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Top 5 Reasons to Blog on Flerika


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We all want to manifest our dreams. That's a given. Sometimes we know what that dream is from a young age and sometimes it takes us longer to figure ourselves out. Once we have though and we can declare "THIS IS WHAT I WANT! I'M GIVING IT MY ALL!" we need to be able to find the best ways to manifest our dreams. My dream was always to be a blogger, writer and work in the world of digital media. The key was finding out how to manifest this. I started off on wordpress (and still have my own blog there today) but for most bloggers, this means a lot of "tooting your own horn" and marketing yourselves. There really is no help for freelance bloggers using the basic plan on the site. It took me ten years to grow my following.

As the internet changes though, there are new places and people wanting to help you reach this goal. If you are a fashion/lifestyle blogger and want to be heard and seen, here are the top 5 reasons that starting a blog with flerika will help you on your journey.

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Top 5 Reasons to Blog on Flerika

  1. 1.  Yes that's right! Flerika helps you market by sharing all of your posts on their social media mediums. If you are on the mediums, they will also tag you. This includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google +. But that's not all. Flerika staff uses StumbleUpon, Slide Shares, Info graphics and other major websites to spread out their user content and get you seen. It helps when you are part of the bigger conversation.
  2. 2.  Being a startup .com company, flerika is dedicated to it's bloggers and clients. Creating a good user experience is the goal and feed back is always welcomed and taken seriously because building a community is the goal, and in a community neighbours help each other out! #Flerikians #fashionlovers #flerikalove.
  3. 3.  Having over 3000 affiliate companies, flerika connects you to all the major and new brand names on the market. When writing your fashion posts, you can add products from online fashion stores around the world to the website so your readers can access the products from the same site they read all your material on. Also, our team is always searching for new and exciting products and trends that you may not hear about in the mainstream market, which will in turn, give you more inspiration for writing your fashion pieces. #3Dprintedshoes
  4. 4.  If you've always wanted to meet like minded people and actually join in on the fashion conversation rather then just sitting on the outskirts, then flerika is for you. Again, it is about a community of bloggers sharing their ideas and giving great tips and fashion insite to the world wide web. You'll be able to join live discussions, connect with other bloggers easily on the platform, and easily find all the new content as they share everyday on their social media platforms. This helps you to really get heard around the web while you also can talk to other bloggers and help each other grow.
  5. 5. 