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Flexera Software AdminStudio Trinity Health Success Story

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AdminStudio Trinity Health Success Story

  1. 1. Success Story:Trinity HealthCustomer Profile: Trinity Health, one of the largest Catholic health care systems “We now have a decentralized but unified packagingin the United States, is devoted to a ministry of healing and hope. Serving through team focused on following standard processesa network of 47 acute-care hospitals, 401 outpatient facilities, 31 long-term carefacilities and numerous home health offices and hospice programs in ten states and using a single automated solution to prepare applications for deployment in multiple formats andChallenge: Numerous acquisitions and rapid internal growth resulted in an IT across multiple platforms. As a result, we’ve cut ourenvironment characterized by a patchwork of processes, tools and platforms. A turnaround time for fulfilling install requests, reducedmajor operating system upgrade highlighted the need to replace inconsistent manualprocedures, disparate packaging tools and inefficient workflows with best-practice the time spent on testing, remediation, conversionprocesses and an automated solution for achieving and maintaining a state of and packaging, and eliminated redundant efforts.”application readiness that would ensure fast, reliable application deployment.Solution: Implementing Flexera Software’s AdminStudio Suite and Workflow Mike HolderManager to facilitate application compatibility testing, remediation, virtualizationsuitability testing and conversion as well as routine packaging operations for MSI, Team Lead - Enterprise Wintel-legacy and virtual formats. Application Packaging Trinity HealthBenefits: Today, Trinity Health enjoys the advantages of a single solution thataddresses all aspects of application readiness. Since implementing, the staff hasreduced turnaround time for application requests from 30 days to 20 and cut averagepackaging time from 20 hours to 12. Responsibilities of the enterprise packagingteam are expanding, yet staffing requirements are remaining flat and even dropping. installed at facilities across the U.S. applications at that time — from legacy With the help of AdminStudio Suite and formats to Windows Installer (MSI). Workflow Manager, IT is able to maintain a state of application readiness that The enterprise packaging team hadTrinity Health implemented a complete enables efficient, economical and reliable a number of major concerns. Staffenterprise application readiness process deployments. As a result, IT can bring new productivity was hampered by manualand a comprehensive solution to and enhanced software to employees at efforts and inefficient workflows. Thereincrease efficiency and reduce the cost a faster pace. What’s more, the Flexera were no standards or documentationof packaging operations, Windows 7 solutions have positioned IT to speed to guide packaging efforts and ensurecompatibility testing and remediation, the rollout of new technologies such as consistency across the enterprise.and application virtualization. Windows 7 and virtualization. Duplication of effort was driving up costs. In some cases, a dozen or more teamsTrinity Health’s culture and operating “We now have a decentralized but in different parts of the organizationmodel focus on superior patient care unified packaging team focused on were packaging the same applica-tion.supported by opera-tional and service following standard processes and Moreover, new skill sets would be neededexcellence. Leading-edge technologies using a single automated solution to to support the move to MSI format.are vital to achieving this goal. prepare applications for deploymentThe responsibility for making those in multiple formats and across multiple Moving to XP under those conditionstechnologies available falls on the platforms,” says Mike Holder, team lead,- would have taken an estimated 64,000shoulders of the IT staff. enterprise Wintel-application packaging. man hours. With a staff of 17 at that time, “As a result, we’ve cut our turnaround the effort would have taken 2.1 years. SoIT provides a broad range of state-of- time for fulfilling install requests, reduced the team launched an initiative to replacethe art computing systems that are the time spent on testing, remediation, current processes and disparate tools withhelping physicians, nurses and clinicians conversion and packaging, and a unified set of best-practice processesincrease patient safety and deliver quality eliminated redundant efforts.” supported by an automated applicationpatient care. These tools also streamline readiness solution. Major objectivesregistration and billing and improve OS Migration Drives Transformation included the implementation of:financial performance. In 2008, the IT staff faced a major • tandard processes for MSI S upgrade to Windows XP. In conjunction packaging, customization andThe IT staff manages a portfolio of nearly with this upgrade, the application predeployment testing5,000 applications and approximately packaging staff needed to convert its50,000 desktop and laptop computers application portfolio — nearly 4,000 Continue
