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Excel template for developing a personal Brand Statement, along with supporting Objective(s), Strategy, Tactics, and Success Measures.

First tab is a completed example. Includes description of Value Propositions, how executives experience me strategically and interpersonally in a global pharmaceutical context.

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Personal Brand Statement Template

  1. 1. Brand Statement Objective Strategy Tactics Success Measures Support required Voice of the customer Build on strengths that are shown to be needed by the customer.. Seek and listen to voice of customer. Know and showcase and build on strengths. Identify areas of weakness and strengthen or find a better way of doing them if they add value service is highly valued with demonstrable added value and risk reduction importance/satisfaction exercise on key activities and delveirables Service provision impact measures - Business specific such as ROI/ productivity impact / market impact/decline of competitive Rx's committed team, committed partnerships in the dermatology community, including key collaboration with vendors Engage and learn how to recalibrate and refocus on the things that add value to the customer and business.... as above Explore Lateral thinking discussions to increase flexibility and innovation Feedback improvements build relationships with key customers explore Consumer Brand customer insight strategies I am a cross functional problem solver and dynamic strategic thinker who connects various stakeholders, groups, cultural mores, ideas, and complex subjects while positively seeking solutions to evolving problems and markets. Effectively sell dermatology Rx's into a competitive market explore lateral area discussions ( to raise innovation) relevant to business needs and services Feedback from peers and manager Few months to assimilate and build brands. Honest customer feedback Sales Leader who inspires team to make a difference for/with the customer to enhancing the health safety, environment and wellbeing through the choices they make Assess current areas where change needs to occur Develop and implement plans to realign as needed Test strength of brand Build market capability, formulary, and key target relationships with specialty pharmacies (ABC, Irmat) to jettison Rx's. Achieve a highly sales result Voice of the customer see how it fits with the brand and then review brand - do i need to work harder/different on my brand or adjust my brand if it is not meeting customer needs
  2. 2. Brand Statement Objective Strategy Tactics Success Measures Support required explore lateral area discussions ( to raise innovation) relevant to business needs and services This document is a partial preview. Full document download can be found on Flevy:
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