Best Kept Skincare Secrets


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Best Kept Skincare Secrets

  1. 1. FREE E-BOOK by Mitchell GroupCopyright© Mitchell Group 2013
  2. 2. 1. Understanding Your Skin’s Life Cycle2. How To Determine Your Skin Type3. Must Know Skin Care Facts4. Sun Protection5. Skin Lighteners vs. Brighteners6. SUGAR: Skin’s Biggest Enemy7. Foods Tips That Address Specific Skincare Concerns8. Salicylic Acid & AHA’S9. Common Skin Concerns and Questions10.About Mitchell Group
  3. 3. 1. Understanding your skins life cyclein your 20’sSebaceous glands are still producing a great deal of oil, so your biggest concern is keeping oilproduction and breakouts in control. Environmental factors such as free radicals and stress, willeventually affect your skins appearance so maintaining a daily skincare regimen with SPF 30 or higherand anti-oxidant protection will prevent premature your 30’sOil glands are slowing down and so is the rate of cell turnover, so your skin just doesn’t look as fresh asit used to. The first signs of aging may begin to appear: dullness, uneven skin tone and tiny fine linesbecome more apparent. Regular exfoliation, hydration and sun protection are an essential part of agood skincare your 40’sLoss of collagen and fat increases, causing skin cells to lose their firmness and retain less moisture.Smile lines become more prominent, the eyes may exhibit wrinkling and age spots can become darker.Firming and anti-wrinkling treatments are key to keeping your skin looking radiant and your 50’s and beyondLoss of collagen and fat are magnified making the face sag. Skin loses its luster and becomes drier.Your daily moisturizer should include aggressive anti-aging ingredients for intense hydration andclarity, while improving elasticity. This will keep the more mature skin looking age-less. 2. How To Determine Your Skin Typestep 1cleanse and dry your face and leave it bare for 2 hours. step 2  press a piece of blotting paper against your nose.  if there is no oil, tightness or flakes, your skin is normal.  if there is no oil but your skin feels tight then you have dry skin.  if there is oil on your nose and cheeks, you have oily skin.  if you have oil on your nose but not your cheeks, then you have combination skin.Skin Type MattersSkin Type affects efficacy of lightening/brightening treatments.Oily Skin –use serums or gels; they are light and refreshing, won’t clog pores, fast absorbing.Look for Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid and/or Anti-Bacterial Tea Tree Oil which will penetrate pores todissolve impurities and prevent breakouts. Try OMIC Blemishless Purifying Foaming Gel, a cleanser thatregulates oil production, reduces redness and calms skin.
  4. 4. And if you have large pores, follow –up with OMIC PoreFree, a pore refiner and make-up primer thathides imperfections and instantly absorbs oil and mattifies shine! A best seller!Normal/Oily Skin – use gels, serums or lotions, they’re lightly hydrating without feeling greasy.Non exfoliating soaps or gel cleansers are best. Look for conditioning, calming and cleansing in one easystep like Blemishless Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser.Dry/Sensitive Skin – use creams, a creamy texture has very hydrating properties and prevents drying,irritation and flaking.Look for soothing conditioners like aloe, lavender, green tea , Vitamins A and E, nourishing Shea Butter,Hyaluronic Acid and hydrating Glycerin.*In winter climates, wind, heat and cold can wreak on the skin, resulting in dry, sensitive skin. When skinbecomes dry and sensitive it cannot function properly, often leading to inflammation. Therefore, coldclimates warrant a hydrating cream for all skin types; it helps to prevent moisture loss. When skinbecomes too dry, it can lead to inflammation and irritation, which can result in skin becoming darker. 3. Must-know skincare facts:As we age, circulation within the skin diminishes, depriving skin cells of vitamin C.Applying anti oxidant Vitamin “C” to our skin every day is important because itsessential for the synthesis of collagen, a key structural protein of the skin. Andmost importantly, Vitamin C is a super-powerful antioxidant that can help reduceskin damage caused by free radicals (free radicals break down collagen, the "glue"that holds skin together).Vitamin “C” benefitsVitamin “C” is essential for maintaining healthy skin. It is also known as Ascorbic Acid, the key producerof collagen, which gives skin its firmness and strength, helping your skin repair itself. Vitamin “C” is anantioxidant that slows the rate of free-radical damage (unstable molecules that cause dark spots, roughdry skin, dullness, sun damage and fine lines and wrinkles).Adding Vitamin “C” to your daily skincare regimen will continuously strengthen skin’s defense againstenvironmental factors, promote collagen production and firm and brighten skin, leaving it with a muchhealthier, firmer, brighter appearance. Fair and White Exclusive products contain Vitamin “C”.ExfoliationHelps to enhance penetration of actives into skin which will give your skin amazing results!  Exfoliating Soaps should only be used 1-2 times a week on the complexion, always allowing 3-4 days between treatments. Opposite days, use non-exfoliating soaps like Dove, Carotis Glycerin bar soap or Yum-Yum soap with 4% Shea Butter  Too much exfoliation can lead to dryness and irritation, causing inflammation, which can lead to darker skin, especially with women and men of color.
