965 START=18-jun-2007 AUTH={ snpslmd=( LK=AD3C73103EDEAF5DBFDCB) sandwork=( SIGN=ED373103EDEAF5DBFDAB) d k ( SIGN ED373103EDEAF5DBFDAB) Step 4: INCREMENT Spice-Works snpslmd 2007 12 31 jan 2008 10000 VENDOR STRING=Spice Work Spice Works 2007.12 31-jan-2008 VENDOR_STRING=Spice-Work SUPERSEDE ISSUED=18-jun-2007 SN=RK:3149-0:150665:443965 START=18-jun-2007 AUTH={ snpslmd=( LK=AD3C73103EDEAF5DBFDCB) }