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Social Media Marketing Strategy


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Complete list of social media strategies and techniques to gain business results you have been targeting. An effective social media and digital media marketing strategy that helps to analyse and measure online social media presence and influence. The presentation will also help you to measure social media return on investment (ROI).

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Presented by Cijo Abraham Mani Social Media Strategist, Consultant, Speaker, Broadcaster‎
  2. 2. Benefits of using Social Media   Marketing beyond traditional marketing concepts.  Inexpensive marketing methods.  Maximize new opportunities with minimum risk.  Building long term relationships.  Increase online influence and build strong brand awareness.  Can become part of a conversation that is already going on.
  3. 3. New Product Promotion   Create a new product launch URL on the website that can be used for social media promotions.  Specific landing pages for separate SM accounts. This helps in measuring the success of each promotion and we can also measure overall success.
  4. 4. Initial Social Media Research   Consumers behave differently. Find :  Where they are?  What they do ?  How they engage ?  How they influence?  People who are willing to take part in online conversations and are happy to communicate with your brand.
  5. 5. Use initial research data in Social Media Strategy   Reach the right audience  Use the best long tail and short tail keywords  Communicate with right community on the web  Check what competitor brands are doing  Increase targeted audience by creating effective online buzz  Get the message spread by brand advocates  Gain higher traffic from relevant social medium/social campaigns
  6. 6. Major Social Media Activities            Social Networks Blogs Micro blogs RSS Feed Networks Social Bookmarks Forums Podcasts Video sharing sites Photo sharing sites
  7. 7. Social Media Trend Assessment   Google Real Time search in UAE location  Social Mention  Google Insights  Twitter Search  Hash Tag Search  Addict-o-matic search
  8. 8. Using Google Real Time 
  9. 9. Using 
  10. 10. Using Google Insights 