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Ruby Certification Exam Preparation


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Collection of hints, screenshots from sites which provided some exam simulations, adding some comments and the correct answers.

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Ruby Certification Exam Preparation

  1. 1. Ruby 1.8.7 Exam Hell Curse By Sir Flavio, the Vit Doomed to learn this crap prog lang
  2. 2. Scope • The execution environment Execution method • Literal Conditional branching Method calls Class definition Variables, constants, and scope Loops Blocks Module definition Built-in libraries Built-in functions • Environment variables Syntax Comment Operators Exception handling Method definition • Command-line options Built-in classes Object orientation Polymorphism Inheritance mix-in irb
  3. 3. Crap links • ation/ • • • • /testcenter/consumer/taketest.xml?testId=29 67
  4. 4. Answer: Identical … Symbol objects with same string are identical.
  5. 5. Crap … for sure it it returned a new string. Important to notice is that formbody is not changed. gsub! In other hand will mutate the original string.
  6. 6. While loop with a negated condition
  7. 7. Recursion
  8. 8. String.gsub
  9. 9. Anything but false or nil
  10. 10. Whenever a float is used, the result will be float, otherwise Truncation will happen
  11. 11. Ruby sucks! There is no x++ x-- ++x –x as in Java and C
  12. 12. Stat can be used to compare modification times.
  13. 13. This will iterate over the tenths: 0.step(10,0.1) {|i| puts i}
  14. 14. Procs in Ruby are drop in code snippets, not methods. Because of this, the Proc return is the proc_return method’s return, and acts accordingly. Lambdas however act just like methods, as they check the number of arguments and do not override the calling methods return.