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Dovidenko Design Studio


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StasDoDesign: Help people to create visual story

Published in: Business
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Dovidenko Design Studio

  1. 1. StasDoDesign Help people to create visual story by Stas Dovidenko
  2. 2. 2© Dovidenko, LLC. 2016 BRIGHT COLORS & WOW WORK Established in 2014, Dovidenko Studio was the concentration of 10 years graphic design practice of Stanislav Dovidenko. The late 2010s was a no-nonsense era when resources like people were scarce and highly valued, and designing was expensive. You can see how much web- platforms were maded for a single user. When clients finded a designer, they didn’t throw it away; he or she was reused for illustrating books, print materials and web- designing. The dense design was a direct reflection of societal values of the time. Source:
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  11. 11. 11© Dovidenko, LLC. 2016 CONTACT If you want to contact Dovidenko: Twitter: @stasdodesign LinkedIn: Stanislav Dovidenko 8922-104-6878 Twitter: @stasdodesign Facebook: Dovidenko, LLC. LinkedIn: Dovidenko, LLC. Blog RSS: StasDoDesign Blog Feed SlideShare: StasDoDesign YouTube: StasDoDesign If you want to contact Stas:
  12. 12. 12© Dovidenko, LLC. 2016 12© Dovidenko, LLC. 2016 About the author: Stanislav Dovidenko is a professional graphic designer. His firm, Dovidenko Studio, LLC, is the creative collaboration of the bright colors and wow work for visual messages in business and culture. He is the author of three mural- paintings. Ringo Diamonds, (Obruchalka.Me), In-House Interior and Andrey Starchenko lobby identifies communication of people with the storytelling in space. Also he had been creating presentations for the Mayor of Moscow in association with InnoAgency in 2015 year. He works with real estate company Alvek on a monthly basis and deliver high quality print design. ProstoPreza/Gleb Shulishov and Stas are the creative duo in creating exciting presentations for the world- known company Novatek.