  5. 5. Discoloration can make skin look 10 years older, according to studies.As we age, the normal production of new skin cells slows down giving the skina dull appearance. Therefore, the most effective way to treat discoloration isto enhance lightening results by exfoliating 1-2 times a week, always allowing3-4 days between these treatments. Exfoliation is an important step to add toyour daily skincare regimen because it will immediately improve skin’s texture,allowing for better penetration of lightening/brightening actives. This extrastep will result in the skin looking smoother and brighter, restoring an eventoned appearance much quicker.Look for exfoliating creams rather than a bar soap because exfoliating soapscan be too harsh for your complexion. Try OMIC Skinpolish, Exfoliating Cream;restores a luminous complexion, instantly. Anti-aging begins with prevention Because anti-aging begins with prevention, sunscreen isAll sun protection factors (SPF’S) should the most effective anti-aging skincare product and thebe a sunscreen on its own, not a best skincare advice in keeping your skin looking eventmoisturizer with sunscreen or a make- toned and healthy. Its never too early or too late to beginup with sunscreen. When sunscreen skin maintenance. It’s all about consistency, following afilters are formulated in a moisturizer regimen and allowing it time to work. Always includeor a make-up, the sunscreen is not as broad spectrum SPF (this means it protects against UVA &effective because they are by nature UVB protection) anti-oxidants, peptides and exfoliators asless effective at sitting on the skin’s part of your daily skincare regimen. The only way to see asurface as sunscreens are. visible result is to follow a quality skincare regimen, which will change the behavior and appearance of your skin. And remember, it is possible to achieve radiant skin at any age.MoisturizersNearly every complexion can benefit from a moisturizer, even an oily one. Contrary to the popular myththat oily skin does not need to moisturize because such hydration may lead to clogged pores is a myth;moisturizing all skin types is essential, especially during winter months and using the right moisturizerduring bone chilling temperatures, matters. There’s a lipid barrier in our epidermal cells (upper mostlayer of skin) which protects our skin against environmental factors. Extreme dryness breaks this downand then you are susceptible to irritation which can result in inflammation. The solution is simpleenough; moisturized daily.Moisturizers perform a function that is very important: they keep your skin hydrated. And as anyonehas experienced, the tightness and itchiness of dehydrated skin can attest; hydrated skin is comfortableskin. Also, a good moisturizer helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which is just asimportant. At the uppermost level of the skin, the straneum corneum faces a daily assault from theenvironment, and so a moisturizer works by creating a barrier between it and the air. Without thisbarrier, the skin would flake and become dry and irritated.
  6. 6. Another important feature of a moisturizer is its ability to help the skin maintain itsown water reserve.Hence, OMIC Moisture RescueThis Ultra Moisturizing Cream contains key ingredients like Moist 24 (known asImperata Cylindrica), a unique ingredient that creates its own water reserve in the skin.It works as a reparative peptide known as (Acetyl tetrapeptide 15) that soothes andcalms over-reactive skin for 24 hours, soothing feelings of pain, burning, tingling ortightness while increasing skins water reserve. Skin’s comfort is immediately enhanced. Why is it important to follow a skincare regimen? Many consumers feel that following a skincare regimen on a daily basis is too complicated or just too time consuming, so they are always on the search for new products. What they don’t realize is that in order to see visible results you must be willing to stick with a skincare regimen for a few months.
