Women Of Chilbo


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The Women of Chilbo - Chris Collins (Second Life: Fleep Tuque)
Instructional & Research Computing, University of Cincinnati

Given at the "Virtual Praxis: A Conference on Women's Community in Second Life" on November 15, 2008. URL: http://people.cohums.ohio-state.edu/collingwood7/minerva/conference.html

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Women Of Chilbo

  1. 1. The Women of Chilbo Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque) Founder & Executive Director Chilbo Community Building Project Web: http://chilbo.org Email: fleep.tuque@gmail.com
  2. 2. Fleep Tuque - Professional • Project Manager, UC Second Life • University of Cincinnati • Second Life Ambassador • Ohio Learning Network
  3. 3. Fleep Tuque - Professional • SL Best Practices in Education (2007) • 1400 unique avatars, in-world only conference • SL Education Community Conference (2008) • Part of the official SL Community Convention
  4. 4. Chilbo Community in SL • Mainland community of 205 members • Created in 2006 – 33% women • Village/Small Town theme • Residential, business, education, art, non-profit
  5. 5. Chilbo Community in SL • Southern-most continent, southern-most edge • Chilbo exists at the edges of the known Metaverse • Rapid growth in land, people, activities, and organizations • Own land in 6 sims, monthly Town Hall meetings
  6. 6. The Women of Chilbo • Women of Chilbo are central to our community • Early female friendships were the basis of growth • Women hold key leadership positions • Often are central organizers/volunteers for community events
  7. 7. Fleep Tuque – Entry to SL • Entered Second Life in the beta (2003) • Slow computer, slow Second Life • Returned in 2005 with BBS friends • New computer, new Second Life
  8. 8. Fleep in Acontia Sim • Created Eschwa Village in the Acontia sim • Learning the interface, playing – an informal learning community • First attempt at community – a failure • Moving from a text based BBS to SL didn’t work for most
  9. 9. Fleep Tuque – Moves to Chilbo • 512m plot from a First-Lander • Idea to share resources and meet neighbors • Grew into three buildings – Chilbo Welcome Center • Freebie shop, tavern, and media/tutorial room
  10. 10. Fleep & Rachel – Nov 16, 2006 Love your pub! I live in Kuwol, next region to the east. Chilbo is much nicer! We don't have any parks, sidewalks, or pubs at all; just houses. I hope I'll see you at your pub sometime! Rachel
  11. 11. Fleep & Rachel – Nov 22, 2006 Hi Fleep. I'm sending a notecard to avoid clogging up your IM box. I looked at that first lot again, and it's a good thing i did. Now that the sidewalk is in there, i can see that my house will be too long there as well. I measure the house as being 15 by 25, at most. I was using those 4x4 yellow blocks from the quot;edit terrainquot; menu to measure it, so I think it's a bit smaller than that; but not much. I'm going to think seriously about going up a tier: I really want to live in Chilbo! But even if I don't move in the end, I'd still like to be involved with the community association. And once again, don't worry about any of this until your holiday is done! Warm regards, Rachel
  12. 12. Fleep & Rachel – Early 2007 • Forming a lasting friendship • Meeting and talking to our neighbors • Exploring Second Life together • Visiting sims, trying on new outfits, shopping, and exploring
  13. 13. Fleep & Rachel – Building Chilbo • Complimentary skills and shared interest in community • Commitment to the community, willing to do the “grunt work” • Deep trust, personal bond, and love of Chilbo • Truly our “home” in the Metaverse
  14. 14. Rachel Corleone Director of Public Safety & Prim Management • Manages prims, creates maps, data analysis • Eyes and ears in the sim, tracks social and physical progress • Monitors griefers, troublemakers, and meanies • Expert-level knowledge of the interface and tools available
  15. 15. Tara Yeats Director of Technology • Early participant in community activities • First near-neighbor to join the community • Director of Technology for Chilbo Community • Manages web-based resources: blog, wiki, google apps
  16. 16. Lizzette Zenovka Non-Profit Development Coordinator • Founder, SL HIV Education & Prevention Center • Chilbo success story, over 100 visitors to center monthly • Assists others interested in establishing Non-Profits in SL • Willing to teach others, share resources, and experiences
  17. 17. Gem Blue Financial Contributor & Donor • 3rd largest tier donation to Chilbo, most land donations • Financial generosity subsidizes community projects • Assists with governance, process, and work-flow • Asks the important questions about community direction
  18. 18. SunQueen Ginsburg Proprietor, Where Worlds Collide • First member of community from a different sim • Pastafarian Collective – good neighbors, good citizens • Specializes in Mexican and Mayan Furniture • Invited to do interior design for Mexican Department of Tourism’s Ruta Maya sims, owns “Where Worlds Collide” furniture store and branch store in Chilbo
  19. 19. Women of Chilbo Many residents, many passions, many interests Kim Link Sine Rennahan Building, scripting, owns Fleep’s mom, nature preserve small store in Kuwol sim and sustainable living Taffy Taliafaro Margarette Fouroux Entrepreneurship, Education in virtual worlds, Business in the metaverse Runs art gallery/workshop Leslie Forager Krystale Bailey Geography professor, Charity and fundraising, Education, Climate change DJ, hostess, texturing Monarchy Republic Alleara Sloodle Community building, Scripting, vehicles, building Governance Kitsune culture
  20. 20. Men of Chilbo Many residents, many passions, many interests
  21. 21. Chilbo Community Many residents, many passions, many interests We share our projects with each other…
  22. 22. Chilbo Community Many residents, many passions, many interests We plan our future together…
  23. 23. Chilbo Community Many residents, many passions, many interests We teach each other…
  24. 24. Chilbo Community Many residents, many passions, many interests We take classes together…
  25. 25. Chilbo Community Many residents, many passions, many interests We have sacred spaces…
  26. 26. Chilbo Community Many residents, many passions, many interests We share our art with each other…
  27. 27. Chilbo Community Many residents, many passions, many interests We celebrate with each other…
  28. 28. Chilbo Community Many residents, many passions, many interests We play together…
  29. 29. Chilbo Community Many residents, many passions, many interests We dance together…
  30. 30. Chilbo Community Building community in the Metaverse… For more information see http://chilbo.org