Vitamin B 17 Cancer Therapy


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Vitamin B-17 Anticancer Protocol - Full details

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Vitamin B 17 Cancer Therapy

  1. 1. 1 | P a g eAmygdalin (supplement, derived from fruit kernel)Laetrile, commonly known as Vitamin B-17 or Amygdalin,is a natural chemotherapeutic agent found in over 1,200plants, particularly in the seeds of common fruits such asapricots, peaches, plums, and apples. Is composed of twomolecules of glucose (a sugar), one molecule ofhydrocyanic acid (an anti-neoplastic compound), and onemolecule of benzaldehyde (an analgesic).Amygdalin is thechief anti-tumour agent.Can be purchased from Injectable SolutionBox of 10 vials, Amygdalin also knownas vitamin b17 (supplement derivedfrom fruit kernels)Dose – 2 vials IV daily for 3 weeksAM-SOL $8.50Amygdalin Tablets 500 mgBottle of 100 Tablets, Amygdalin alsoknown as Vitamin b17 (supplementderived from the fruit kernelsDose – 2 tab three times a day withmeals.
  2. 2. 2 | P a g eAM-T500 $81.00Amygdalin Tablets 100 mgBottle of 100 Tablets, Amygdalin alsoknown as Vitamin b17 (supplementderived from the fruit kernelsAM-T100 $21.00Apricot Kernels - 454gms (1lb approx )Apricot Kernels Each 454gms(1lb) bagApricot Kernels (also called pits or seeds)contains approx. 600-700 seeds. Ourorganic Apricot Kernels are grown onNorth American Apricot farms and arelarger and plumper than those...AK-1 $14.00
  3. 3. 3 | P a g eVitamins and EnzymesCan be purchased from Month Supply (Approx) Metabolic Products1 month supply Metabolic ProductsApproximately 1 month supply of thefollowing Metabolic Products3 pots AHCC (Active Hexose CorrelatedCompound)1 Bag 454gms Apricot Kernels1 pot Barley Grass Juice Powder -113gms1 Bottle Daily Multiple Plus2 pots Alpha Threonic-C 500 (Vitamin C)1 pot Megazyme Forte + Plus2 pots Preven-Ca1 pot Shark Cartilage1 bottle emulsified Vitamin A & E1 pot Vitamin B15 100mg1 pot Vitamin E 400iuPreven-Ca - 60 VCaps - Vitamin ServicePreven-Ca is a comprehensive blend ofpotent herb and fruit extracts, designedto provide a broad Spectrum ofFlavonoids with scientificallydemonstrated Antioxidant activity andeffectiveness...Dose – 1 cap TDSPRECA28 $30.52
  4. 4. 4 | P a g eSuper B15 (Vitamin B15) (PangamicAcid) - 100 Capsules - Vitamin ServiceVitamin B15 - Pangamic AcidPangamic Acid Pro-Vitamin B-15 withTMG and Supportive FactorsProvitamin B-15 which is touted ashaving the ability to aid Liver andKidney function, aids Detoxification,helps the blood carry oxygen to tissueand many other functions....Dose – 1 cap TDSB1510025 $25.95Megazyme Forte + Plus - 200 pH SensitiveEnteric Coated Tablets - Vitamin ServiceMegazyme Forte + Plus - ProteolyticEnzymesScientifically engineered with an extensiveblend of essential plant and ProteolyticEnzymes, this is a highly effective productthat can greatly assist in the digestion offoods as well as other Immune functions....Dose – 3 Tab TDSHGZYME48 $48.00
  5. 5. 5 | P a g eEster C 1,000 - 30 Vegan Tablets -VeganicityEster-C 1000 - Antioxidant Esterfied Vitamin CNon-acidic Vegan Vitamin C with CitrusBioflavonoids, to boost Immunity, Detoxify andimprove general well-beingVitamin C - a powerful Antioxidant - appears toreduce the risk of viral attack by maintaining ahealthy Immune system, as well as assisting...Dose – 1 Gram BDSOL-1050 $6.98Shark Cartilage 750mg - 200Capsules - Vitamin ServiceShark CartilageIt has been said that Sharks are thehealthiest beings on earth. Sharksare immune to practically everydisease known to man. Manyscientists believe that the Sharksskeleton, composed entirely ofCartilage, is what is responsible forits incredible immunity to...Dose – 3 cap TDSCART68 $13.07
  6. 6. 6 | P a g eE400 (Natural Vitamin E) - 30 Capsules -Health PlusE400 - Natural Vitamin E 400iuVitamin E, to protect the body againstfree radical damage as an Antioxidant,de-fur Artery walls and strengthensCapillary walls for Heart health, maintainSex drive and help Skin health as an Anti-ageing nutrient.Dose – 1 cap BDHG0850 $26.39AHCC 500mg (Active Hexose CorrelatedCompound - Mushroom) - 60 Capsules -Vitamin ServiceAHCC® (Active Hexose CorrelatedCompound) - MushroomsAHCC® is a proprietary extract producedfrom specially cultivated and hybridizedmushrooms(Basidocymetes).According to extensive research inhumans, as well as numerous non-clinicalstudies...Dose – 2 cap TDSCode 3032 $82.99
  7. 7. 7 | P a g eDaily Multiple Plus - 907mls - VitaminServiceDaily Multiple Plus - Multi Vitamin &Mineral LiquidThere are 118 known elements which arethe basis of all existence. These elementsare the building blocks of all human,animal and plant life on earth.Daily Multiple Plus with Electrolytes is adelicious proprietary blend of ...Dose – 1 Tsf DailyHG0111 $65.35Ultra A & E Emulsion (Vitamins A & E) - 60cc- Vitamin ServiceVitamin A & E EmulsionVitamin A (retinol) is a yellow, fat-solubleterpene alcohol obtained from someCarotenoids by conversion in the Liverwhere it is stored.Retinol is concentrated in egg yolks and theLivers of many animalsVitamin A and its analogs have shown...Dose – 5 Drops TDSAEMU38 $41.42
  8. 8. 8 | P a g eBarley or Wheat Grass Juice Powder -113gms - Vitamin ServiceBarley Grass Juice - Green Superfood• Certified Organic• Green Superfood• 100% Pure Juice Powder• Vegetarian/Vegan Product.• Organic juice powders contain highconcentrations of valuable nutrients,including ...Dose – 1 Tsf TDSDimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)DMSO is a by-product of the wood and paperindustry and has gained prominence in recent timesas a highly effective agent in the treatment ofherpes, cancer and other diseases. It is known forits ability to permeate living tissue and stimulatecellular processes.The dose most doctors use is as follows:Intravenous Use: 3 cc to 5 cc of DMSO for every10cc of Vitamin B-17 in a 30 cc syringe.e.g. Each 3gram vial of vitamin B-17 contains 10 cc. Thecontents of two 3 gram vials would be mixed with 6to 10cc of DMSO, in a 30 cc syringe.