  7. 7. 4. Sun ProtectionMaintains even skin tone Sun TipsUVA Protection  Anti-aging begins 1. 95% of skin aging changes are caused by sun exposure and with PREVENTION. most of the skin damage is attributed to UVA (aging rays)  Four out of five compared to UVB (burning rays). wrinkles are 2. Long wavelength UVA, which comprises the vast majority directly caused by of UV light is very close in wavelength to visible light. A sun damage alone. simple rule of thumb: when you are outside in daytime,  Get in the habit of you should protect against UVA even if the sun isn’t hot or applying sunscreen doesn’t shine. UVA comes through car windows and ½ hour before you windshield as you drive causing premature aging ; wrinkles leave your house or brown spots and uneven skin tone. office.Common Misconceptions:  Protect yourselfNo cosmetics should ever be used in place of a good broad from the sunlightspectrum sunscreen. Many make-up companies claim to have an that comes throughSPF(sun protection factor) of 15 or 20. This is great in theory, but your officeSPF can only refer to UVB blockers. In addition, moisturizers and windows.foundations are absorbed by the skin, so they are by nature less  Change all halogeneffective at sitting on the skin’s surface as sunscreens are. light bulbs in the house and replaceSun damage doesn’t just occur from lying on the beach. It happens them with standardall the time; during winter and summer, through sunshine and rain. bulbs.Even fluorescent light bulbs emit UVA and UVB rays, breakingdown collagen and skin’s elasticity.  Wear gloves while driving. ( preferablySince most sun spots are triggered by the sun, a minimum SPF 30 is without little holes)highly recommended with broad spectrum UVA and UVB  Wear a wideprotection every day especially during and after lightening and brimmed cottonbrightening treatments as well as limiting sun exposure. woven hat when exposed to sunlight  (straw hat not recommended). Using an SPF daily is a must, rain or shine! It’s always  easier to prevent than to repair!
  8. 8. 5. Skin Lighteners vs. Brighteners Skin Lighteners Uneven pigmentation affects most people, regardless of ethnic background or skin color. Skin may either appear lighter or darker than normal; there may be freckling, dark brown spots, acne scars, age spots, blotchiness, uneven skin tone, dark brown patches and/or sun damage. Today’s skin pigmentation issues can be treated by using topical skin lighteners that inhibit melanin production, meaning that it prevents the skin from making the substance responsible for our skin color. These skin lightening treatments may contain hydroquinone, the most aggressive topical lightening ingredient as well as others that include, Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, Lumiskin + new advancedhexylresorcinol combined with niacinamide (vitamin B3)Other potential skin lighteners are Licorice Extract (specifically Glabridin), azelaic acid, and stabilizedVitamin C (10-22% known as L- Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbyl Glucoside and magnesiumAscorbyl Phosphate). They act as direct inhibitors of tyrosinase, an enzyme in the skin pigment cells( melanocytes) that is responsible for making melanin.Topical Hydroquinone is considered by many dermatologists to be a safer, and less expensive optionthan lasers or deep peels (please see a dermatologist that has experience in treating dark skin).Sometimes deep chemical peels are necessary for consumers who have melasma. Topical Hydroquinonecomes in 2% (available in cosmetics) to 4% or more - (available from a physician or by prescription) or incombination with Tretinoin (available in a prescription).Research has shown Hydroquinone and Tretinoin (vitamin a derivative) to be a powerful combinedtreatment against sun damage or hormone induced melasma.HyperpigmentationIncreased melanin production - is often referred to as melasma or solar lentigenes.Aside from sun exposure and hormonal imbalance, hyperpigmentation can be caused by skin damage,such as acne scars, wounds and /or rashes. This is especially true for those with darker skin tones. Themost typical cause of darkened areas of skin, brown spots or areas of discoloration is unprotected sunexposure.Melasma is generally used to describe skin discolorations caused by hormones. These hormonal changesare usually the result of pregnancy, birth control pills or estrogen replacement therapy.Solar lentigens is the technical term for darkened spots on the skin caused by the sun. Solar refers tosunlight and lentigene refers to a darkened area of skin. These spots are quite common in adults with along history of unprotected sun exposure.Melanin has two major forms that combine to create varying skin tones. Eumelanin produces a range ofbrown skin and hair color, while pheomelanin produces a yellow to reddish hue.Melanin provides some amount of sun protection for the skin by absorbing ultra violet light and darkerskin colors are less susceptible to sunburn and the overall effects of sun damage. However, no matterwhat skin color, sunscreen is a must!
