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Youth in Germany 1950-1980


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Published in: Education
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Youth in Germany 1950-1980

  1. 1. YOUTH IN GERMANY (1950 – 1980)
  2. 2. THE FIFTIES “Gammler“ (deadbeat, loafer) neglected, long and shaggy hair, dirty clothes disturb society demonstrations “Halbstarke“ adults are boring young people are searching for themselves aggressive 5% of young people are “Halbstarke“ music: Rock‘n Roll pop songs / folk music
  3. 3. THE FIFTIES fashion: women want to show skin skir ts, Petticoats, high heels red lipstick , beauty spot, shor t, curly hair ever yone wear s hats morality no contact to the other sex sex outside marriage –can be punished abor tion – can be punished women have nothing to say– men make all impor tant decisions
  4. 4. THE SIXTIES “Hippies“ peaceful life colourful clothes “Provos“ provoking violence towards government authorities “Kommune 1“ life without money, possessions and privacy Uschi Obermaier and Reiner Langhans open sexuality
  5. 5. THE SIXTIES fashion: women: mini-skirts, striking eye shadow men: frilly shirts, “Schlaghosen“ long hair music: idols from England e.g. The Beatles
  6. 6. THE SEVENTIES morality sexual revolution gay movement sex education films music: “Schlager“ (German pop songs) English / American music Punk music Reggae music
  7. 7. THE EIGHTIES lifestyle:  music: adults: positive scheme of life  Neue Deutsche Welle elegant clothes one in five is unemployed  (“New Wave“) growing juvenile delinquency  fir st: punky youth protest  Nena – 99 Luf tballons increasing drug consumption fashion: Aerobic Style – leggings, neon coloured, shoulder pads Hip Hop Style women: perm men: mullet