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Fleet Robo-Fleet Management Solutions and GPS Vehicle Tracking System


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Fleet Robo – Fleet Management Solution gives your innovative Vehicle Tracking System with power pack features and seamless integration of hardware and software system. Need not to worry for chauffeur driven vehicles when not in line of sight.

Fleet Robo – vehicle tracking solution gives you eyesight to know 24X7 about your belongings. This solution serves organizational requirement to track real time location of goods, driver and vehicle. It resolutely empowers a fleet operator or any third party to track and monitor vehicles during transit.
For individual who is concerned about chauffer driven cars with family members, it gives complacency for their safety during transit with intuitive web interface to track and monitor real time location, speed etc.
The system proactively reports at central control unit to warn against system defined abnormal issues automatically during transit. This automated system triggers information to the fleet owner by SMS and Email Alerts about vehicle uncharacteristic movement in the field.

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Fleet Robo-Fleet Management Solutions and GPS Vehicle Tracking System

  1. 1. Fleet Robo Fleet Management Solution“Guiding Passage to Dispersed convoy”
  2. 2. Index• Problem Out-burst in fleet Management• Introduction: What is Fleet Robo?• Binary Semantics : - telematics• Fleet Robo Solutions• Fleet Robo – Functionality Demonstration – Step 1: Customer Call Booking – Step 2: Automatic Job Assigning and Dispatching – Step 3: Vehicle tracking and Job Status – Step 4: Managing Accounts and Billing – Step 5: Reports• Features• Value Proposition Chart & Benefits• Why Binary Semantics?• Thank You
  3. 3. Problems in Manual Fleet Management• Deficiency in vehicle Tracking• Improper Customer Call Management• Time Consuming Dispatching Process• Confusing in Driver and Vendor Management:- Records and Payments• Lack of Control on Vehicle Performance and Maintenance• Vehicle Mishandling and Fuel Siphoning Burdened Fleet Owner
  4. 4. Introduction:- Fleet Robo“Gasping in managing fleet? Leave it to Fleet Robo.“• Fleet Robo is IT Enabled System for Fleet Management to bring operational efficiency and spontaneity in performing activities with precision• Cater to End-to-End needs of Fleet Operations and Control and aims at optimizing processes to increase ROI for organization.• It’s a green solution which reduces organization carbon footprint on earth by saving fuel through process and route optimization.
  5. 5. Telematics Intervention • Binary Semantics took initiative to understand the challenges and inefficiencies in managing the fleet and researched to implement an IT Driven Systems. • The Solution is Named “ Fleet ROBO” • Monitoring and Control of Vehicle is managed with convergence of GPS, GIS GPRS and Information technology. “Change starts when someone sees the next step” By - William Drayton
  6. 6. Fleet Robo Solutions Car RentalFleet Robo - Fleet Solution OperationManagement Solution Centric Fleet Taxi Management Managementhave flexible Solution Solutionfunctionalities thatenables it to cater Service Vehicleneeds of Various Oriented Transporter Tracking and MonitoringIndustries. Solution Solution FleetThe functionalities Secure Management Transportation Solution forcould be decided as Solution Trucking and Logisticsper the existingprocess followed by School Bus Employeeorganization. Management Commuting Solution Solution Police and Public Safety Solution
  7. 7. Demonstration of Fleet Robo• Step 1:- Customer Call Management Call Centre Facility is to register Customer call for vehicle through :- 1. Telephone Booking 2. Web Booking
  8. 8. Demonstration of Fleet Robo• Step 2:- Automatics Job Assigning and DispatchingThe System track The live status is traced and eligible drivers are communicated for assigningvehicle in field andbased on IntelligentBusiness Rulesautomatically AssignJob to chauffer.The integratedinformation systeminform Customerabout the same On driver Acceptance and applying Business rules, Job is Assignedthrough SMS andEmail Alert
  9. 9. Demonstration of Fleet Robo• Step 3: Vehicle Tracking and Job Status The fleet operator can track real time location and view job status
  10. 10. Demonstration of Fleet Robo• Step 4: Manage Accounts and BillingThe Fleet operator caneasily managemultiple accounts ofvendors, corporatecustomers,Companies,Facilitators.The operator can printInvoices and Duty Slip
  11. 11. Demonstration of Fleet Robo• Step 5: ReportsWhat is most important?Reports: Because it is a mirror for operator as one can generate reports for vehicle, driver, vendor &customer and could lean towards operational efficiency by identifying lags.
  12. 12. Features of Fleet Robo Customer Interaction and Fleet Tracking and Customer Information Management Control Management • Integrated Web-Portal for • Integrated Real time GPS • Customer Profile Booking and Customer Based Vehicle tracking • Agreements Management • Customized Geo- Fencing • Tariff • IVR and Call Center Based • Panic/SOS Button for • Fleet Allocation • Automatic SMS and Email Passenger and Driver • Approval Processes Based • Vehicle Immobility Management • Billing and Payment Rules
  13. 13. Features of Fleet Robo Fleet Maintenance Job/Trip Assignment & Management Fleet Inventory • Alerts for vehicle Management maintenance and • Business Rules Based validation Automatic Vehicle • Insurance, Accident and Dispatch Driver and Vendor Claims Management • Guest Reporting Alerts Management – Data, • Service Management • In-Vehicle Billing and Payments • Spare Parts Management Payments
  14. 14. Features of Fleet Robo Alerts and Notifications MIS Report Generation • Instant SMS Updates to • Trip Related Reports Customers During Job • Fleet, Driver, Vendor Related Management Reports • Breakdown Alert and • Billing, Invoicing for the Reinforcement Options Customers • Payments • Fleet Maintenance Reports • Driver and Vendor Payments • Vehicle Efficiency Chart • Other BI Reporting
  15. 15. Value Proposition and Benefits Fleet Robo Solution:- Integrated Accurate End to End Flexible As Intelligent Automated Real Time Fleet per Business Data Dispatch Vehicle Management and Management System: IVR, Call Tracking Solution Operation & MIS Centre, Web System: Specific Reporting portal Support Needs Benefits of Using the System:-  Web-based Job Booking, Customer Service and Interaction  Instant GPS Based Tracking, Monitoring and Control  Automatic Assignment & Management for Jobs/ Trips  GPS Based Optimized Dispatch of Vehicle  Better Control over Fleet Maintenance and Performance  Driver and Vendor Management – Records and Payments  Reduction in Operational Costs  SMS Based Interaction and Notifications for the Guest  Prompt Customer Service  Guest Safety  Hassle Free Data Entry and Record Keeping  IT Based Data Management, Quick Information Extraction and Easy MIS Reporting  Time Slicing of Shared Resource  Fuel Monitoring and Saving  Increased ROI
  16. 16. Why Binary Semantics?Binary Semantics is a client centric global software development company providing softwaredevelopment, research, web development, IT outsourcing services along with optimization andmathematical modeling solutions and consulting services for your mission-critical businesschallenges.Established in 1986, Binary Semantics has proven its expertise by delivering solutions to morethan 125 satisfied clients spread across the globe. The list comprises companies of all sizes rangingfrom early startups to fortune 500 enterprises operating in multiple industries such as automobile,Retail, Insurance, Travel& Hospitality, Manufacturing, Education etc.ISO 9001: 2008 Certified by American Quality Assessor (AQA) for software development andsupporting ServicesPartial Clients:- Maruti Suzuki, Cognizant, Accenture, Google, Facebook .. Many more
  17. 17. Thanks for Your Time!!! We are happy to take your queries:- For Queries Please Contact: Email : Website: Phone: 0124-4578700