  9. 9. Difference between Lighteners vs. BrightenersSkin Brighteners do not actually lighten your skin in any way. They are basically products that enhancethe texture of your skin. Anything that promises a glow or radiance is a skin brightener. Peels andexfoliants can be thought of as skin brighteners. Results from skin brighteners are much different thanthat of lighteners, in that they are very mild. There is no lightening up in terms of shades, just a glow andan overall radiance. Skin Lighteners decrease the amount of melanin in your skin. They usually contain apotent concentration of lightening actives that fade dark spots and even out skin tone by inhibiting oraltering melanin synthesis.Mitchell Group’s newest brand is called OMIC LightenUp and BrightenUp PLUS. It includes theLightenUp Kit (a 3 step clarifying kit) with Intense Fading Serum designed to restore clear, flawless skinaggressively but safely. It is now being used by celebrities like Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr.Mitchellgroup has just added 2 more products to this new LightenUp PLUS Category ;LightenUp PLUS Active Lightening Cream and LightenUp PLUS Lightening Gel, designed for thoseconsumers who have an urgent need to minimize discoloration and achieve an overall more even,radiant and healthy-looking complexion.It’s sister partner, BrightenUp PLUS Skin Brightening Cream and Serum is formulated with our NEWadvanced proven non-Hydroquinone ingredient called, Hexylresorcinol. This powerful anti-oxidanttargets pathways in the skin, preventing dark spots, often triggered from pregnancy, medication, acnescars and sun damage. It has been specifically combined in a unique complex to safely delivermaximum results, improving the appearance of sun damage and hyperpigmentation, resulting in skinclarity, and uniformity. Hexylresorcinol also has anti-aging benefits that reduce the appearance of finelines and wrinkles as well as protect against pollutants and sun damage. “Mitchell Group likes to think of the LightenUp PLUS Brand as our innovative collection that offers high performance, targeted treatments without the need for a prescription or a doctor’s appointment”. 6. Sugar: Skin’s Biggest EnemyWe all know that sugar has a negative effect on our waistline and teeth but what most of usdon’t realize is that sugar also has an effect on our skin- and it’s not so sweet. It’s calledGycation.What is “Glycation”? A natural process where an overabundance of sugar molecules in the blood (dueto excess sugar in the diet) literally sticks to collagen and elastin fibers, causing inflammation and astiffening of the fibers. The collagen and elastin network becomes brittle and eventually the fibers beginto snap, resulting in a loss of elasticity and firmness in the skin. There are 2 types of Glycation: Endogenous glycation - inside the body A diet high in sugary processed foods leads to an overabundance of sugar in the blood, creating harmful AGE molecules which trigger inflammation and damage. AGE is more than just a number, it stands for ADVANCED GLYCATION END –PRODUCTS (what a coincidence that it spells itself out as the word “AGE”).
