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Change Readiness Assessment Toolkit


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To be successful in strategy implementation, a project team needs strategies to address and integrate both organizational-level and human-level elements of change.

This toolkit helps the project team to conduct focus group, executive interviews, and a survey to assess an organization's readiness for change.

The toolkit have 3 major section
- Organizational Assessment Interview Questions - Executive
Interviews are one-on-one conversations with key personnel who possess information about the change environment in an organization. Through the interview process, it is possible to obtain detailed, qualitative perspectives from a select group of individuals. There are several key purposes of the interviews.

- Organizational Assessment Focus Group Guide
It is important to conduct a focus group with the employees of the company that will be directly impacted by the implementation so that a holistic view of the organization is represented in the Organization Change Readiness Assessment. A focus group also serves as a way to heighten awareness and achieve buy in and ownership with the employees that will be directly impacted by the change.

- Organizational Assessment Survey
The survey is constructed to measure XYZs' readiness for change. The survey consists of 38 positively phrased statements developed around the key elements of the framework. The scale used as the response mode for each of the statements is as follows: 1 (Strongly Disagree), 2 (Disagree), 3 (Slightly Disagree), 4 (Slightly Agree), 5 (Agree), and 6 (Strongly Agree), which represents the most favorable environment for change.

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Change Readiness Assessment Toolkit

  1. 1. Organizational Assessment Interview Questions - Executive
  2. 2. XYZ Organization Assessment Page 4 of 20 ABC (ABC) will perform interviews as a critical part of the Organization Change Readiness Assessment. Vision and Strategy Purpose: To gain insight into executive's vision and mission 1. What is your role/responsibility within the company? 2. What are the most critical (3-5) issues XYZ faces today? 3. What are you currently doing to address these issues? 4. What short-term changes do you expect to see at XYZ? Long term? 5. How will XYZ successfully implement the changes you've described? 6. What operational areas are critical to long-term success? 7. How do you measure overall company success today? How do you plan to measure this success in the future? (KPIs) Organizational Structure Purpose: To determine the executive's view of organizational impact 1. What are the major challenges of the structure at XYZ? 2. If you could change anything about the current organizational structure, what would it be? (reporting structure, policies and procedures, and interdepartmental relationships) 3. Which departments do you see being critically involved in the Oracle implementation? 4. Which departments will be critically affected by the Oracle implementation? 5. How do the departments in XYZ relate to each other? 6. Who are your external/internal stakeholders? 7. How will the Oracle implementation impact your external/internal stakeholders? Change History Purpose: To gain insight into executive's ideas on the success and utility of change at XYZs 1. How much change has XYZ experienced in the past few years? 2. Have changes in the past positively or negatively impacted your attitudes toward change? 3. Have the changes XYZ has experienced led to better organizational morale and employee commitment? If changes in the past have led to a better organization morale, provide examples: 4. Have the changes that you have experienced at XYZ increased the amount of trust across the company? This document is a partial preview. Full document download can be found on Flevy:
  3. 3. Organizational Assessment Focus Group Guide This document is a partial preview. Full document download can be found on Flevy:
  4. 4. XYZ Organization Assessment Page 4 of 20 XYZs Focus Group Guide 1 hour, 30 minutes Area of Focus Questions Purpose Opening • What do you like about working at XYZs? • Understanding: Understand participants' general frame of mind about XYZs. This question tends to begin the focus group on a positive note and the facilitator can leverage the positive comments throughout the rest of the focus group. If there are negative responses given to this question, the facilitator can probe to find out the underlying reasons for the negative responses. • Actions: Based on responses, communication and change activities can be planned to balance out feelings and perceptions. Change History/ Current Changes • What are some of the major changes that have happened at XYZs over the past few years? • What changes worked well? What about the changes worked well? • What was done during any of those changes that you'd do differently? • How would you describe the current changes being implemented at XYZs? • What do you understand about the goals regarding the implementation of Oracle? • Understanding: Understand how the participants feel about past changes and how they may be viewing the upcoming changes. Frequently, how a member of the impacted group views a past change is how s/he will tend to view the upcoming change. By asking what worked well, the facilitator can begin to build a communication / change implementation plan that incorporates the things the participants consider valuable in a changing environment. • Actions: Based on responses, communication can be planned to balance out perceptions. This document is a partial preview. Full document download can be found on Flevy:
  5. 5. XYZ Organization Assessment Page 7 of 20 Organizational Assessment Survey This document is a partial preview. Full document download can be found on Flevy:
  6. 6. XYZ Organization Assessment Page 10 of 20 Memo to Survey Participants The following memo will be attached to the Organizational Assessment Survey when sent to all XYZs survey participants: As part of the Oracle Implementation Project, the ABC team is soliciting the views and perspectives of various employees at XYZs to help plan the communication, skill and leadership development, and training activities necessary for an effective transition to the new environment. Please find attached to this memo the XYZs’ Organizational Assessment Survey. This survey asks specific questions regarding the culture, leadership, communication, teamwork, and vision of XYZs. Please complete the survey, by Monday, February 26, 2001 and fax it to 801-409-5936, a private fax file of Melissa Sims. Your responses to this survey will be kept completely anonymous. Please do not sign your name on the survey. To further safeguard your anonymity, no one outside of the ABC Consulting Team will ever see your completed survey. ABC team members will collect the surveys and summarize the data. The summarized information will be used to create skill, leadership, communication and training activities for all levels of employees at XYZs. As well, the summarized, anonymous information will be included in the final Organization Change Readiness Assessment Report. If you have any questions regarding this process or any part of the attached document, please call the ABC Change Enablement Lead at X6739. This document is a partial preview. Full document download can be found on Flevy:
  7. 7. XYZ Organization Assessment Page 13 of 20 StronglyDisagree Disagree SlightlyDisagree SlightlyAgree Agree StronglyAgree NotApplicable 29. Most managers here have effective interpersonal skills. 30. The leadership team at XYZ is highly respected. 31. Everyone knows the goals of the organization. 32. Employees agree with the company's goals. 33. Our leaders have done a good job of translating the organization's objectives into meaningful assignments and goals for their employees. 34. I understand the goals and purpose for the Oracle Implementation project. 35. I feel there is a need for the Oracle Implementation project. 36. The Oracle Implementation project will make things better. 37. I feel that some positive changes may come out of this survey process. 38. I enjoy working at XYZs. Please continue to the next page of the survey. Darken the oval that best corresponds with the extent to which you agree or disagree with each statement. This document is a partial preview. Full document download can be found on Flevy:
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