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Manage to Lead System Workshop


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1. Clear context for change in support of each of the most important issues currently constraining performance and growth.

2. A head-start to turn any Initiative into Action using the IntelliVen Initiative-to-Action template.

3. A foundation for governance that ensures what leaders want to have happen actually happens!


The Manage to Lead System is a proven approach to driving change in organizations. The slides presented here guide a leadership team to identify and work on what is most important to change next in their organization in order to achieve its potential to perform and grow.

Many annual leadership off-sites end up with a list of important things to do that happen to be a lot of the same things that were on last year's list and will likely be on next year's as well. What is missing is a context for, and a way to launch, envisioned change that drives home for the entire organization how things are now, why they must change, how things will be when change occurs, what must be done to change, what will make it hard to change, and who will do what next to make the change happen.

These slides and templates change the game for leadership teams that are serious about unlocking their full potential to perform and grow.

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Manage to Lead System Workshop

  1. 1. Ground Rules • Think of your organization itself as a ropes-course where the team grows together by working on it as one. • Act as a member of a collective leadership in the mindset of the CEO and NOT as a representative of a constituency. • Say what needs to be said (do NOT be politically correct) and say it in the room. • Focus, stay present, engage, develop a point of view, and participate even if your role is not directly related to topic being covered at the time.
  2. 2. 7 Get Aligned Decide what kind of leader to be and collect followers. Truth. It takes a team. Action.
  3. 3. Use the Change Framework to lay out the context for each Initiative.
  4. 4. 11 What must be done to achieve the Target State. Change Framework What really good things happen if we change? What really bad things happen if we do not change? Case for Change How things will be after the change. Target State What will be hard about implementing the actions needed to achieve the target state? Barriers How things are now. Current State
  5. 5. Tips for Filling Out the Change Framework • Use to tell the story not to figure it out. • Current and target state entries are in present tense. • Strategic initiatives begin with verbs. • For every entry in target state there must be: A corresponding entry in current state. Something in the case for change that motivates the target state. A way to measure where it is now and where it is to end up being (to know when the intended benefit is realized). • Planning horizon is far enough out so as to not be constrained by the present. • It is ok that the goal as originally conceived is never (rarely) reached due to changing circumstances along the way. • Fill out chart in this order: left-top-right- middle-bottom. When you get to the bottom you may need to add more to the middle. Along the way tweak prior entries as needed. • When done, step back to see if the chart tells a story that hangs together and makes sense. E.g., level of detail for states vs. initiatives often varies; bring them in synch. • Prepare a separate chart for each strategic initiative.
  6. 6. 14 Initiative-to-Action
  7. 7. 16 Do & Review Take action. Review what happens. Truth. It pays to pay attention. Action.
  8. 8. 19 Truth. No leader succeeds alone. Get Help Build a board. Retain Experts. Get a coach. Action.
  9. 9. Don’t do much else!
  10. 10. Subscribe Follow @intelliven Thank you.