  10. 10. Exogenous glycation-outside the bodyAny food with sugar combined with fats and protein and cooked over very high heat willform AGEs that are absorbed during digestion. Examples; french fries, barbecued foodsseared meats etc.Besides damaging collagen, a high sugar diet also affects what type of collagen you have – another factor in how resistant skin is to wrinklingLet me expain further; there are 3 types of collagen I, II and lll Type lll is the most stable and longest lasting. Glycation reduces type lll collagen into type l collagen which is more fragile and less stable; as a result, skin is more prone to wrinkling. The final blow: AGE’s deactivate your body’s natural anti-oxidant enzymes , leaving you more vulnerable to sun damage- still the main cause of skin aging. The good news about sugar, damaged skin: It’s never too late to turn back the clock. To keep collagen supple and prevent AGE from forming, take steps to eat right and keep your skin looking youthful.  Watch out for sugar hidden foods. Manufactures frequently hide sugar ingredients in prepared food labels by using different names. Words that end in “ose” such as dextrose, maltose, glucose and fructose, it is still sugar. By cutting out sugar you’ll see both skin and health improvement. Instead of rewarding yourself with a candy bar, think of rewarding yourself with new improved skin and a longer, healthier life.  Supplement your diet with at least 1mg of Vitamins B1 and B6 a day. These vitamins proved to be AGE inhibitors in a number of studies says, Dr David J. Goldberg , MD a N.Y. based dermatologist and clinical professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai School of medicine. Wear broad spectrum sunscreen daily, rain or shine. The best advice for already damaged skin is to start prevention now. It’s never too early or too late to begin prevention.
  11. 11. Follow tips below:A B C D EExfoliate regularly Never leave the Change all halogen Eat low sugar diet. Use productsto add radiance to house without light bulbs in the Add anti-oxidant that containthe skin and get in sunscreen. Wear house and replace foods to your diet. anti-the habit of broad spectrum them with These free radical inflammatoryapplying sunscreen sunscreen daily, standard bulbs. fighters help to properties by½ hour before you at least a keep sugar from applyingleave your house minimum of SPF attaching to topical anti-or office. 30, rain or shine. proteins , so oxidants such UVA comes replenishing their as Vitamin “C” through car supply, both by and “E” during windshield and eating more anti- the day and at office windows oxidant rich fruits night use and penetrates Wear a wide such as nuts and peptides or a through clouds. brimmed cotton vegetables, retinol cream woven hat when cranberries, to increase exposed to walnuts and red collagen sunlight (straw bell peppers is a production hats not real skin saver. which are real recommended) skin savers.
  12. 12. 7. Food Tips That Address Specific Skincare Concerns WHAT TO EAT WHAT TO AVOID Bright red and orange fruits and vegetables have Iodine rich salt, shrimp and seaweed beta carotene which your body converts to oil stimulate oil glands, inducing irritation ofBREAKOUTS reducing Vitamin A. Green leafy vegetables contain pores. vitamin B6 which minimizes swelling, so pimples are reduced. Fruits rich in color( such as berries) have Vitamin Excess sugar! We must balance sugar intake “C” which help to promote anti-aging, skin firming because too much sugar can affect the skin,WRINKLES collagen and anti-oxidants. Orange seafood like binding to collagen and elastin fibers, salmon and lobster contain Astaxanthin, another breaking down elasticity, resulting in potent anti-oxidant stronger than vitamin “C” and sagging skin “E”. Drink lots of water and eats foods with good fats Drinks like coffee and black tea dehydrate (which will help to keep cell walls strong and your internal tissues and skin. Most friedDRY SKIN prevent water loss) like avocado and olive oil as foods contain trans fats and hydrogenated well as citrus and kiwi( the potassium they contain oils which can often deplete levels of good regulates the body’s water levels). Cabbage has fats and can lead to dry skin. sulfur which can help to prevent dry, irritated skin. A symptom of inflammation in the body, chronic Hot foods (in temperature and spiciness) rosacea often controlled by topical medication can alcohol and caffeine make blood vesselsROSACEA also be managed by eating calming foods such as swell so skin appears more red. Niacin rich fish, cucumbers and licorice. Turmeric seasoning, peanuts can also increase flushing. which gives curried dishes their marigold hue, is high in curcumin, a powerful anti-oxidant and anti- inflammatory. "If we just listen to our bodies and what theyre telling us about food, were the best judges of our needs" Deepak Chopra
