Simplified Strategy Framework (Hoshin)


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This is a focused strategy framework that clarifies what the key elements of strategy are, and provides a template that helps organizations articulate their strategy on 1 page. This "hoshin" (derived from the Japanese word "bullet") model allows companies to keep a laser focus on strategy and the key metrics and initiatives that drive the strategy.

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Simplified Strategy Framework (Hoshin)

  1. 1. Strategic Plan Framework Objective Goal Strategy Measure Initiative Qtr What is required to strengthen the Company’s strategic position What success looks like. How we intend to accomplish the objective. Quantitative expression of Strategy Most leveraged activity set to effect the strategy Mile - stone date to evaluat e 1.1 Validate a more concentrated unit model. Rev/sq ft 1.1.1 Open four 3000-3500 sq ft cafes while maintaining existing food programs 2, 41.0 Aggressively expand Café channel $ 50M value by 2010 1.2 Extend mult-unit operating platform Units/Market 1.2.1 Develop Modified Commissary Model in BS, NY 4 1 2 3
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