  2. 2. • unified solution for MSI packaging, A Reporting Provides Visibility IT recently engaged 18 contractors at customization, predeployment testing Early in the implementation process, Trinity corporate headquarters to help complete and automated reporting Health engaged Flexera Professional the migration at that site. “With the Services to create a number of custom Flexera solutions, our automated workflow • n-depth training to ensure process I reports using SQL reporting services. process and our documentation, we can and tool proficiency These reports play a major role in tracking bring new people onboard and get them • n enterprise packaging workflow A performance against SLAs. ramped up with minimal training. And • ntegration with the help desk I we’re confident that the packaging will be ticketing system “The reports show us everything that’s consistent and reliable, and it will comply happening in our packaging environment,” with our standards.”The team established the major Holder explains. “We know how manyrequirements for a solution and evaluated packages are in progress, where every Virtualization Leverages Applicationthe leading solutions against those package is in the lifecycle, how long it has Readiness Investmentrequirements. AdminStudio Suite and been in QC and which packages are at The Windows 7 migration isn’t theWorkflow Manager from Flexera Software risk of being late,” Holder explains. only transformation Trinity Health isemerged as the optimum choice. undergoing. The organization is also Reporting also shows how many packages embracing virtualization.For the initial implementation, Trinity were delivered late, a metric that hasHealth established a core team of improved substantially with AdminStudio In the past year, IT completed a pilot thathighly skilled packagers to work Suite and Workflow Manager. With an involved legacy human resources andclosely with consultants from Flexera average workload of 70 packages a finance systems. Virtualization is now theSoftware’s Professional Services group month, it wasn’t uncommon for 70% of standard model for application deliveryto establish standard processes and these packages to be delivered beyond on Citrix® servers, and applications arecreate efficient workflows. the 30-day SLA. Today, that number has deployed to this environment using Citrix dropped to less than 10%. XenApp™. IT also plans to use App-V for“It took two weeks of intensive effort to the desktop and has already successfullydesign a workflow that would be granular Testing and Remediation Fast-tracks Move virtualized the call logging software usedenough to meet our needs without to Windows 7 by Trinity Health’s Wintel team.introducing too much overhead,” Holder Today, Trinity Health is in the midst ofrecalls. “The custom enterprise workflow another major operating system migration AdminStudio Suite will play a majorwe created encompasses steps such as — this time to Microsoft Windows 7. The role in achieving virtualization goals.who should each package be assigned to, effort spent implementing AdminStudio The Virtualization Pack of the suitewho should perform QC testing and who Suite and Workflow Manager created a offers comprehensive applicationis responsible for user acceptance testing.” solid foundation for making this transition suitability testing, automated conversion, efficiently and economically. validation, editing and managementAccording to Holder, one important goal reporting to accelerate progress towardwas to implement a 30-day service level Staff members are using automated virtualized desktops.agreement (SLA) for package delivery. The application compatibility testing toSLA was incorporated into workflow so identify installation package and Holder is impressed by the level ofthat packagers would receive notifications application code compatibility issues, automation that can be achieved. Withto help them keep track of schedules. thereby gaining insight into the overall the Automated Application Converter, scope of the remediation effort. The the staff will enjoy hands-free conversionWith the design completed, IT solution also generates standard MSI of multiple MSIs and legacy installers toimplemented the Flexera solutions transforms, which the staff can apply to fix virtual formats.and conducted rigorous training using the vast majority of installation-package-resources from both Flexera Software related compatibility issues. “We’re getting tremendous bang for ourand Trinity Health. The training ensured a buck with the AdminStudio Suite andsmooth transfer of knowledge with respect This compatibility testing and automated Workflow Manager,” Holder says. “Theto the new process and functionality. remediation is delivering tangible results. Virtualization Pack leverages the work The estimated amount of man hours we did with the original implementation.With the automated workflows and required to complete the Windows 7 Traditionally, the output of a packagingAdminStudio functionality, the staff was migration project decreased from 80,000 tool is an MSI file. AdminStudio Suiteable to convert legacy applications to MSI to 5,600. With 8000 applications to gives us the MSI package plus it createsformat and complete the XP migration in a migrate and using a $45 an hour rate per the App-V package. So we can deploytimely manner. Moreover, the combination FTE time, that’s a savings of over $3.3M the same application to our Citrix farmof AdminStudio Suite and Workflow or other types of servers. We