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Re think proposal living lab


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Re think proposal living lab

  1. 1. Living Lab Toolkit:Processes and digital support systems for high-impact sustainability projects
  2. 2. A living lab is a given place where problem-based teaching, research andapplied work combine to develop actionable solutions that make thatplace more sustainable. For PSU’s campus living lab, this requires a jointcommitment from students, faculty, staff and local residents to design,implement, adapt and teach new approaches that address issues ofequity, economy and ecology.DEFINITION OF ‘LIVING LAB’ AT PSU
  3. 3. project criteria• Place. Reflects PSU’s commitment to our campus and neighborhood• Sustainability. Strives to implement lasting change to make a given place more resource efficient, equitable, and ecologically balanced, acknowledging a resource-finite world.• Real-world learning. Links knowledge to action with problem- based, results-oriented learning opportunities• Fit. Supports PSU’s sustainability vision and advances campus and neighborhood priorities• Adaptive. Takes an open-ended approach where ongoing assessment, capturing and reporting contributes to the collective knowledge base and improves future projects• Collaborative Action. Fosters deep engagement with community members that leads to on-the-ground project implementation
  4. 4. needs• Means to connect classes and students to campus projects• Means for communication between operations and academics• Means for streamlined communicationswith facilities staff to use time more efficiently• Provide transparencyfor how students, faculty, staff and/or community can engage in campus sustainability• Provide comprehensive record of projects successes and failures
  5. 5. opportunities• More classes bring sustainable campus operations into curriculum• Student projects better align with campus needs and community needs and interests (e.g. Climate Action Plan goals, SOMA EcoDistrict)• Tap into student leadership, wherein more experienced project leaders train incoming students• Integrate with Solutions Generator and other funding programs
  6. 6. tools / approaches• Web-based portal to submit, catalog, track, and engage in campus sustainability projects• Central repository for campus sustainability data and “who to contact” for what campus research needs• A forum to propose projects• Increased outreach to classes about project opportunities• Seed the Solutions Generator with project ideas that meet campus needs
  7. 7. an applied sustainability project clearinghouseLIVING LAB PROJECT PORTAL
  8. 8. ideas• FoodHub • Web-based platform• ioby • Searchable database• fmyi • Social networking• Museum of the City • Resource sharing• Smarter Cities • Project management• Hands On Portland • Data management• UC Santa Cruz Project • Team-based contact Clearinghouse management
  9. 9. FOODHUBmembership-based business to business platform and marketplace, “wanted” to find and fill needs. Profile page andsearchable directory
  10. 10. iobyweb-based “crowd-resourcing” platform with online searchable databasethat connects people and money to site-based projects
  11. 11. fmyi (for my innovation)membership-based social networking-style interface with resourcesharing, project and data management features, and team-based contactmanagement to track interactions with stakeholders
  12. 12. MUSEUM OF THE CITY‘virtual museum’ web-based multimedia portal with online searchabledatabase and resource sharing (coming soon) for publishing researchwork, abstracts, essays, and other documentary presentations
  13. 13. Smarter CitiesA PROJECT OF THE NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCILweb-based multimedia resource portal for and about cities, wherestudents, policy makers, city planners, business leaders, communitygroups and urban dwellers can learn about bestpractices, initiatives, share ideas and solutions, and post news, eventsand opportunities
  14. 14. Hands OnGREATER PORTLANDweb-based volunteer resource organizing platform with onlinesearchable database to connect volunteers to volunteering opportunities(salesforce software technology)
  15. 15. UC Santa Cruz Sustainability Project Clearinghouseweb-based resource platform with online searchable database toconnect students, faculty, and staff to campus projects, post projectideas, get involved and learn about completed projects