  13. 13. 8. Functions of BHA’S (Beta Hydroxy Acids) & AHA’S ( Alpha Hydroxyl Acids)What is Salicylic Acid?Salicylic Acid is a Beta Hydroxy Acid, an anti-inflammatory that reduces inflammation in the skin first,than it absorbs oil, bringing up debris to the surface of the skin. Salicylic Acid in cleansers dissolves deepinside the pores, exfoliating dead skin cells to help eliminate sebum, dirt and bacteria. Unlike other skincare ingredients, Salicylic Acid adheres to the skin and doesn’t get washed away upon rinsing. Thismakes Salicylic Acid more efficient and effective than any other acne ingredient. This powerfulingredient can be found in OMIC Blemishless -3 step clarifying acne kit.Oily skin and acne prone consumers should try and use clarifying treatments that contain at least a 2%Salicylic Acid for it to be effective and to provide short and long term results. 1% Salicylic Acid is efficientin a cleanser.Lactic and Glycolic Acid = Anti-AgingAlpha hydroxy acids are exfoliants that have long been used to impede or delay skin aging. The exfoliantprocess reduces the buildup of cells in the lower layers of the stratum corneum, encouraging rapidshedding of dead skin cells on the surface, thus triggering an increase in cell turnover rate and cellrenewal.Because Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid are commonly used AHA exfoliants, they are often lumpedtogether in terms of the benefits they deliver however, there is a clear distinction to be made. BecauseLactic Acid is derived from sour milk and fermented fruits and vegetables, it is a larger molecule thansugar cane-derived Glycolic Acid, therefore it does not penetrate as deeply and is hence much less likelyto cause irritation to the skin. For this reason alone Lactic Acid is the AHA of choice for sensitive androsacea prone skin. However, the benefits of Lactic Acid are huge and its other rejuvenating propertiesalso make it the clear choice for sensitive skin types who do not want to brighten skin with an aggressiveskin lightening ingredient such as Hydroquinone.Simply put: 3 types of Alpha Hydroxy Acids;Lactic Acid- most gentle, not irritating-comes from milkMalic Acid -from applesGlycolic Acid - most aggressive, comes from sugarF & W AHA Product Examples:1.Fair and White Original AHA product line consists of 2 products with Lactic Acid. AHA Exfoliating Soap ; uses Intense hydrating and skin softening properties of (AHA) Lactic Acid fortheir antibacterial and astringent benefits on skin problems such as acne, oily skin and breakouts.Leaves skin soft, smooth and rejuvenated. Lactic Acid is well tolerated by sensitive skin users.2.AHA Body Lotion also uses AHA gentle exfoliant Lactic Acid, to soften and hydrate skin as well as tobrighten and revitalize the texture of dull uneven skin tone, giving it a brighter, more youthfulappearance.3.AHA Lightening cream contains Glycolic Acid. It softens skin as it reduces appearance of dark spotswith Bearberry Extract, brightening and smoothing with AHA exfoliant, Glycolic Acid.Glycolic Acid is a natural product derived from sugar cane and is fantastic for exfoliation andmoisturization of the skin. All skin types benefit from Glycolic Acid - it is the most commonly recognizedchemical peel solution. Using a product with Glycolic Acid can produce dramatic results - shedding deadskin cells and replacing them with new, softer skin for a more even skin tone. Glycolic Acid will instantly
  14. 14. give the skin radiance, restoring a smooth, youthful complexion. You can also look for Omic Glyco – A, a12% Glycolic Acid Cream. This cosmetic skin peel is often used as an anti-aging treatment to refine andsoften skins texture, tighten pores, reveal healthier luminous skin, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, fadebrown spots and rejuvenate skins surface. Dermatologists and estheticians have been utilizing GlycolicAcid as an effective and proven tool in the fight against the aging process for many years.Many consumers do not want to use lightening products with Hydroquinone therefore, Mitchell Grouphas added BHA’S and AHA’S to Fair and White products as a replacement for non-hydroquinone users.After consumers achieve their lightening results with more aggressive ingredients like Hydroquinone,AHA’s can be used to maintain brightening results afterwards, without harming the skin. 9. Common Skin Concerns and Questions Large pores They are as annoying as mosquitoes on a balmy summer night, but unfortunately, these 20,000 pores that are spread out across your face, particularly the large pores that often make the skin look rough and uneven, can’t simply be swatted away. There are several reasons