can alsoManager continues to support rapid Holder notes that the scope of the deploy it to our desktops using ourpreparation, packaging and handoff of Windows 7 migration effort is huge, so current deployment tool, which is Novell®Flexera Software LLC deploymentSchaumburgapplications for on a day-to- Trinity Health Kingdom (Europe, temporary United is bringing in Australia (Asia, ZenWorks . The idea ofoffice locations visit: ® For more having a single1000 East Woodfield Road, (Global Headquarters): contract Middle East Headquarters): migration.Headquarters): what sold resources to speed the Pacific tool is me on Flexera Software.”Suite 400 +1 800-809-5659 +44 870-871-1111 +61 3-9895-2000Schaumburg, IL 60173 USA +44 870-873-6300 ContinueCopyright © 2012 Flexera Software LLC. All other brand and product names mentioned herein may be the trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective owners. AS11_CS_Mar12
  3. 3. The ability to use a single solution offers reduce the 30-day turnaround time on 15, freeing up those resources to worksignificant cost savings over acquiring, fulfilling application requests as well as on other IT projects.implementing and managing multiple the average 20 hours of actualpackaging tools. Moreover, the learning packaging time per application. Looking Aheadcurve is shorter because packagers need Early implementations clearly demonstratedto learn only one interface, and they Participants used the custom reports the ability of AdminStudio Suite anddon’t waste time switching from one tool created by Flexera Software Professional Workflow Manager to enhance applicationto another. Services to gain visibility into processes readiness and accelerate the adoption of and identify inefficiencies. new operating systems and technologies.Kaizen Trims the Final Fat Based on those early successes, TrinityIn its pursuit of excellence, Trinity Health “Taking the time to examine the process Health has standardized on AdminStudioencourages employees to engage in and getting an outside perspective helped Suite and Workflow Manager. IT planskaizen. In Japanese, kaizen means us uncover wasted efforts,” Holder recalls. to continue expanding its use of thisimprovement or a change for the better. “For example, we found we were moving powerful environment to contain costs,It encompasses practices that focus on data around more than necessary on FTP increase productivity and meet the needscontinuous improvement of processes in sites. By eliminating unnecessary steps, of Trinity Health employees and themanufacturing, engineering and other we shaved seven days off the total patients they disciplines. Organizations that turnaround time and reduced packagingapply kaizen methods engage in an time to 14 hours.” About Flexera Softwareongoing process of monitoring performance Flexera Software is the leading providerand making small improvements that add Kaizen methods are helping to reduce of strategic solutions for Applicationup to major efficiency and productivity staffing requirements for packaging. Usage Management; solutions deliveringgains. The addition of AdminStudio Suite When the Flexera solutions were first continuous compliance, optimized usageand Workflow Manager helped IT deliver implemented, the total number of and maximized value to applicationsubstantial gains in both areas. packagers across the enterprise was producers and their customers. Flexera more than 30, including the enterprise Software is trusted by more thanIT continues, however, to look for ways team at headquarters plus one or two 80,000 customers that depend on ourto trim the fat even more. Recently, in full-time equivalents (FTEs) at each of the comprehensive solutions - from installationresponse to senior management requests larger facilities to handle local packaging and licensing, entitlement and compliancefor more detailed metrics, the enterprise needs. With the higher productivity that management to application readinesspackaging team conducted a week- the AdminStudio Suite and Workflow and enterprise license optimization - tolong kaizen event to examine the entire Manager are delivering, one FTE can strategically manage application usageapplication readiness process. now handle local packaging at the larger and achieve breakthrough results realized facilities, freeing up one FTE to handle only through the systems-level approachSubject matter experts, divisional other desktop and network services we provide. For more information, pleasedirectors and managers from various tasks. Ultimately, IT expects to reduce go to: www.flexerasoftware.comsites participated. Their goal was to the total packaging staff size to about Next Step: For more information, visit or contact a Flexera Software representative. Free Trial: A full AdminStudio Suite free evaluation is available at or contact a Flexera Software representative.Flexera Software LLC Schaumburg United Kingdom (Europe, Australia (Asia, For more office locations visit:1000 East Woodfield Road, (Global Headquarters): Middle East Headquarters): Pacific Headquarters): www.flexerasoftware.comSuite 400 +1 800-809-5659 +44 870-871-1111 +61 3-9895-2000Schaumburg, IL 60173 USA +44 870-873-6300Copyright © 2012 Flexera Software LLC. All other brand and product names mentioned herein may be the trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective owners. AS11_CS_Mar12