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Welcome to the iCentre- What is available


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iCentre tour showing what we have to offer

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Welcome to the iCentre- What is available

  1. 1. CCJC’s INFORMATION centre the iCentre! (hint: library) enter off I Block, Level 2 or use these stairs above Science labs
  2. 2. now you’ve found us, there’s a few things you need to leave outside Note : these shelves are video monitored – the shelves directly outside the door are not DO NOT leave valuables in your bag – bring them with you
  3. 3. please, finish eating here or at the bench opposite brain needs refueling? sit & enjoy your food
  4. 4. We’re open 8am - 3pm Monday to Friday. Closed Monday break 1. Now your ready come on in and explore the iCentre!
  5. 5. Teacher Librarian’s (Flavia) office borrow books here return borrowed resources into this slot
  6. 6. printing from iCentre computers costs 5c per A4 sheet Collect and pay here don’t be shy come & ask for assistance
  7. 7. The NEWSPAPER stand Daily Telegraph Newcastle Herald Note: the iCentre subscribes to EBSCO Host which you can use to search a large range of newspapers, periodicals, journals and reference books Access through LIBRARY ENQUIRY on Moodle or the DET Student Portal
  8. 8. Follow the instructions: the PHOTOCOPIER 10c a page 1. Enter 45982 on the keypad 2. If copying from single sheets place item/s face up in the document feed at the top of the machine. 3. If copying from a book, lift the lid and place item to be copied face-down in the landscape direction on the top left-hand corner of the glass 4. Close lid 5. Enter number of copies 6. Press START 7. Read the prompts on the touch screen and respond 8. When finished, press FUNCTION CLEAR twice 9. PAY at the help desk 10. If you need help, ASK
  9. 9. Note: use LIBRARY ENQUIRY on Moodle or the DET Student Portal to search for and locate resources Dewey system subjects and numbers at the end of each row are a general guide for browsing Audiovisual resources live on the back wall
  10. 10. 3 important places to begin your search for information LIBRARY ENQUIRY EBSCO TaLe
  11. 11. Chaplain Mondays & Thursdays book appointments through the front office
  12. 12. studying a Distant Education course? this room is especially for you
  13. 13. brain needs a rest? need some time out? chill here!
  14. 14. When you’ve finished using a resource -please, return it here for re-shelving
  15. 15. need a quiet spot to work?
  16. 16. interested in a bit of school history?
  17. 17. Please visit soon. we hope you found this tour useful questions? JUST ASK BEWARE: the security gates will BEEP if you are carrying iCentre resources and have not borrowed them