why the pores have this unattractive appearance. It is true that those with oily skin tend to have larger, visible pores than those with normal to dry skin, but this is just a guideline, not a hard and fast rule. The biggest reason is that as we age collagen production slows down. Pores becomedilated due to lack of collagen in the skin which is the result of the interruption of normal healthy cellreproduction from internal imbalances and external environment factors. Smoking can also cause adecrease flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin thereby, giving the skin a dull, sallow appearance.The best way to deal with enlarged pores and oily skin is to keep them clean by professional facials andcleansing twice a day with a cleanser that contains Salicylic Acid or Glycolic acid. They never should beused together as one ingredient can have a negative effect on the other.Finally never underestimate the power of a make-up –primer. Follow up with OMIC PoreFree Make-Up Primer. PoreFree was created with a silky sheer coverage to reduce shine, hide visible pores andany skin imperfections, instantly providing skin with a smoother and more even matte finish. It isavailable in light, medium and dark shades.Is it bad to sleep with make-up?Sleeping with make-up is a big NO-NO! The skin repairs itself at night and it will not have the essentialvitamins and nourishment it needs to rejuvenate itself. And if your skin is oily, it will clog your pores andcause breakouts. Change pillow cases often, as they can be quickly riddled with unwanted bacteria. Foran easy cleansing solution, try OMIC Blemishless, Anti-bacterial pads with potent anti-bacterial, Tea TreeOil and anti-inflammatory, Salicylic Acid. Convenient and fast acting clarifying pads can be kept at yourdesk for a quick touch-up during the day, your purse or back pack during school hours or after-schoolsports especially, after an intensive workout. Perfect for on the go consumers. Teens love them!
  15. 15. What is Rosacea?Rosacea, is a common skin condition that affects 14 million consumers with concerns of facial redness,inflammation and irritation, try one of 3 products in the OMIC Rosacea Line:Rosacea Relief (Ruboril S) with Golden Chamomile and Licorice extract to sooth and comfort a sensitivecomplexion and powerful hydrating anti-oxidant Shea Butter to prevent dryness or irritation. It isfragrance free and water resistant. Redness Relief SPF 50+ Expert tinted sunscreen that works as a dailysun protection to tone down facial redness and to help prevent flare-ups.Regimen for flake-free noseFlaky skin is usually a condition called Seborrheic Dermatitis which occurs when skin is severely dry anddead cells slough off too rapidly around the nose, eyebrows, ears and scalp.It’s important to use a moisturizer containing glycerin (which attracts water to the skin) twice a day tosoothe dry skin. If the area is red and irritated, also use an over –the- counter 1percent HydrocortisoneCream day and night for a few days.F & W Original Skincare has 2 hydrating creams that will help heal dry skin issues.  Cream Milk - formulated with Glycerin and pure anti-oxidant Shea Butter.  Ultra Moisturizing Cream - both recommended to solve dry skin issues.  Omic Moisture Rescue - repairs and hydrates those specific dry flaky areas. Regimen for uneven skin tone If skin has been freckled with visible sun damage; blotchy uneven skin tone, brown spots, or any other skin discoloration, try any of our skin lightening products such as Lighten Up 3-Step System, LightenUp PLUS Active Lightening Cream or LightenUp PLUS Lightening Gel. Creams or lotions are formulated to solve skin discoloration, without over-drying the skin. Gels and serums are formulated for more oily skin. To be used preferably at night and highly recommended to use an SPF of 25 or higher during and after lightening and brightening treatments.Put the freeze on Your Blemishes (acne)Blemishless - Rapid Clarifying SystemFor all age groups, teen to mature hormonal skin.Sometimes the stress of environmental elements can triggerblemishes (pimples). A 3-step fast acting, non-irritating – nondrying acne kit designed to work synergistically and reduceinflammation, unclog pores, clarify skin and prevent futurebreakouts.The kit contains:Purifying Foaming Cleanser, Anti-bacterial cleansing pads and Blemishless Fighting Treatment Lotion allformulated with powerful clarifying anti-inflammatory salicylic acid, potent anti-bacterial tea tree oil andinnovative 5 Apha Avocuta all work together to benefit blemish-prone skin without the inclusion ofharsh irritating ingredients. Don’t be afraid to invest in some of these products-The supple glow in yourface and smooth touch of your skin will reaffirm a return on your seasonal investment.
  16. 16. Dark circles under the eyesDiscoloration of the eye area affects many of us from time to time. For others, the dark circlescan persist as a long-term feature, sometimes as a result of an illness, but often as a result ofallergies, inadequate sleep, and even heredity. The eyes are the first to show visible signs ofaging because the skin around the eyes is seven times thinner than the skin on our face. And aswe age, the eye area becomes more delicate, resulting in puffiness, dark circles, fine lines andwrinkles. Whatever the cause, you can still minimize the appearance of dark circles andwrinkles by following a consistent regimen with OMIC high performance LightEyes Eye Gelformulated with powerful anti-aging peptides.The most advanced and effective topical products on the market today are eye gels/serumsformulated with Haloxyl, a potent anti-aging peptide. Haloxyl works by literally loosening smallblood fragments that leak out from capillaries which are the exact cause of dark circles underthe eyes. It works by flushing out small fragments of blood, promoting a decongesting action,boosting circulation and thickening the skin under the eye area thereby, reducing bags and darkcircles, promoting a much lighter effect. Eyeseryl another potent peptide reduces puffiness,smoothes fine lines and firms and tones the skin, making the eyes look more refreshed andrested. And Actiwhite, a lightening and brightening active, firms, tones and tightens the skin.Tips to Keep Your Eyes looking their best  Sleep on a high thread count pillowcase, which you should wash in a Free and Clear formula detergent (Many Dermatologists recommend ALL brand Free and Clear)  Limit your salt consumption since salty food can exaggerate under eye puffiness  Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep since lack of sleep can make eyes look tired and aged  If you have long standing dark circles under your eyes, try our LightEyes Eye Gel formulated to reduce puffiness, boost And a few circulation and diminish dark pigmentation. This eye gel will minutes each day give tired looking eyes a more rested and lighter appearance. will save you lots  When applying Light Eyes, pat eye area gently with ring finger of Years so you dont damage delicate skin around the eye area. on your face in the future. Keeping Light Eyes Gel in the refrigerator will help surrounding eye tissues and small blood vessels to contract, diminishing puffy eyes and dark circles.
  17. 17. About Mitchell Group Founded in England in 1954, Mitchell Group soon became known as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry; specializing in SKINCARE PRODUCTS that targeted skin discoloration for women and men in Africa. Over time, we noticed many consumers incorrectly using various prescription-drug lightening creams, gels, oils and other preparations in ways that could possibly cause more dark pigmentation, resulting in red irritation and inflammation. Armed with this knowledge, we branched into the cosmeceutical side of the business, and began to carefully study and develop safe, efficient lightening products to achieve optimum, visible results. Through years of ongoing research and development, Mitchell Group’s laboratory facilities in the United States, Switzerland and France continue to discover new cutting-edge formulas that promote healthy skin. We rigorously put these formulas to thetest in clinical and laboratory trials to insure our products’ effectiveness and safety. Our entire productline has been clinically tested and follows FDA guidelines. One can enjoy the benefits of beautiful skinwith the continued use of Mitchell Group’s many exciting topical cosmetic and pharmaceutical hybrids --specifically created to produce youthful, flawless skin.The Mitchell Group is headquartered in Miami and has offices in the United Kingdom. The Companydistributes Fair & White, So White and the Yelen brands, all produced in France, while other brighteningproducts from Mitchell Group are produced in the United States, Europe and Lebanon. The sellingnetwork extends to North America, South America, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, Africa and Asia.In October of 2009, Mitchell Group launched a new SKINCARE brand called OMIC SKINCARE. OmicSkincare is made for all ethnicities and age groups. It is dermatologically tested and recommended forrestoring clear, flawless skin. Its innovative collection of high-performance cosmeceutical productsoffers a complete range of targeted treatments for specific skin concerns, including acne, dull skin,enlarged pores, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, dark under-eye circles, dry sensitive skin and rosacea.For more information, visit “Love your skin with Mitchell Group Skincare”
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